Welcome Stranger

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I checked the number on the letter box this was the house, I walked down the driveway towards the front door and the outside light flicked on as I passed under the motion sensor. I stepped onto the front porch and just stood there for a while, I had never done this before. I was feeling pretty scared, I had never met this guy we had only exchanged emails.

I plucked up the courage to press the door bell and stood there looking straight ahead at the front door, a shiver was sent up my spine as the door opened. It was opened wide and as arranged and this great looking guy was standing their naked with his stiff cock in hand. All I could do was stare, he looked exactly as he described and the photos he had sent to me, he just stood there stroking his cock it was every bit of the 8” inches he had boasted. Now that he had fulfilled his end of the bargain it was time for me to hold up my end. As agreed I dropped to my knees and took his cock in my hands and stroked it slowly.

The more I stoked his cock the harder it became, a small amount of precum oozed out. I then greedily licked it up, it tasted salty and was thick and warm. I ran my tongue up and down his shaft and around his balls all the time stroking his cock with one hand. With my other hand I was rubbing his legs and thighs, he spread his legs so that I could access his arsehole. As I ran my fingers over his hole I could feel the lube that been applied and without any effort I had a couple of fingers pushing in and out.

I was fingering his arsehole and stroking his cock but he wanted more and pushed his cock into my face and into my mouth. I started sucking his nob and sliding his cock down my mouth, I took a few inches into my mouth at first as it was quite thick as well as long. With each stroke I took more and more into my mouth, I started to gag, I had forgot to breathe but I kept persisting and started to get into a rhythm.

He started to fuck my mouth, he had his hands behind my head and wash pushing and pulling my head onto his cock. We got faster and faster, and the faster we got the more cock I took into my mouth, I could feel his cock hitting the back of my throat, he kept pounding away and his cock was now entering my throat and my lips were pushing up against his scrotum and his stomach. I realised that I was sucking his entire length. My hands were on each of his butt cheeks pushing even harder trying to get his cock even deeper down my throat.

His body stiffed he stopped pushing my head, but he kept fucking my mouth and with an almighty gush he exploded into my mouth, I tried to swallow but couldn’t and had to pull his cock out of my mouth, he was still coming all over my face and chest. Cum was dribbling from my mouth, with my tongue I tried to lap it up. I looked up and saw that he had his eyes closed but was still spasming from his climax. He now looked down at me then lifted me to my feet and planted a passionate kiss onto my mouth. His tongue was pushing into my mouth and down my throat, it was intoxicating. When we finally broke our embrace he said “Maybe it is time you come inside before we shock the neighbors?”

He led me inside and we sat on the leather lounge room sofa, I was about to say something when he leaned across and planted another kiss on my mouth and grabbed my belt to undo it. My cock was rock hard and busting to be released. What happens next is another story!

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