Man of the House

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I'm now 69 married and have 4 children and 9 grandchildren, back in 1968 I was working as a plumber helper and would go on to be a plumber. My father was in the Army and in Vietnam and was wounded very badly, he got back home. But passed away 3 months later after a heart attack. I was the oldest of 3, besides the pension. My wages helped keep the family, my mother was a strong woman and took in washing as a way to make more money. I saw to it, that my brother and sister had what they needed. I didn't go out much and put my energy in to my getting qualified as a plumber. My mother didn't go out and done washing everyday and night. We were lucky that we had a large shed in the backyard, that she could hangout washing in on rainy days. She done ironing most nights, we would help her as much as we could. My brother and sister went to visit our grandparents at christmas and my mother and I and were at home alone. My mother Ruth then 42 a little overweight. I told her I wanted to take her out for a meal and a movie, as she didn't have much washing to do due to the holidays. She said I should go out and enjoy myself, I didn't need to stay with her. I replied I wouldn't enjoy myself, if she was home alone. So she agreed and we went out and had a nice meal and saw a movie. On returning home we sat and talked and she said I should meet a girl and look to my future. I have never been a ladies man, I've always been shy around girls and women. I answered If it's going to happen it will. She said I shouldn't leave it all to fate, I replied That I'm not comfortable around women. To that she replied You need to get know a woman's body and then you will be comfortable with them. I asked How do I do that, if I'm too shy around them. I'll teach you and it will be our secret and you can help me out at the same time, she answered. With that she took my hand and lead me to her bedroom, she undressed me and then herself. She showed me each part of her body and put my hand on them. After which my cock had harden, she stroked it and then sucked it and I came in her mouth. She then got me to go down on her and she showed what I should do and after I had sex with her. We had sex again next day and kept having sex, even after my brother and sister returned home. But only when they weren't home. This went on for years, I meet the daughter of my new boss and we married 2 years later, I was still fucking my mother till she had stroke and passed away in 1981.

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