Doggy beach

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As a nudist,being outdoors and naked is very freeing,and as a married woman with children being able to seize that moment,well,anyway.
My story,, I had managed to be able to get a few hours during the week to find a remote beach,where I could disrobe and wander around naked,it was so wonderful I could not believe my luck.
One time I had a weekend to myself,hubby and the kids had gone camping and I had three days to myself,three glorious days I drive to my beach on the Friday afternoon,set up my tent and got settled.
October where I live down under is wonderful.I was naked from the moment I arrived and after a feed I walked alone,naked,free on the beach,,,,but I was not alone.
As I strolled along a big,,very big dog came out onto the beach,
I froze,a childhood fear of dogs reared its ugly head and I felt my body shiver to the core,
"OMG" I thought to myself,it trotted up but it had its heckles up,and growled menacingly as I started to shake.
"Nice doggy"I whimpered as it sniffed my naked torso,Trembling as its nose ran down my thigh and rested on my pussy.
He walked around me sniffing and snuffing Growling everytime I flinched,his nose rested on my ass and Sniffed hard.
I shook and he growled again.
I tried to run,seeking the shelter of my car,,,,100 metres away at least,,,I had maybe got only a few metres when I was brought crashing to the ground,my long hair grabbed as he dragged me to the sand,,,I screamed ax I hit the sand and with fearI felt myself pee all over my legs crying.
The aroma was obviously to much and the dog released my hair and his tongue and nose went to work,me crying as he licked me clean and trying not to shriek as his tongue lapped my pussy to my ass.I shuddered as his long tongue kept lapping,obviously my pussy and ass was to his liking as his tongue remained fixed to them as I cried quietly on my hands and knees as this Dog,this large mutt lapped at my personals.
Crying for two reasons,one I was afraid,and disgusted,,,two,because my husband had not done this ever and I felt an inner sensation I did not know existed.
My nipples were hard,and my breathing rasping as this mutt lapped and lapped,crying because I was fearful,,,and ,,,Loving the feeling,the tongue on my pussy and ass,,,
"Please stop please" I begged the dog,
His tongue pushed in and I gasped as I found myself opening my legs,,,I then gasped,,
" You slut" I said to myself and I tried again to get up and run, I ran and Ran hard as it chased me,I could feel his breath on my heels,then as my car came into sight Large paws on my back bringing me to the ground.
Knocking the wind from me,his body on mine,,his head at my neck I tried to struggle then I realised,his wet sticky penis was at my pussy trying to slip in,,
"NOOOOO" I squealed ,,he was goiing to rape me!
With a big thrust his cock rammed into me,,my pussy stretched and ohhhh ,,,,
His massive thick long cock drove in and I squawked as he rammed my pussy hard and fast,
Tears streamed down my cheeks as his paws gripped and dug into my hips,my tits swinging as he raped me,I felt, my back arch,I gasped at each thrust,his breath on my neck,,
His long thick cock buried deep,my pussy full,,,wet,,omg,,I was wet,,my pussy was clenching his cock,,,I realised I was moaning,,,Wimperingggggg as his thick cock drove into me,I was pushing back,,
"UNNNHhhh",gasping"UNNNNHhhh" as I realised I was pushing back and up as his thrusts went deeper,and then I felt it,,a big mound at the entra e if my pussy I shrieked as the lump pushed in and moaned as it grew,his knot expanded locking me to his cock,his spurt of hot cum shot into me and I came as I wailed,
"Ahhhhhhhhhhohhhhhhh noooooooo" sobbing as his doggy cum filled me with warm sperm.
I came again as he held me down and turned,,,crying as I came again.
My pussy locked on his cock,his cum drooling into me and down my thighs oozing past his knot as I panted,cried and collapsed.
After what felt like an hour his knot subsided and popped out,I winced as I felt cum drool down my thigh,
I cried as I balled up,the shame,the pleasure,what a filthy whore am I ,I went to stand but could barely crawl,back to my tent with him following,,watching,
I unzipped the tent and as I crawled in,tired,sore and used he looked at me,big brown eyes,,,I whispered,,come boy and he came into the tent and layer on the sleeping bag,I tucked into him and crashed,sleeping as I had not done for years.
The next morning I awoke alone and took a morning swim,my pussy stung,as I sl is into the water,I remembered my shameful experience,how I had acted,what had happened,
I dried myself off and decided to take a walk,as I came back later to my camp I saw him,he was sitting by my tent,my heart pounded as he jumped up and came bounding over wagging his tail as I patted his head which was almost at my chest.
I sighed as he nuzzled me and then he licked my breasts happily I squealed and tried to stop him but he playfully ran around me I giggled and found myself running with him laughing as he knocked me over,,,squealing as his tongue lapped at me again,,moaning as I found myself legs pulled back and wide as he lapped my sore pussy,
"OHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKK" I moansed as his tongue opened my pussy ,,,I gasped as I came,,,ohh fuckkkkk I wimpered I turned over and offered my pussy to him he quickly mounted me and within seconds his cock was driving in me,,,owning me,,,I had become his bitch.

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