Home Alone... Part 10

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I awaken on Saturday, it's early, the house is really quiet. I roll over to discover that Laura, my wife, is not in bed. Oh no, I panic. Did the girls say something last night? Did she look through my daughters phone and see something? Where could she be? Wait, she mentioned plans to hit the yard sales. It seems the in-laws are needing new furniture and haven't found what they want. Ok, so it's all good Miley is here so everything should be kosher this morning! Yep, I know Kylie and Miley, though we call her "Miles". Seems corny looking back but at the time we thought it was cute to have their names so similar. I'm think about getting up when in walks Susan, bold as you please!

"Morning, I see you're awake, good! After breakfast we were trying to think of something fun to do." She says as she grabs the covers and strips my bed! "Dang, I guess I lose the bet."

"What the hell?" I say.

"I bet Kylie I could catch you naked in bed this morning. Didn't you have enough energy left last night for the Mrs? Did we wear you out?" She purrs as she climbs onto the side of the bed and places a hand on my thigh. "How about a little show? Is Morning Wood a real thing?"

"I think you need to do your school work or whatever you came over to do and then perhaps you should go home Susan." I say as I jump out of the bed on the far side from her, quickly adjusting myself so as to not poke through the fly on my boxers.

"Turn around and let me see." She says, so forcefully that I have complied before I realize. "It looks like you are only slightly happy to see me this morning!" Grinning she purrs, "I bet we can fix that. Mrs. J will be gone for a while and everyone else is still asleep. Why not take a closer look at this, you know you want to." She suggests as she pulls up her sleep shirt to reveal her shaved pussy spread eagle on my bed. "After what we did for you last night I think you owe me a favor."

"I can't do that, My daughters, My wife." I stammer, as I look upon this Lolita wannabe.

"Kylie was up late, Miles never wakes early and if she does she will just pop in her earbuds and hang in her room. Do this now, or maybe I'll have to send a picture or two to Miley, anonymously of course. I wonder which ones she might like? Want to help me pick them out?"

"Seriously?" I hiss, "You can't do that!"

"Then you best do this" she says as she rubs her clit.

I reach out and grab her ankles and spin her towards the side of the bed, dragging her across it slightly. Her shirt rides up further and those gorgeous tits are once again on full display. There is nothing quite as erotic as a girl in full flower of puberty and at the height of her sexual awakening. I doubt that it is surprising in the least to hear that I lost myself for a while in my efforts to please her orally. Thankfully, for her part she was able to keep the decibel level down, even stifling her climax with the use of a pillow! To my knowledge no pictures were even taken, for once thank God! Afterwards as she lay spent on my bed, glowing, she turned to look as I stood up and lazily pointed with a grin. "Morning woody!"

"Geez, girl your something!" I say. "Now will you leave so I can get a shower and we can get breakfast?"

"That was nice, don't spoil it by being rude, or I might make you go give Kylie a special morning wake up call! I bet she would love the same treatment and we could even get it on video!"

"Hell no! That's not happening!" I state emphatically.

"I would only shoot it from the back of your head, it wouldn't show much, just her face and the effect of your ministrations! That would be so hot, and I know she would love it." Susan beams as the twinkle resurfaces in her eyes. I retreat to the bathroom as she revels in this fantasy image. Hoping like hell that she doesn't force the issue.

I am left alone for once as I shave and take care of my morning rituals. One slight variable this morning is a cold shower, as I am fearful as to what might happen if someone walks in on me beating it again in the shower. When I exit the shower my bed is empty, it is even made up! Who knew kids today even knew how to do that?

In the kitchen I can hear the shower in the back bathroom running. My mind conjures up an image of Susan standing in the shower, and a slight stirring occurs in my loins. I busy myself making coffee, eggs, toast and sausage.
Usually in the kitchen I attempt to be quiet but this morning I need distraction so I crank the radio. Haha!

"Morning Dad!" Kylie says sarcastically, "Thanks for letting us sleep in!"

"Early bird and all that kiddo!" I offer cheerfully.

"What's got you up so early anyway?" She asks. As we hear Susan exit the bathroom down the hall.

As we turn to look Susan prances from the bathroom towards Kylie's room fully naked, smiling she pauses in the hall and blows us a kiss! I turn away hoping my daughter doesn't see me blush or notice the slight bulge in my shorts, as Susan steps in to the bedroom.

"What was all that about?" Kylie asks suspiciously. "How long has she been up? I wanna go back to bed but it looks like she's up for good!"

"No idea." I offer, then changing the subject... "What have you girls planned to do today?" Nothing to include me I hope! My system needs a break, I've gone from undersexed to oversexed in less than 24 hrs. Largely because of these two teen aged girls.

"I'll let you know" she says sleepily as she yawns and stumbles back to her room.

Susan comes into the kitchen wearing a short T-shirt and what I hope is a bikini and not just panties. It seems the girls have decided to spend some time out back around the pool. Thankfully Miles emerges from her room and she too decides to sun herself outside, which helps me feel a lot better about today.

An hour or so into this, after a few cycles of sun then cooling down in the water and more sun etc. As I swim towards the ladder to climb out of the deep end Susan dives in to cool off. She swims over to me and slips a hand up my pants leg basically copping a feel before I can head up the ladder.

"Guess cold water really does make him shrink." She says playfully.

I quickly glance towards Miles, who is currently facing away from us. "Please don't, Miles is right there!" I say as I start up the ladder. I can't help but notice the twinkle is back, God help me but I think she has hatched yet anther plan and though I'm certain it includes me I hope it doesn't include Miles.

While I head to the diving board, Susan swims a lap. The girl is fast in the water I'll give her that. From the height of the board it looks as if my daughters are both asleep. Diving is more of a hobby than a passion for me so my technique is not so hot. Susan however is quite good, I notice, as she follows behind me after having swum the length of the pool and back. As I decide to try again she comes up behind, bumping me playfully. I feel her brush my waist and my thigh, or was it my hip with her hands. Thinking she is trying to get a rise out of me, so to speak, I dive for the water and swim hard for the far end of the pool intent on putting some distance between us. As I reach the shallow end, I see Susan climbing out of the deep, apparently I have escaped.

It registers about the time I hear Susan squeal, "Lose something Mr. J?"
As she burst out laughing hysterically.

There is a cool breeze hitting my groin and my ass that is easily explained as I look down then up to see Susan at the far end of the pool holding my trunks! Both of my daughters are now bolt upright and drop jawed staring as I dive back into the shallow water.

Looking to my girls Susan says, "Why didn't you tell me this was a skinny dip party?" as she walks toward them holding my suit.

"It's not!" Kylie says, "Really Dad, What gives?"

Miley at least for her part is looking away from me at the moment. Pretty much staring as Susan casually walks over towards where they are, my trunks in hand.

There is no way Miley would believe the truth, my only defense is "Sorry girls apparently they came untied with all the diving, how about a little help? Susan won't you toss those back this way, please?"

Susan for her part turns to Kylie and winks "When this happens at our pool my brothers play keep away with the swim trunks till he or she gets their suit back! What do you think girls? Is there a standing rule at this pool?"

Kylie looking thoughtful says, "Serves them right but this has never happened here before, Miles, what do you think?"

"Just give him his trunks, geez!" Miley says.

Yes! I love my sweet innocent daughter in that moment. Glancing up hopefully, until I meet the eye of Susan who is in possession of my trunks.

"I don't know, after all, how is he supposed to learn to keep them on if we just toss them back so easily. OK, compromise... you want them" She says walking towards the end of the pool. "Come get them" as she deposits them in a chair.

My suit is now far enough away from the pool that I will have to walk from the pool, totally naked, to retrieve them. As the full implications hit me, I realize that I am now almost fully hard as well, great. One last effort, "How about a towel at least, Girls?" I say looking to Miley, then Kylie.

Miley looks to her sister who gives a slight shake no and a wink then turns to Susan for her vote.

"Consider it a dare, Mr. J. Your'e all family here and I've see it all before. Come and get 'em." She then turns and walks towards the house.

Resignedly, I step from the pool, using my hands to cover as well as I can. I can't even look towards my kids as I do this though I hear a gasp from their direction. Was that Miley? Please let her be looking away. Do I put them back on out here? I can't go towards the house, Susan is blocking the door. Desperately, I grab them and sprint back for the pool. I want to dive for the deep end and never come up!

As I resurface I hear laughter and see the girls all heading inside. I have to let myself settle down first but I too follow shortly thereafter, having had enough sun for today.

"Aww..." Susan says as I enter, standing just inside the door. "I thought for sure you would enjoy that more!"

"Girl, you're nuts! Not to mention potentially dangerous, Why would you do that? In front of Miley!" I hiss at her in a whisper, afraid to be heard by my daughters who are in their rooms changing.

"It was fun, I wasn't sure you'd go for it but apparently you really are into naked embarrassment! Obviously he enjoyed it!" She says eyeing my groin and hooking her thumb outside and reminding me yet again of my recent exposure. "If you didn't like it, you could have simply ordered Miley to give you a towel, you know She would have, and that would have been that. But, you didn't do that did you?" She states with a familiar glimmer and a smirk as she turns towards Kylie's room.

I stand there stunned. Is she right? Did some part of me want to flash my kids? Is is just the thrill of embarrassment? Perhaps I am an Exhibitionist at heart as well as a sex addict? This girl, God help me the past 24 hrs, has got me where I don't know which way is up!

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