Home Alone... Part 8

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Why is it that the phone always rings at the most inopportune times? Just when you're getting into the shower or sitting on the toilet for example. Maybe it's just me? Well here I am, relieving the stress from my naked drive and you guessed it, the phone rings. I can hear it in the bathroom but it is in the kitchen, I think, I figure to call back in a few, ignoring it as I concentrate on finishing. I'm standing there, in the water closet portion of the master bath, stroking myself over the toilet, not really focusing on anything when movement catches the corner of my eye, about the same time as I hear.

"Geez, really dad?" And there stands Kylie, phone in hand. At least this time it's my phone and there's no picture taking involved. "Your phone was ringing, thought it might be important, didn't you hear it? My God, really?"

"What's going on?" Susan says as she too now appears in the middle of my private bathroom! Seriously, it's becoming impossible to get a private moment! Sure enough she has her phone in hand. "Still a little wound up from the drive it looks like, knew you enjoyed that! Haha!"

"Can't I get a minute alone here?" I ask.

"It was Mom" Kylie says.

"What, where, when, on the phone" I ask?

"She is just about to leave Gram's, said she would be home by 8:00 and wanted to know if we ate. She rang me after she couldn't get you."

Susan pipes in with a huge grin, "Kinda busy I guess, huh? I never knew older guys had such stamina. Seems like we get a repeat performance after all!" As she snaps yet another pic of me standing there in my birthday suit.

"Excuse, me but I need a shower" I try as I attempt to close the door to the water closet.

"Sounds fun" Susan says "Perfect after dinner entertainment, and plenty of time too. Need help?"

"What?" Kylie and I both say as we turn to Susan.

"I want a picture of you all soapy, Last one I promise! You're already naked, the shower is right there" she says pointing as if it's not clear, "And if you like I'll even do your back."

I begin to protest but then I just don't really have many options, my cock certainly seems to like the idea as it seems to be getting harder with every heartbeat. A fact that I'm certain Susan and perhaps even Kylie has noticed. To make it less evident I quickly turn towards the shower with a resigned sigh.

"I will let you watch, if that's what you want but I want no pictures, Susan, I want you to delete everything from today." I say this, to be clear, knowing I have absolutely no power over it but somehow still hopeful.

"Let me think about it. First I think I want to try washing him" she says, as she reaches in and strokes my dick. "Kylie, pass me the soap!"

"Susan, this is crazy" Kylie says handing her a bar "This is my Dad!"

"Which makes it even more naughty, more fun and he can't exactly tell anyone, so we can do what ever we want! Hey, I'm getting splashed, hold on" Susan says as she sprints from the bathroom.

A few moments later she reappears in the water closet wearing one of Kylie's bikinis. "This makes more sense, go change too Kylie. There's certainly nothing odd about us being wet from the 'pool' when your mom gets home" Susan says as she steps into the shower with me.

This can't be happening, I'm naked in the shower with one of my daughter's teen aged friends! Needless to say my hard-on is rock steady as Susan reaches out to grab it. Her hands are caressing my balls and I am hoping not to spray all over her suit when Kylie re-enters. She is in a one piece, thank God. Not sure why that really matters considering the circumstances at the moment.

Our shower has clear glass doors and is about 5 x 9 feet so it is large enough for two to enjoy comfortably. As my daughter walks in she is pointing a phone, hers or Susan's, at the action in the shower. It seems as though she is fully on board with whatever is happening. Susan is stroking me, while soaping me up. After a moment or two Kylie tentatively steps in and Susan says "You take over up front and I'll start on his back."

It seems that I am to be given a bath. Not that I mind but it is awkward in spite of the eroticism. Kylie actually does not hesitate, she boldly yet gently grabs my cock in one hand and a soapy wash cloth in the other. Almost as if she has experience, which is something I'm not wanting to think about. My daughter caresses my genitals to the point of no return. As my mind reemerges from that point of nirvana one reaches at climax, I notice that Susan is standing outside the shower. When did she get out, better yet, please God don't tell me she videoed this?

"Smile!" I hear as the flash goes off once again! "My turn, Kylie, take my pic with your Dad!"

"Susan" Kylie begins.

"Hurry before he gets all limp, and we have to wait till he gets hard again" She says grabbing my cock to pose for the camera. "Can you get hard again? Wow, I mean, I had no idea, really! You can't exactly be normal. Do all guys get hard so often?"

I don't even know what to say or do. I just stand there, as if I were a nude model. As my daughter takes pictures of her friend cosying up to me as if we were lovers. I did however snap back to reality when Susan knelt down and put the tip of my dick to her lips for a shot.

Looking up from this position, one hand firmly around my shaft. That twinkle back in her eye, she says "Am I wrong or is this how a girl gets her man hard again after sex?"

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