Home Alone... Part 3

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.... "We need to talk"...

Well, so far I can't say that I disagree. I have basically been caught by my 16 yr old daughter and her school mate of around the same age, also a female and a very attractive one as well, masturbating to porn in the nude, subsequently flashing them both what could almost be described as the Full Monty and not at half staff I might add. In my haste to dress while they retreated to my kids room, leaving the evidence up and running on the computer, I then add insult to injury by letting the girls access the computer in my immediate presence and undeniably am found at the mercy of a young woman who may not be as innocent as I like to think my daughter is, or should have been before today anyway!

Standing in the den, I look at my daughter and ask, "What time does your sister get home today?" This situation should have never happened, wouldn't have if not for a bit of bad timing on my part and my having been unaware that the high school let out early today.

"She is going home with a friend after school, Mom will pick her up on her way home from Gram's" I'm told.

I look at my watch, It's only a quarter past one in the afternoon this means that there are several hours before anyone else arrives home. How can this day be going so slowly? "OK, first, I am really sorry, about, well you know..." I say as I humbly face my daughter and her friend.

"Susan, has an older brother, Dad, and a younger one too! Not too sure about HER Dad, but..."

"Listen Mr. James, Edward, can I call you Ed? After all..."

"Sure, uh, ok whatever you like." My daughter raises an eyebrow at that, as I always have her friends call me and the wife by our surnames.

"Ed, I am not real comfortable right now, you and we both are embarrassed, right?"

"RIGHT! Again, I..."

Ahem, *Cough* "I really don't think that your wife would appreciate having to talk about this, my parents might just laugh, they might not. Personally, I would just as soon this never happened."

"Excellent Idea" I exclaim, perhaps a little to eagerly! Maybe I misjudged what I thought I saw in her eyes? Wait, I feel a...

"But, It did, we need to get some school work done and not only are we all distracted and nervous now, you are also pretty uptight. Right?"

"Um, Yeah, I guess that's fair to say, I mean..."

Now I see the glimmer. Or is it a twinkle? "So how about this, why don't you finish, what you were doing earlier, and pretend we aren't even here?"

*Gasp* Wait, what? "I'm sorry..."

"No, really... I or rather we, dare you to finish, pretend we aren't here! You'll be a lot more relaxed right? And when you're done I, or We, promise to pretend it never happened."

I'm pretty sure that my mind is currently melting. This cannot be happening!
Did a young girl, my daughters age, just basically blackmail me in front of said daughter? WTF, am I on Candid Camera? I am trying to catch my breath, trying to formulate a response. "I don't think.."

"Right, Don't think, don't talk, strip! Unless you prefer...?" Susan says, as she vacates my chair and guides my daughter and herself to our couch to relax and enjoy the show.

The confidence, the gall! It is like I don't have a choice or even a vote! My daughter seems to be in a bit of a haze as well as she looks at me, expectantly? I am totally unprepared for this! Never in my wildest, well I may have had a similar fantasy when I was younger but I'm sure it didn't involve my own child. I never thought I would even have kids! Now it seems as though I have to choose between entertaining a couple of teen aged girls as I masturbate or endure the indignity of confessing my sins to my wife and possibly Susan's parents. What about the authorities? Oh Hell!

"You don't have to strip completely, Ed. Close your eyes if it makes it easier" Susan almost purrs. My daughter is somehow still silent, not quite looking at me yet not looking away either, no eye contact but nervously looking back and forth between Susan and my belt buckle. Perhaps she is in shock? "No hurry, of course, but we really need to get our school work done. Should I just call Mrs. James and see what time she might be home? Maybe she can finish up early? I bet she would hurry if I told her it was urgent Ed."

"I don't think..." I say, as I kick off my shoes and fumble with my belt.

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