My night with the Boxing Champ

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To dear readers,

I’m 36 years old, and my husband Tom and I have three lovely children.

Now, until this episode I’m about to describe, I’ve only ever had sex with my husband Tom. Have never been with another man or had sex with anyone before or during my marriage to Tom. Until now that is. I never dreamt the day would come where I’d be feeling so guilty and turned on at the same time I’d actually want to share my story with your website.

My husband Tom used to be a club boxer and recently his old team manager asked him whether he’d participate in one last contest for them, as their regular middle weight was injured.

Against my wishes my husband agreed to and quickly got down to his training. Now, as fate would have it, the man he was scheduled to fight was a guy named John, a black West Indian, who worked at the same factory as me.

John’s aged about twenty three, built like an Adonis and has tried it on with nearly every girl at the factory, some of whom willingly succumbed to his charms and his legendary nine inch prick. He’d even tried his luck on me, too, but never with any success.

When John heard he was going to be fighting my Tom, he said to me: “I’m going to beat the hell out of your old man, you little Cocktease!”

I just told him he was crazy and that my hubby would easily win, but looking at John’s taut, muscular body, I couldn’t help but secretly doubt my own words.

John just laughed in my face and said he’d come and see me after the bout to “collect his spoils”, and off he went – but not before grabbing my breasts and giving them a quick feel!

Tom could hardly believe his ears when I told him I wanted to go and watch him fight, as I’d always stayed away from his previous bouts.

I made arrangements with my Mum for the kids to stay over with her for the night, and decided to treat myself to a new outfit for the occasion. I’m actually quite a conservative dresser normally, but this time I went all out buying myself a mini skirt, a sexy filmy blouse, some very high heeled shoes and some new stockings, suspenders and the tiniest see through G-string imaginable.

Tom was most impressed to see me dressed up and I told him I’d be waiting for him after his successful fight.

I was really tense before the fight, but I have to admit I looked pretty stunning in my new outfit. At the club where the contest was to be held, I took my seat near the ringside. Tom’s bout was to be third on the agenda and I was very nervous as he entered the ring, ready to face John.

Oh Dear! I’m afraid my hubby looked a bit on the flabby side compared to the black boy, who made a very flashy entrance, bowing to the crowd and waving excitedly. Even before this fight was to start, the men sitting on either side of me were saying it was a mismatch and my Tom would be lucky not to get seriously hurt.

Well, Tom made quite an encouraging start and my hopes began to rise, but just as the first round was drawing to a close, John started to dominate and hit Tom very hard around the ribs. The second round was all one way traffic as John clobbered my poor hubby at will. It was then that I felt my knickers getting sticky and the events were in some way starting to turn me on.

The third round was spectacular, and everyone was stamping and cheering and John continued to knock the stuffing out of my Tom who gamely stayed on his feet.

Unbelievably, I found myself cheering John on, and when, late in the round, he caught Tom square on his chin, I stood up and cheered as loudly as anyone in the hall. Tom was counted and black muscular twenty three year old John took the plaudits from an absolutely excited and ecstatic crowd who seemed to sense he was a champ in the making. I was also on my feet clapping loudly and cheering my husband’s victor.

As it was, Tom was taken to hospital as a precautionary measure, and it was decided that he should be kept in overnight for observation. I accompanied him to the ward and he expressed disappointment at having lost against John and of course wanting to get his hands on me being dressed the way I was. I told him not to worry and that there was “plenty of time for that”, and then who should walk in to the hospital room? But black John, just to see if Tom was OK. My husband thanked him and re-assured him that he’d heal up OK. It was then that Tom tempted fate saying to him “Could you give my wife a lift home’?

John could hardly conceal his pleasure and soon we were heading back to my house. It never even crossed my mind that John would try anything on, particularly with my hubby being in hospital, yet as we pulled up outside my house, John hopped out and walked me to the door. I told him I could manage perfectly well by myself, thank you very much but he just laughed and said: “No way. I’ve come to claim my prize”

As I opened the front door he walked in with me, put his arms around me and kissed me full on the lips. I just couldn’t resist and, as my mouth opened, his tongue snaked between my lips and curled around my tongue, sending delicious shivers of excitement through me. Somehow I found myself on the bed clad only in stockings and high heels and John now completely naked, climbed between my outstretched thighs.

Even as his massive black cock entered my fuck-hole, I thought of my husband and kids. Did I feel guilty? Did I Hell!

I soon had my legs wrapped around John’s powerful back and my high heels pointing to the ceiling, and he thrust his way manfully inside of me. I climaxed like never before and never gave it a thought that John’s un Durexed cock was preparing to shed its load inside my womb. I never even thought of asking him to put a condom on, or asking him just how many other women he’d screwed like this. As his hot seed cascaded into me I found myself screaming: “Yes, oh yes you Bastard! Give me your baby!”

What a night! I licked and sucked John’s prick back to full erection before he fucked me again. This time he kept reminding me how he thrashed my hubby, which only served to get me even more turned on and excited as he pumped away. I clawed at his back as his cock jerked and spunked deep inside my unprotected pussy yet again.

I slept soundly afterwards and when I awoke the next morning it was only to find the black stud John astride me, slowly wanking his enormous black cock just inches from my face. He began to speed up, and all the time he was teasing and taunting me: “You slut! I thrashed your husband and now I’m going to cum all over your face!”

And that’s exactly what he did, some of his lovely cream stuff entered my wide open mouth, the rest of it getting into my hair and spluttering over my cheeks. Even then, he wasn’t finished, and his final effort saw me on my hands and knees while he went behind me and socked it to me doggie- style.

Hopefully I’m not pregnant as I’ll never be able to explain to my husband Tom and the family but despite the risks I’d be only too willing to drop my pants for John again. Hopefully he won’t need any prompting.

Connie from Newcastle

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