Living with my Aunt Monica

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Long story short, I lost my parents when I was 12 years old and went to live with mother's Sister Monica. Aunt Monica and Uncle Billy and their daughter Clare lived on the East Coast. I had a little trouble adjusting to the fact my parents were gone, but I got on well my Aunts family. When I was 17, Uncle Billy passed away from a heart attack, but he had left his family well off. I went on to university to study law, I went to the local university and still lived with Monica and Clare. Clare came to the same University 2 years later also doing law. On finishing my course I got a job with a large national law firm. A couple of years later I had advanced further in the firm and was now doing cases by myself and doing quite well. Still living with Monica and Clare, I'm not the night clubbing type. I didn't have a girlfriend, Clare had also started working for the same firm and I used her as my assistant a fair bit. As I was awkward around women, but I was okay with Clare. Clare is the smart girl type, wears glasses and would rather study then party. I got a case to defend and it meant going to a town a days drive from home and I would be there about 2 to 3 weeks. I needed an assistant and so I asked Clare to join me on the case. We got 2 rooms at an local hotel and a week into the case we had to attend a function for company we were working for on the Friday night. We had a few drinks each and not being big drinkers, we left the party around midnight and return to the hotel. While going up to our rooms, Clare leaned against me and I gave her a cuddle. As we got to her door I kissed her and she kissed me back and so we had sex. The next morning we had sex again. But by late morning, Clare realized that we hadn't used any protection, she was worried about getting pregnant. Later that day she rang Monica and told her about what had happened. I was expecting Monica to get angry, but she didn't and just said Don't worry, if you get Pregnant. Well that's okay, we'll deal with it went or if it happens. On the Monday, Monica arrived to join us and stayed with Clare, she didn't blame me or Clare for what happened. She stayed till we all returned home, a few after returning home Clare was confirmed as being pregnant. Monica didn't react, all she did was make surs Clare was okay and arranged for tests of the baby for any problems. Nothing was found and so Clare and I acted as man and wife, nobody at the firm new that we were related and we told them we had married while away on the case. That was twenty years ago and we now have 5 children together and Monica couldn't be happier.

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