I fucked my 1st cousin samantha

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My first cousin Samantha I went through a hard time with her husband because he had left her hanging with rent due so she had nowhere else to go so I let her come stay with me in my wife and our spare bedroom I'm disabled no longer can work due to a back injury my wife work for a fast food restaurant and I draw a disability check every month my wife work from 7 a.m. till 4 p.m. well one morning got up at 5 like I always do with my wife to have coffee and to see her off to work will my wife leave from work I'm shutting watching TV NCIS like I do every morning on Netflix for some reason the breaker flipped and the front room the breaker box is in the spare bedroom so I got up went into my room with my first cousin Samantha was sleeping and flip the breaker back on well at 35 years old my cousin is still scared to sleep in the dark so she has a night light beside her bed when the power came back on I turn to walk out and I notice that my cousin was on the bed sleeping completely naked she was late on her stomach with her legs open giving me a perfect view of her shaved pussy and it was kind of gaped open and he had a small pussy you can tell it was nice and tight I might cock jump up immediately hard as a rock I sat down beside her on the bed nervous cuz I've never done anything like this before shook her arm called her name she did not respond he was knocked out cold I know she took a sleeping pill before going to lay down I gently place my hand on her ass cheek and started rubbing it softly you never moved I started rubbing the crack of her ass working my way down to rubbing her shaved pussy still no response so I gently started rubbing around her hole in-between her pussy lips I could feel the moisture of her pussy I then sled my middle finger into her pussy hole and slowly started fingering her after a couple minutes her pussy became real wet so I knew she had cum I stood up over her and rolled her over pull her to the edge of the bed open her legs wide I knelt down between her legs and place my tongue inside her wet pussy hole working my way up to the click I felt two hands grab a hold of my head and pulled my face deeper into the pussy and she started moaning and bucking her hips I thought she had waking up but she was actually still sleeping it was just a reaction from her my eight and a half inch cock was hard as a rock I took my hands and lifted her legs up I took my cock stuck the head of it in her tight hole I solely eased my way deeper and deeper she started to give me a mon so I work at in and out slowly until I felt it get real wet then I started pumping faster and harder before I knew it I was fucking my first cousin Samantha fast and hard giving her every inch of my cock I knew she had been fixed and couldn't have kids no more so I was prepared to let my load go deep inside her pussy after about 30 minutes pounding her pussy with long deep Strokes I blew a huge load of hot cum deep into her pussy I got up cover her back up got dressed white back in the front room sat on the couch and started watching TV again after about 30 minutes she woke up put on her nightgown and come sit on the couch in the front room across from me he says cuz I just had a wet dream oh really what was it about she told me that she could not see no faces but she was sleeping and someone came into her room and screwed her she said it must have been really good because I woke up with thick white cum coming out my hot box that's the word she used meaning her pussy I said wow that was a pretty good dream while she sat there on the couch across from me playing on her phone she popped her legs up on the couch and had them open some I could tell she had no panties on underneath that night gal she says damn cuz I'm still hot and horny as hell I said really she said yeah and by the Bulge in your pants you must be to I told you thinking about the dream you told me got me this way she stood up and said well I'm awake now how about you come finish the job you started when I was sleeping I said you knew it was me she said yes I knew it was you I was going to stop you at first but the deeper you put your cock in me it felt too good to stop you you up for a second round I said of course I am so we went back into her room and I finish what I started to this day we are real close cousins and we take care of each other's sexual needs

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