Letting my Wife

Written by , on 2018-09-12, genre incest

I awoke hearing soft bangs and grunts from the wall behind me.

"There they go again." I thought with a smile.

I arose and put my ears to the wall to see if I could get a better hearing. I could hear soft moans and grunts as a squishy noise turned to slapping of skins in a fast repitition. I could make out words saying such as fuck me, make me yours, and fill me up. The pace quickly became faster as the grunts gradually became louder.

"!Fuck me daddy uuuugghhhhhh!" I heard behind the wall and as a clap of thunder, the tension erupted as you can clearly hear the strike fall through making its mark ferociously and the rumbles echoed through the walls as claps upon claps slowly penetrating through the air as it grew dimmer and dimmer until it completely stopped.

After I ejaculated my load from the sweet noises coming from the wall, I went to greet the couple that made me blissful this morning.

I opened the door and took the whiff of sexual aroma in the air and laid my eyes to witness my wife, Janice, and her own father, Hank, lying in bed so relaxed.

I took a moment to look at the scene of my beautiful sexy long haired brunette wife with her natural D cup breast pressed against her dad's belly with her head lying down on his hariy chest. With Hank with his rugged gray hair and quite physique for an old man in his 50s looking fairly young for his age, paying all attention to his girl. Both naked and glistening from their sweats when the sublights shine on them. It was beautiful to see.

"Morning John." Hank said looking at me as he is brushing Janice's hair.

I said, "Good morning" as I was walking towards them and crouched down to kiss Janice on the forehead.

"Morning honey" I whispered.

She didn't respond

"She's exhausted. We were practically up the whole night"

"You sure did a number on her, Hank." We both scoffed.

It may be abnormal to know that this was just a normal day for us as a fmaily. It may be shocking to know that a father is having sexual intercourse with his own daughter and not only that but as a husband to acknowledge and accept it. It may be astounding and unbelievable that they are trying to get Janice pregnant again already having 1 little daughter, healthy and very picky. That this has been going on for over 2 years now and has not broken our relationship with each other at all. But it's all true and we still love one another so dearly and respect one anothers intimacy with Janice.

But why let her do this? Why stay when you know she has such great attraction towards her own father? Why even be part of their lives being the cuck that will never share that deep love they have for another? Why let your wife fuck her father?

The answer is quite simple... and that is that I love to watch how this deep secret love plays out. Its greater than any porn, any movie, any play that my eyes have seen. You will never get this show anywhere else beside being a part of it. Though I love my wife dear and want what's best for her, my true intention is to watch their love grow. Call me sick, call me perverted but it's a magical thing to lay eyes on and that's something to experience.

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