Paying the Rent

Written by , on 2018-07-17, genre straight

Back in the sixties when I 22, I lived in a boarding house run by 2 spinster sisters Maud 62 and Elsa 60. They were like 2 old librarians you see in old movies, never married or I think fucked. I was of the view, they entertained each other and they acted very prim and proper. One day I was looking for a pencil I had misplaced, I notice a hole in the wall of my room. On investigation I found it went from my room to the linen closet between my room and the bathroom and there was another hole in the wall to the bathroom. I guessed that I was being spied on, so I tried to find out who it was. After a week I got lucky, I got some itching powder from a joke shop and put it around the holes in the linen closet. I was sure who ever was watching me, had to put their eye up to the hole to see anything. I hope the itching powder would iritate the eye and that would reveil the spy. One saturday morning I noticed that Maud had a inflamed eye. Not being confident enough to confront her about it. I came up with a plan, I would masturbate in full view of the spyhole. I wanted to see her reaction, after 1 session of masturbating. I could hear her moaning in the closet, so left my room and opened the closet door and caught Maud masturbating in the closet. I walked and took her into my arms and kissed her and than took her to my room and fucked her. She didn't try to stop me and the next night she came my room and I fucked her again. She was a regular fuck after that. I started to wonder about fucking Elsa, 1 day when Maud and the other boarders were out. I cornered Elsa in the linen closet and kissed her and she resisted a bit. But she then kissed me back, I took to my room and fucked her and that evening I when to their room and fucked them both. About a week later I was laid off at work, it took 8 months to get another job. I lived rent free, fucking the sisters and even got beer money off them. When their niece Amy came to visit, I started by asking her out and after a movie we back to the house and she went to her room. I went and had sex with 1 of her aunts. It took 2 months to get Amy into my bed and she got pregnant. At the time you had to marry and that what we did. I moved from to room next to Amy's room as it had a connecting door and we could use hers for the baby went it came. I stilled fucked her Aunts, Amy new I was fucking them and she didn't mind, she thought it would keep me from chasing other women while she was pregnant. We still live in the house now, our children have grown and left home. Maud and Elsa passed away 3 years apart just over twenty years ago and left the house to us. We are back to renting out rooms again, retirees only.

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