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I'm Burt 22 single average build, mid last year I was hit by a car wheel. It had came loose in a 3 vehicle accident and hit me a glancing blow, if it had hit me full on I would have died. It torn my jeans and rip my skin and also damaged my groin area. In total I needed 103 stitches and was in hospital for a month. On leaving the hospital I moved in with my parents and my mother's mother Elizabeth 67 widow. As both my parents work, Elizabeth looked after me. Nothing happen for 2 weeks, but after visiting the doctors. I was told to masturbate to get my penis working properly, now the colostomy bag had been removed. My mother Ruth 42 was with me and the doctors, she told Elizabeth that to masturbate regularly to make sure everything worked. So my father Robert got me some porn mags & DVDs to help me get it going. But it was painful and I couldn't get it up at first because of the pain. Elizabeth saw that I was having trouble and used warm towels to ease the pain. I managed to get an erection and started to masturbate a bit after that, but it still hurt and I lost my erection. Elizabeth suggested I that I was too rough and said she would do it. Her hands were soft and gentle and she got me up and it didn't hurt as much as when I did it. After a few minutes I hadn't cum, she said She would suck me off and see if that would do it. It was both weird and wonderful at the same time and after a couple of minutes. I could feel my sperm rising and I told her I was getting close. She kept sucking and took my whole load in her mouth and she shallowed it. The next day she done the same again, in the morning and again in the afternoon. After a few days she got me to mastubate myself and I was successful, I said I preferred her way best she just smiled. No headjobs for me I thought and a few days later back at the doctors. They were happy that I was successful had got me to bring a sperm sample to test. It checked out okay and as I was getting around better, I went out with friends on a Friday night and hoping to get lucky. But I missed out and the next morning my Parent went out of town for a club trip. They left early and were gone before I got up in the morning, I went into the kitchen for breakfast and Elizabeth asked how my night out went. I said Okay and she asked Did you get any sex. No I replied, So you don't know how you are having sex yet She asked. Nope I answered, I finished breakfast and helped her with the washing up. Then I went watch TV, a few moments later she came in and said to me. You can have sex with me and we see that everything is working right and give some confidences as well. I was a bit shy at first, but she said It better to fuck me and find out any problems early. I so went with her to her bedroom and we had sex, it wasn't easy to cum and she said We keep working on it, till your back to normal. We had sex that afternoon and spent the night together and had sex on Sunday morning and afternoon and almost got caught by my Parents who got back earlier then we expected. After they had gone to work monday we had sex again , by Wednesday afternoon Elizabeth said I was fucking normal again. The next few day I just had to masturbate and I missed fucking Elizabeth. The following my mother Ruth and I went to the city to a surgeon about hiding the scars. We had to stay a couple of days there, on the first night in the hotel room. She asked me if I was still masturbating regularly, I answered Yes and that I wouldn't shock her by doing in front of her. Oh it won't bother me she replied and so I thought would see if I could shock her. While watching a TV show with bikini girls in it, I got out my cock started to play with it. She saw me start and said nothing, but after a few minutes I hadn't cum. She said You seem to be having trouble do you need any help. I answered What kind of help. She replied I could stroke it for you, Mother said your a bit rough doing it. Alright I replied and she took over the stroking of my cock and still I didn't cum. So she started to suck it and I soon had to warn her that I was about to cum and stop sucking and finished me off by hand. After a bit laying together I decided to have a shower and asked if she would like wash my back. She agreed saying she needed to shower also. While showering together I started to stroke her body and I also got hard again and on her feeling my cock against her leg. She said You can put that in me has long as you pullout before you Cum. So I did we had sex 3 times before arriving back home. A month later I had surgery to fix the scars and had sex with Ruth a couple more times as well. I moved out early this year and with the payout from the insurance I got my own place. Ruth help setup house and comes over now and then and we have sex. Elizabeth has come over a few times and we hadn't had sex till her birthday in June as my parents went out of town on holiday after her birthday party. I took Elizabeth out to dinner and we had a great time, after we went back to my place and I asked her if I could have sex with her just once more. She said Anytime you want, I'm haven't got a lover and since you last fucked me I've been very horny. We have sex regularly now and she knows I fucking Ruth as well, it seems I talk in my sleep sometimes.

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