Home Alone... Part 9

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Here I stand, naked, my cock in the hand of the strangest teen aged girl I have ever met. One I barely even know to be honest, though she knows far more about me than I would prefer. My daughter Kylie, is a witness to this, hell she's taking pictures! Wait, did she switch to video? Susan is her name, she's on her knees in a bikini, in my shower. Is this real, a dream? My cock isn't even hard really, in spite of all this, having just cum, hard, for the... Hell who's counting? Damn! Her lips are teasing me, she is acting as if she is going to go further, I am not sure if I want her to though I know she shouldn't.

As her lips part I see her tongue begin to stretch forward tentatively. "Kylie, come here" Susan says as she squeezes my semi flacid member. "I want to see how fast he can go again."

I cannot even speak as my daughter enter the shower on her knees and taking turns begins to stroke me. Susan is the first to lick my penis. She starts on the shaft, almost nibbling, then a long wet tongue passes from the base to the head, ending up cupping around the entire tip and pulling me out with a soft popping sound. Almost without pause, she then shoves my cock towards Kylie, "Next, your turn. Dare you not to get hard Ed."

Glancing up, then back down immediately, Kylie takes my head into her mouth and almost in reverse of her friends technique, proceeds to give me her version of a blowjob.

At some point I realize that not only am I fully recovered but although Susan began this and both girls have taken a few turns passing the lollipop so to speak, Kylie is actually better at it. This disturbs me and yet excites me as well. What can I say, I am discovering myself to be a bit of a sex addict I guess.

Susan has now retrieved her phone and though she "Promised" the soapy shower pic would be the final one it appears that was never her intention. In all fairness, I doubt any of us could have guessed this opportunity was in our future at the time. Well maybe Susan could have, I'm convinced she is thinking a few steps ahead. Setting her phone down she returns to the shower before I reach climax. Kneeling before me she takes over and as she pops my head into her mouth I spasm. Shooting down her throat, at least the first bit anyway. She practically gags, as she pushes me away. I turn trying not come all over her in my daughters bikini. I'm pretty sure I will never see either of those suits again without getting an immediate boner!

"Ugh! Damn!" Susan spits accusatively "Couldn't you have warned me?"

"Sorry, it was your idea!" I offer, rinsing off then grabbing a towel. I step from the shower eyeing their phones. Both girls are now standing up and rinsing under the spray, checking each other for evidence. I quickly grab the devices and head from the water closet into the master suite. This may be my chance!

Susan's phone is password protected, Damn! Can't delete anything, Kylie's phone is too but unless she has changed it... Success! Let's see, pics and videos, wait, I'm curious now do I have time? How long before they notice I have the phones? I can't kill all the evidence, both phones vibrate, almost at the same time, hmm... should I? They certainly have been cutting up a lot with these phones this afternoon, laughing and such, I wonder. I open the texting application and I read, "OMG who is this?" as I scroll back and see a cropped version of myself jerking off! Apparently at least one pic has already began to make the circuit among the girls friends!

Mad as hell, I turn back towards the bathroom.

"Dad!" Kylie practically screeches, as I enter to see both she and Susan fully naked suds at their feet. It never occurred to me that the reason I had so much time was because they decided to shower off completely.

"What the hell?" I ask, as I begin to turn away, then think better of it. "You girls have been sharing pics of this afternoon!"

"You got our phones! That's not right!" Kylie says indignantly.

"Mine is password protected" Susan says smuggly.

"Mine too! How did you? How could you?"

"Never mind that, I know" I say, fuming. "How many pics, who, never mind who they then shared them with. What were you thinking?"

"Relax, Susan has a cool editing app." Kylie says, "And do you mind? We're both naked! Could you leave, or at least turn around? And how do you know my password? How long have you known?"

Typical, with teens its all about them! Needing to get dressed, I exit the water closet. As I finish, the girls storm through, wrapped in towels. They snatch up their phones as they head towards Kylie's room.

"Just a minute" I say as they start down the hall. "I've gotta know that there won't be any more sharing or posting of those pics and videos"

"You were trying to delete them weren't you" Susan accuses me! "Just behave normally, around everyone else, and you have nothing to worry about. Of course, we might need a little help with some more research data in the future, but we'll let you know when. Until then, enjoy the memories!" She says as she drops her towel, takes a slow 180, then bends over and retrieves it from the floor before casually sauntering to Kylie's room and closing the door.

Standing there, stunned, I don't even hear the car pull in till once again the back door to the house opens and my youngest daughter rushes through the kitchen on the way to her room.

"Hey Dad, Mom say's she could use a hand if you got a minute" I hear as her bedroom door slams.

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