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I love to look at beautiful, nude, petite young women and occasionally this leads to masturbation. Well maybe a little more than just occasionally but you get the picture, right? At the time I was a married man and had the house to myself for the day, the kids in school and the wife shopping with her Mom. After sleeping in a bit, I went straight from the shower to the den in a towel and got comfy in front of the computer. This was back when we only had a desk-top and monitor in the family room so it was not often that I had such freedom.

I live on a dirt road in the country and though there is some traffic, I can always hear if a vehicle turns down our drive and my (ex-)wife was not expected back till late that evening. Often I can hear the school buses or UPS and mail trucks go down the road but those were of no real concern.
Since this is a family computer we each have separate log ins and this makes it a bit easier to maintain a short list of some favorite sites, haha!

I doubt that I have to explain that sexual release will relax you in a way that few things can. Building up to that point however is where the real fun lies and the longer one can ride the edge of the wave the better it feels when the tide breaks. On this occasion I have determined to enjoy the window of opportunity I have and make things last a bit. I start by checking a favorite site that re-posts some of the most stunning young models from top porn sites and adds a couple of new galleries daily in addition to hosting a few videos and an hourly refresh on some of the favorite former postings on a sort of bulletin board. Having not been online for this purpose lately I have some catching up to do ;-) In a second window I have a search running for some new videos to watch. I like the Nude in Public, Only one Nude, Caught naked, ENF videos and Truth or Dare pics and videos.

I'm in my office chair, backed away from the desk a bit. I can't say exactly how long I've been online but I am fully erect and riding the wave, I have my lube and tissues ready and a slow steady rhythm when the back door on the house opens and in walks my teenage daughter and another girl I do not know. Our home is situated such that the rear door enters the laundry room, where one then either heads straight towards a small bathroom or takes an immediate left through the kitchen and has a direct view of our family room/den where I am now frantically and rather unsuccessfully I might add trying to determine how my towel got tangled under my chair, how to minimize the pictures on the screen, and how to silence the video that has a young vixen in the throes of passion. Meanwhile, I am trying to simply disappear or barring that come up with a passable explanation as to what has already been witnessed and as you will guess failing miserably.

Within moments I have my towel, although my chair is now lying on its side and I am standing partially covered in a room with a young woman I do not know but could pass for an only slightly younger version of one of the beauties I have been admiring. The computer screen is powered down but for some reason I imagine an echo of the sound that was very recently emanating from its speakers. My eyes have already scanned her from top to bottom and my mind, having been so thoroughly primed has completely undressed her in an instant. She likewise has looked me over, how could she not as I am practically flashing her. My daughter has witnessed all of this as well and at some point that also registers in my brain!

It seemed as though time had stopped then suddenly I hear, "Dad! Um, Sorry! Um this way!" and two girls run for her room.

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