Home Alone... (No Longer)

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Ok, so apparently today is an "Early Release Day" for the High School, the girls got a ride from a friend thus were dropped off by the mail box so I heard no advance warning. As I am soon to discover, the young lady whom I fear that I have traumatized for life and to which has been privy to far more of my intimate secrets than I am comfortable even thinking about, is here for the night supposedly to work on a school project, this is all news to me as permission was granted by the wife and it is basically a done deal.

Frustrated, I make my way to my room. I can hear muffled chatting and not so muffled laughing from the opposite end of the house as I quickly dress and move back into the kitchen. Thinking that my younger daughter should also arrive soon, not sure if I want her to come in ASAP so as to act as a buffer to ease the palpable stress presently in the home, yet thinking that there must needs be a discussion about what has happened thus far and not only might it be best to handle it quickly but I am not wanting this to escalate or involve anyone else if possible! I noisily bump around the kitchen, as if preparing a snack. Tentatively, my daughters voice comes from the hall, "Um, Dad? Is it safe? Are you, um, decent"

My mind reels, OMG, what does she think? Does she imagine I am prancing around nude trying to embarrass she and her friend? Is my poor child thinking that I planned this? That it was anything other than a terrible case of Murphy's Law? I don't even want to know what her friend is thinking... do I? About now I am contemplating leaving home, perhaps for good! Maybe I should just head to the local bar? What would you do? It actually takes me practically a full minute I think to come up with what at the time was my valiant response of... "Yeah, uh, sure, um its ok, I'm... yeah, come in..." As I glance in the direction of the hall and my teen aged daughter hesitantly pokes an eye around the corner.

"Your home early." I say. Mr obvious right?

"Half day" is her curt response. "My friend Susan and I have a project so she's gonna stay over so we can work on it. Mom said it was ok, guess you forgot?"

"I guess no one thought I needed to know." I say as a red faced young lady emerges from the hall, making no eye contact, and follows my daughter into the family room.

"We need to look up some stuff" I hear as my child turns on the Computer monitor and my mind stutters over the idea that I never logged off! The computer currently is as I had left it, thus it is playing a split screened video of a youngish looking porn star, happily parading through a shopping mall without the benefit of clothing while the public enjoys the view immensely. On the other half of the screen there is a site of models who are petite and shaved and might also pass for younger than I know they are.

Simultaneously, I lunge towards the family room and shout "Wait!" I hear, "Dad!" but it is once again too late. I am now between the girls and the rest of the house. They cannot retreat and I am so stunned and embarrassed that I just freeze. After a moment I say, "Do you mind shutting that off?" Meaning the computer, but my daughter hits the monitor power and thus I know I have to face this yet again, and soon. The girls look at each other, then turn to me.
As our eyes meet, I am uncertain what I am seeing. And then far less certain what I am hearing as my daughters friend says, "Nice" as she takes a seat in the computer chair.

Nice? Wait, what? Really? Nice? I am so confused, "Huh?" I say, as an odd gleam enters her eye. I look to my daughter who shrugs slightly and looks to her friend for further comment. Whatever she means, it is fairly certain that this episode is not going to be ignored nor is it going quietly into the annals of the past.

"I'm sorry, um, excuse me, let me, um, don't you girls want, uh, aren't you like hungry?" I finally manage to stutter out, or something to that effect! My daughter is beginning to realize that something is up with her friend and waits for her response.

Let me say, that I doubt that I have or ever will experience a feeling quite like the thrill that hit me as this girl glanced from my eyes to my crotch then back to my eyes as she confidently reached over and turned back on the computer monitor and smiled. Well it was like a smile anyway, if a tigress who has just spied a tender rabbit can be said to smile just before pouncing?

"This gets you excited?" she says, as if we are the only two in the room and she were much older.

"Look" I say...

"No, shh.. listen..." I immediately fear that my 14 yr old is home! Thus I again freeze, while the audio from the porno has auto tuned the next video from the site which is a lot more graffic showing a hard core scene. At this point I am powerless to guess what is about to happen. There is a lot of grunting and moaning coming from the computer and I am staring at a real life 16 or 17 yr old girl who could pass for an innocent beauty queen. Well, that is unless you are in my unique position of being able to see past the innocence, to witness what I would call the blossoming of this young woman's discovery of the power she will likely have over men for many years and perhaps for the rest of her life. Once again she smiles, or smirks, then she turns to the computer, closes the browser windows, looks at me and my daughter and states, "We need to talk."

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