Mom lets son touch and photograph her vagina.

Written by , on 2018-08-31, genre incest

Back in the late 90s my wife's 34 year old sister married a 48 year old guy with 2 kids. She got them off to work and school and was pulling the sheets off her stepsons bed. She felt a wet spot and after looking at it realized it was cum. She thought about how good young cum tastes. She decided she was going to put the sheets in the wash and masturbate herself. As she was pulling the sheets she saw a corner of a magizine in the usual under her the mattress. She lifted the mattress and saw a hustler magazine,and opened up the pages. She was getting excited seeing the girls,she then saw some pictures of a lady on the sofa with her dress pulled up. She realized it was her! She recognized the dress and her Mohawk pussy hair,my wife and her have pussy hair that comes in as a natural Mohawk shape. They both trim and shape it to look more tidy. She figured it was a day she had too much to drink and fell asleep on the sofa. Thinking about it made her very excited wondering I what else he did to her. Very horny now,she takes a shower and uses her massage wand to clean herself and masturbate too. She trims her pussy hair around the lips ,shaves her legs and gets herself ready for the next picture .She put on a dress that folds over like a robe and ties for easy access and decided to wait until he comes home. Laying on the sofa ,she hears her son walking up the driveway. She closes her eyes and now her heart is pounding. He sees her and yells for his sister and hears nothing,he knows they're alone. He walks over and shanks her shoulder while calling out,Mom?you awake? His hand moves from her shoulder to her boob as he calls out still. He's now feeling her boob through her dress,fingering her nipple. He pulls her dress apart to expose her boobs ,his Mom is now laying in front of him with both boobs exposed. Her son gets on his knees and starts sucking on his mothers boob as he slides his hand between he's legs. He parts the dress and she can feels his fingers touching her pussy.she slides her knee up to spread her legs for him and feels his finger slide into her wet pussy. She moans and he pulls out and leaves thinking she is about to wake up. He comes back a second later and she can hear the click of his camera and that wind noise of those disposalable ones. She is so horny she moans and spreads her legs as wide as she can so her son can get a nice picture of Mommies dripping wet pussy. She has one leg on the floor and can feel his hand behind her knee and he's now raising her knee to her chest . Her holds it there and hears another click. Then she feels her sons tongue entering her wet pussy and she lets out a huge moan but he continues licking his moms pussy. She puts her hand on his head and grinds it toward her and she opens her eyes to watch her son eating her pussy. . She can feel her juices flowing out. She lets out a loud moan and starts cumming,she's hold his head so his nose is pushing her clit. He takes all her cum and closes her dress quickly and leaves,obviously this was now normally how this goes. A few minutes later his mom gets up and calls out to him.
Steven? Are you home?
Why didn't you wake me up?
Oh I don't want to disturb you.
She smiled and knew he was in his bedroom masturbating about what he did to his Mommy. She was going to her bedroom and do the same thing ,and think about what else she can do to make him actually fuck his mom next time. Hope you enjoyed this badly written mostly true story. I think I have to go to my bedroom too.

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