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I'm David, I would like to say a self made man. But like Donald Trump I inherited my father's money. But I increased it and didn't look back, my father Robert was 43 and had a fling with a girl who worked for him. Her was Susan then 17 and she got pregnant and that's where I came from. My father didn't marry her, but made sure she was looked after. On my birth he paid Susan to disappear so to speak. I was raised by my father and went to university and done quite well. After university I started working for my father, he had never married and told me. About Susan and said She was the best woman he had ever been with in all ways. Anyway 2 years later Robert passed away due to liver and kidney damage from too much drinking. I was left his entire estate and was now the boss of my own company. I started to make changes to bring it up to date and the company name, but with the automation. I kept my father's word, no one would ever lose their job who done their job. I retrained workers and expanded the business. It paid off greatly and we had to hire more people. My life became very busy, at 29 I had no time to myself. I hired executives to ease my workload. But even those I had a secretary, I found it hard to keep track of things. It was suggested that I needed a Personal Assistant to ease my workload. So I advertised for a PA and there were 15 applications, some from within the company and rest from outside. I cut the number back to 5 for interviews, then it was down to 2. Cheryl 34 and very bright and very good looking and Sue 47 good looking for her age. At the last interview Sue told me that she had more skills that could ease my stress. She was a fully qualified massesuse and she would do anything I wanted. I asked Are you offering me Sex. If that what you need I'm willing was her reply, with that she was hired. She was good at the job and the first time she gave a massage it was great. But I didn't have sex with her, a month later I went to the capital on business and Sue came with me. We stayed in the same room together (2 beds) and then we had to stay another 2 nights. After a very busy day, she gave me massage went on to suck my cock and then we had sex. We flew back home next morning and later that day she gave me another massage and more sex. It became a normal part of our working together. Then the Portrait of my father arrived, it was then that Sue new who I was. Her son she had seen in 28 years, it was a shock to both of us. But after a while, we started talking and agreed that there was no problem in the fact that I had been fucking my mother. She said that she had felt very close to me for some reason. My father Robert had told her a different name for me "Richard" and she never put it together that I was her son. I then told her my given names were David Richard. I told her she could move in with me and we could get to know each other more, we also keep having sex. As I enjoyed fucking her a great deal, she said She liked it also. That was 15 years ago and I got married 4 years later to Elizabeth than 25 and we have 4 children. Sue still lives with us and is my PA and I still fuck her and Elizabeth dosen't know about and thinks that as Sue is my mother and is always with me on trips I can't go a stray. I love my wife and children, but sleeping with Sue makes up in some way for all the years apart.

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