Visiting Uncle David

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Hi I'm Susan 28 on finishing University last year, I decided to visit my mother's only sibling her brother David. He had return home from working overseas for over twenty years and I wanted to thank him for paying all my university fees as well pocket money ( his words). My father had been injured and needed mom to look after him at home and with the disability pension. There was no way I could go to university, as I had just missed out on a scholarship. Uncle David told my mother, he would pay my way thru any university I wanted. I also know that he also paid for father to see top specialists to see if his injury could he healed or his condition improved. I hadn't seen uncle David since I was 6 or 7 and didn't remember him all that well. On his return home he working in the state capital for several more months and then he was going come for a visit to our home town. So when I finished university I went to the city to thank him for his help and to look for work. On arriving I went to his apartment to thank him and was to stay with him till I found a job and a place to live. His apartment was big and had a great view of the nearby park. He was nice and weathered looking, having worked for years in the Sahara Desert. He told I could stay with him as long as I wanted and had got me an interview with a business contact firm for a job. Which I got, I know uncle David had really got me the job and made sure he wouldn't regret it. He was always busy and I hardly saw him and I came home for a visit with him and he wanted my parents to come to the city to live. He had purchased the apartment on the floor below us for them to live in. My parents agreed, but wouldn't be able to join us straight away as they had to sell the house and some medical arrangements to change. On returning to the city, David and I went out for dinner and a movie. On the way home we stopped at a bar and had a couple of drinks. While going up in the elevator I drop my cellphone and bent over to gpick it up. After I noticed that David a big bulge in his pants, I realised that his cock had got a hard on. On entering the apartment, I asked Do you want me to rub that for you. He was ashamed at being caught with a hard on, I said There is no shame in it. I will gladly rub it for you, it took some doing and I finally got him to let him take care of his boner. I got him to laid on his bed and I opened up his fly to get his cock out, I got a big shock myself. It was massive a good 10 or 11 inches long and 2 to 3 inches across, I had to use both hands to masturbate him and while I was doing it I was getting very horny myself. I started to suck on the head of his cock and finally, decided to mount him myself. He has the biggest cock I've ever seen and even those I soaking wet I had trouble getting it in. After I was finished riding him and him cumming in me, I laid beside him and we spent the night together, next morning I showered with him. I started going to his room went was home to fuck him, he had never married because women were afraid of his huge cock. But I love it and want to fuck all the time, two month later my parents arrived in the city a month later my father passed away from a heart attack while in hospital for tests. It was sudden massive heart attack and he couldn't be revived. That was six weeks ago, mom has since moved in with us and uncle David has sold the other apartment. Mom knows I'm fucking David and is happy that David is getting some love. She knew about is huge cock and we talk about it went David is not home. I said Mom you should try it, she resisted and finally I talked her into it and last Saturday night we both went into his room naked and fucked him together. On Sunday morning Mom could hardly walk, as it had been her first fuck in years. But we both joined again that afternoon for more. I asked him to give a baby and mom wants him to get me pregnant also. As yet, he hasn't agreed but we will keep asking and fucking him.

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