Home Alone ... Part 11

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I'm sitting on the side of my bed thinking. There's a soft knock at my door which in itself is a bit unusual, as my kids generally either just barge in or knock as they're opening the door which is kind of the same thing. My wet swim trunks are in the hamper and I am loosely wrapped in a towel so all things considered I am decent so I say, "Yeah?" As I hear...

"Dad? You got a minute?" This, from Miley, is about as hesitant as I can recall her ever being upon approaching my room.

Geez, I think, this is gonna get weird. Poor kid must be really dazed and confused about the whole pool incident. Well here goes... "Come in sweetheart, I always have a few minutes I can spare for my best girl!"

The door opens and even though I am not sure what I am expecting she seems to be relatively unfazed. "I was just talking with Crissy from school and well there's a few kids getting together this evening before the game..."

Our little school doesn't have much but it does have a pretty good football program and a loyal fan base. Crissy, I'm thinking, nope... "Remind me dear, who is Crissy? Is she a new friend, the name is not..." I say as I stand up to pick out something dry to put on.

"She's one of the head cheerleaders Dad! She and a few of the girls want me to try out for the team next semester!" Miley states excitedly. The pool incident apparently forgotten in light of far more pressing issues.

"Ah, well that is exciting, I suppose, but aren't you going to be carrying a pretty full course load next semester?" I remind her concernedly. I try hard to pay attention to my kid's academics. "Cheer Leading can become demanding, what with practices, away games, Does your school have enough cheerleaders to have separate squads for each sport or are you required to support all sporting activities? Then there's the pep rallies."

"Awww Dad, I really want to do it! I can handle it, I promise, and besides that's next semester anyway. I'm just talking about hanging out with them for now to see how it goes, Please!" She begs.

"Maybe" I say, the universally noncommittal response, "Let me talk with Mom, OK?"

"Thanks Dad!" She squeals as she grabs me around the waist giving me a big hug, dislodging my towel, which almost drops to the floor! I just do manage to catch it before further embarrassing myself for the second time in an hour this afternoon as she races from the room.

It isn't till I'm dressed that I realize in her mind it's a done deal. Well, her mom was a cheerleader, so I guess it probably is at that. I make my way to Kylie's room and poke my head in the room, "Girls, I need to take Miley into town in a bit so I think that would be the perfect time to drop Susan off as well." I'd like to think that I manage to say this with faux sadness though I am feeling a mix of trepidation and joy. "Unless of course your Mom gets home early, Kylie, or your folks were planning on picking you up soon?" I inquire hopefully, in Susan's general direction.

"Haven't really got that far dad, what's up with Sis? Has she finally got a boyfriend? Hot date tonight, as if you'd let that go?" Kylie asks.

"Apparently there's a pre-game get together at someone named Crissy's or somewhere to which she has been invited. I know you two are ahead of Miley in school but maybe you know this girl or the reputation of the cheer squad at least. Is this a good idea? It's all news to me." I say as I glance expectantly from Kylie to Susan and back. Though I don't trust Susan's judgement I want to trust that my daughter will always look out for her little sister. "Since when did she want to be a cheerleader anyway?"

"Woah! That's interesting." Susan pipes in, "We know her or sort of, but those girls are tight! Like, I mean, they stick with their own. Maybe we can tag along as a kind of chaperone? I'd love to see what those girls are really into."

Susan has that spark again, this gives me cause to reconsider, perhaps I should have shot it down earlier? Nah, that's just me being paranoid because of Susan's interest. Isn't it? "We'll have to see, I guess, maybe a chaperone isn't a bad idea after all. It's not like we have other plans tonight and I haven't been to a game yet this season." Looks, like I need to call the Mrs. "Why don't you girls figure out lunch while I call Mom to see if she's gonna be home in time and wants to go." I say as I turn back down the hall.

Apparently, the Mrs. has no interest in sitting on hard bleachers for a football game. Come to think of it that doesn't really appeal to me either but I'm not exactly comfortable with leaving both my daughters alone in the influence of Susan...

"Miley?" I say as I open her door, "You..." I cut it off in mid sentence.

"Umph, Dad!" She chokes, as she grabs for a shirt, or a skirt, not sure really, both were certainly needed.

"Sorry, umm, when did you, I mean, where, uh sorry!" I stammer turning away.
My God, my youngest daughter is wearing thongs? And those tits! Didn't I just see her in a bikini? Never noticed the nipples before... How long has it been since I last saw her nude? Shit, don't think about that!

"It's ok now, Dad, did you need something? Did you talk to Mom? Dad?"

Crap, I can't say no now, but no way I'm letting her go alone. "Hey, yeah um sorry about that, um what time do we need to be there and where is it?"

"We?" She says, "Just drop me off at Crissy's and I'll ride with her, K?"

"She drives?" How old is this girl? I'm really having second thoughts now, "Look, you can go tonight but we are all going together."

"What? Forget it then, that won't work! I'm invited, what does that even mean, 'We all'?" Miley explodes into tears as she storms back into her room, slamming the door in the process before I can attempt a reply.

Ever try raising a teen aged daughter? They come with short emotional fuses, that's all I can say. As I open her door she has already thrown her blouse across the room at the dresser, and lies sprawled across her bed. I am partially paralyzed by the view, her ass is only half covered by the folds of her skirt. The thong, black of course, (Remind me to ask her mom about that!) leaves nothing to the imagination, and we both know I need no help in that department. She's face down on her bed, crying and lamenting the unfairness of life. In an valiant effort, I step to her bedside and try to soothe her.

"Listen Miles, OK? Give me a minute?" I say, stepping to her bedside and lightly touching you shoulder. As she turns over to look at me expectantly, I am once again aware of her breasts in a way that I have not previously been. She is at least wearing a bra now, pink and thankfully not lace or transparent in any way, but for a moment I hesitate with flashbacks from earlier.

"What? Dad?" She looks into my eyes, is that curiosity? She seems to be unaware of the effect, yet...

"OK, I will drop you off at your friends. But your sister, Susan and I may also show up at the game." Hopefully just Kylie and me.

"Thanks, Dad!" Miley jumps up and pounces at me giving me a huge hug.

"OK, OK, you better get ready." I say, extricating my self from the embrace, a little reluctantly. "But don't you think maybe you could wear something a little less, revealing?"

"Oh Dad!" She says, flouncing towards her dresser and flashing me her ass once more as she bends to retrieve her shirt.

Damn! This living with teen girls is getting harder by the day. As I turn down the hall I bump into Susan, coming from the kitchen. We both take a step back, her eyes somehow instinctively hone in on the slight bulge that I am hoping to conceal. As we work to pass in the hall, her hand brushes me lightly. Her way of making certain I didn't miss that she noticed?

Kylie must have passed in all the commotion and drama as the kitchen is clear now. I retreat to my room, debating if I have time for a cold shower or maybe an attempt at some other means of handling this 3/4 staff in my pants. Laura, my wife, has decided to go straight to her Mom's since the kids and I are all going out this afternoon. "No sense rushing home for lunch alone" she pointed out. I grab my I-pad as I head to the master bath, turning on the radio as I pass through the bedroom.

I am in the privacy of my bathroom, I know, It seems as though I should be safe right? I take a seat at my wife's vanity. After what I have just experienced the tension is high. I am surfing the web, looking at porn. My cock is nearly fully rigid and I am lightly touching my self.

Did you know there's a lot of Daddy/daughter videos out there? This is suddenly drawing my attention, go figure, huh? When I hear a throat clear, to my left. I look up from the I-pad. Miley, fully dressed, with Susan and Kylie just a step behind her, is standing there stunned, watching me as I stroke my rigid shaft.

Kylie is practically fluorescent, her face is so flushed. Susan has a huge grin, and her eyes shine like laser beams. Miley, well, Miles is what... not confused exactly, she seems to recognize what I am doing somehow, maybe she just can't really trust that she is seeing this? Likely, if she ever pictured a boy masturbating, I wasn't in that particular shot.

"Oh My God!" Miley says, as she turns to run out. Finding her way blocked, she turns back as Susan snatches up the I-pad from the floor where I apparently dropped it.

My shorts are around my knees, I can't exactly even try to cover or explain. Caught, red-handed so to speak.

"Dad! Um what, I mean, sorry but..." Miles stammers.

Looking at the I-pad, Susan leers at me then at the screen, turning she takes a step to leave the room. Guiding the girls, Susan says, "Maybe we should give him a minute, Miles, can we talk?"

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