Blue raped me

Written by , on 2018-08-08, genre zoophilia

I was 14yrs at the time, I'm 60yrs now,
My mom bought a great dane pup, he was jet black, he always stayed down stairs with me,Blue was about 2yrs old when this happened, I was learning about my manpussy, I had a small thin bottle that fit just right in my ass,I had lube my ass with some butter and it was all the way in me,Blue was laying on the end of my bed licking his dick,I couldn't come for some reason so I went to hind my bottle,I was on my hands and knees putting my bottle up when Blue jumped onto my back and wrapped his front legs around me, I tried to get away from him,he's bigger than me and stronger,I felt something wet against my ass,it was warm and squirting liquid on my hole, then I felt it, it was big, he hump really hard and slammed into me, I screamed, he started pounding into me, I felt something large at the opening of my manpussy,I didn't know about the knot at that time,he pulled back and rammed it into me,so much pain, I felt like I was going to pass out, in my delirium,I felt that knot start getting bigger inside me,he slow down hammering into me and jumped off me, he jerked as he turned,I screamed, that's when I realized I was locked to him, he pulled hard, it wouldn't come out, I felt as though my insides were going to explode,his dick was stretching me open with each pulse, that's when I realized he was coming in me,it was hot,his dick would pulse and squirt more into me,I then realized I was hard and come was squirting out of me,it seemed like we were locked together for hours, I was terrified,finally he started getting smaller,I pulled hard and he came out, god it was big! Dog come poured out of me, I cleaned up the come, took a shower, my ass was sore, dog come was still coming out of my manpussy,the lips were hanging out and wouldn't go back into me,for the next couple days I wouldn't let Blue in my room, I was confused,Blue had raped me,he was my best friend,I couldn't tell my parents they would have him killed and start asking how this happened,I finally let him back into my room,he hopped up onto my bed at the end, he promptly starts licking the tip of his dick,it was fat and pointed. I'd never sucked a dick before, I touched the tip, it squirted clear fluid onto my fingers, I tasted it, earthy, metallic tasting.
I stroked the length of it, Blue spread his legs apart,I pulled his sheath all the way back past the knot, it's all vainy and different shades of red and white, it's starting to get hard and big, GOD IT'S SO BIG! My dick is 8"long, his makes me look small, I take the tip in my mouth, it's earthy, metallic tasting to. I run my tongue around the tip, Blue starts humping my mouth, each stroke goes deeper in, his got half of it in and it's going into my throat, that's when I learn I don't have a gag reflex, I push all of him into my throat,my tongue is licking the bottom of his knot, he starts swelling taking up all the space in my throat, I pull back enough to breath and continue stroking his big dick, it starts squirting come into my throat, I squeeze his knot,it's rock hard, I can't keep up with how much come his pumping into my throat and I have to pull off it, he squirts come all over my face, I wipe my face and rub it on my dick, there's come already all over my dick. I'd already comed and didn't realized it.
The next night I let him fuck me again, this time he was more deliberate and forceful.
Blue fucked me till I was old enough to go into the Navy, Blue had died at that point.
I've been fucked by many men and none of them can compare to Blue.
Blue is my still my best friend.
This really happen to me.

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