A hot summer's night

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Chapter One – Devoured by the Beast
There had been all these small moments over the evening when our eyes met filled with unsaid words and things we both wanted but never dared to speak out. Until now when it was time for a gentleman to say a lady goodbye and leave her standing alone and dreaming of what might have been.

There he was, handsome even while he missed the measures of a perfect model. He was very slim with short reddish blond hair a sweet and shy look but a sparkling in his eyes. His shirt fitted him well and even while he was slim I knew he made sport and that could be seen. It was this moment when I could not resist touching his hand. I pulled at him and leaned forward to invite Marek to a sweet kiss. I smelled the coffee in his breath but also the man underneath. I wanted to taste him and so I let my tongue flick out to touch his moist lips and break into his delicious mouth. To my surprise, he knelt down in front of me and wrapped his right arm around my hip pulling me into his waiting face, breathed the smell of my heated shame through the skirt and panty. The excitement made me tremble and he held me in his firm grasp so that I could not fall. There was something animal in it how he sniffed at me and seemed to live up to his name. It really reminded me of a hungry wolf on the trail of its prey.

His free hand began to fondle at my leg and under the skirt, gently pressing on the soft fabric between my crotch. I barely felt the lightly moving fingers on the heated skin of my vulva as he pulled the fabric away. Meanwhile, his face pressed against me and his lips and nose inhaled every odor lingering there. Suddenly he stopped and when I opened my eyes to return his gaze, he seemed surprised. His creeping fingers had found their way much higher up there in my panties and he seemed to notice the fluff I let grow around my vulva.
An excited smile stole around his lips and finally the hungry wolf lifted the skirt and pulled down the panties in one fell swoop to enjoy the full view of my pubic. I felt a bit dirty under his gaze because I had not showered since early morning and it was a hot summer day. The panty had been sweaty and I was sure he would hesitate. But this little animal did not care; on the contrary, it just seemed to make him much greedier. He pressed his lips right into the reddish fur and began to kiss and suckle at the hair making me wet with his saliva. His tongue flicked out and lashed all over my pubic area as if he had been hungry for days, while sending trembling shivers through my spine.

Finally he stopped and pressed a tiny little kiss right on top of my moist pink. A short high yelp escaped my lips and I could feel small droplets of juice tickling out of my labia. The next sensation came from his hot and wet tongue pressing onto my vulva forcing its way between the lips of my pussy, probing and reaching for the juicy cream I gladly wanted him to taste of. Whilst the minutes passed my hungry wolf devoured me and he literally tongue-fucked me greedily slurping my cunt juice out of me.

I never felt dirtier, I never felt hotter than at this moment when this man savored me like a hungry beast. A tremendous climax began to build up in my belly and hips and I could no longer hold on but had to moan for the sheer joy of it. When his tongue came out again from my throbbing hole he rubbed it all over the snatch and began to tingle at the clit which until now just had been touched and tickled by his nose and upper lips whilst he let his tongue wriggle its way in my opening to explore my depths.

I tried hard not to come right away and held my breath to stop me from loosing this moment of excitement crawling warm and hot from my womb the walls of my vagina downwards sending first shivers to my legs. He felt my tension and Marek started to suckle at my love nob and I could no longer hold onto me. A pulsating shiver shook my body and he had to keep me up with his arm around my hip with all his might to hold me upright and firmly pressed against his still nibbling lips and his face between my legs. I moaned out loudly and uncontrolled shivers shook my whole body. The heat from running down from my womb reached its climax right in my vagina and sent me into shuddering oblivion.

The hungry wolf did not stop sucking and licking my trembling love spot. I needed all my strength to push him away when my pussy started to feel a little too sensitive for so much worship. Embarrassed I felt some spittle drooling out my mouth and I had to gasp heavy in for every bit of oxygen to get my brain working again. Our eyes met and I could see his slippery wet face grinning. I pulled him up and started kissing his soaked lips, smelling the scent of me in his breath and tasting the delicious mixture of his saliva and my own juice.

Marek let his hand grab my head and he stroked through my red mane while we kissed us passionately. Now it was up to me to devour like a beast and I let my mouth press hard against his own tasty kisser and my tongue lick and force its way between his lips with such force that I robbed us both nearly all the air. His hand gripped at my hair and pulled me out of our kiss sending a short pain into my scalp. Catching breath he grinned and I gave him a playful smile. His eyes looked into mine and I could watch a lively blush coming over his usually too pale skin. While one hand still stroked my hair he let the other reach for my glasses and nudged them back on my nose from where it had nearly slipped away during our lustful kiss.

I pressed my hip against his and could feel his stiff member pushing through his pants. I wanted him badly but also make the beast hunger for his prey. So I grabbed his ass and pushed him into me while we kissed again. His pelvis rubbed against me and I started to circle and dance my loin making him moan. My mouth wandered down his chin to his neck and I let one hand wander from his back under his pants leaving his bare buttock just after a brief squeeze and finding its way from there between his legs right to his balls. I rolled his testicles careful between my fingers and gave Marek an impish smile and licked my lips in anticipation for the taste of their sticky load.

But there was still some time left before he could give me his gift and I wanted him to enjoy my game as much as I did when he has satisfied me with his sweet crawling tongue. I pressed my hip against his and could feel his stiff member pushing through his pants. I wanted him badly but also make the beast hunger for his prey. So I grabbed his ass and pushed him into me while we kissed again. His pelvis rubbed against me and I started to circle and dance with my loin making him moan. My mouth wandered down his chin to his neck following the traces of my own juice and I let one hand wander from his back under his pants greeting his bare buttock with a brief squeeze and let my fingers stroll their way down from there between his legs to his touch his balls. I rolled his testicles careful between my fingers and gave Marek an impish smile and licked my lips in anticipation for the taste of their sticky load. Standing up again I pressed my lips onto his again and let his tongue flick into my waiting mouth. Our tongues touched in a joyous dance and my hand came back from between his legs strolling slowly up between the cleft of his ass cheeks and I gripped his butt pushing and squeezing him while a finger stroked his backdoor opening. He moaned in pleasure and anticipation when his penis was pressed hard against my own hip.

Finally I pulled the hand out of his pant and started to unbutton it. Then I knelt down before him holding his gaze caught with mine while I leaned forward and pressed my lips softly through his panty onto his throbbing shaft underneath. I smelled some sweat on him too and it aroused me to lick it with all the other tastes from the skin of this man. Grapping his panty I pulled the front down and sprang right into my face. I grinned and gave its head covered by the foreskin a short kiss. Then I pushed my face against his pelvis as he had done with me and I took all the smell of him in and enjoyed the tickling touch of his pubic hair and the warm tip of his penis at my face. The fragrance of his manly sweat on his pubic area made me feel more excited. Highly aroused I gave his glans another kiss but this time I flicked my tongue around it and shoved it between my lips. Pressing them against his glans I shoved his foreskin back so that I could taste its bare and salty skin. I started to suckle at his penis like a baby at his pacifier.

Marek moaned and griped me by the head forcing his shaft further in. I let him do his will and he began to shove his pecker halfway into my mouth before pulling it almost completely out again. Then he started to fuck my my mouth in a slow rhythm. Each time he pushed his prick deeper in and soon I had to choke hard on him when my little wolf thrust his glans down my throat. Saliva dripped out of my mouth and soon threads of spittle hung from his boner and from my lips running down over my chin and dripping onto my blue dress. After another few deep pushes he stopped and pulled his penis out. Again he sprang into my face and this time the shaft was glistening wet. Some froth hung from his balls and I sucked at them tasting my own saliva. I looked up and smiled greedily. "Not yet, my little beast, not yet".

Giving his dick a last deep kiss I stood up and pressed my mouth against his letting him clean up my chin and lips with his willing tongue. He enjoyed licking and tasting me and our kisses became wild and wet. Allthewhile I stroked his penis with one hand careful and gently not to make him cum too early but just enough to hold him aroused and hardened. I took my blue dress and pulled it over my head and stepping out of my panty. Marek helped me with the dress and when I had my arms above my head he kissed me again but this time gently and almost coy. I looked surprised and he smiled while he fumbled with the clasp of my bra. After letting the dress fall behind me I reached for the thing myself and got it open in an instant.
He watched me intrigued and when I lifted the bra the wolf seemed to become totally tamed. His gaze wandered over my body for the first time with sheer admiration and let me feel a bit ashamed and yet happy allthesame. His eyes stayed on my c-cup breasts which already gave in slightly to gravity but the happy sparkle in his eyes made me blush. I’ve never been a model or felt to be the most beautiful woman out there. Also I was no longer so breathtakingly young with my 37 years. I just kept fit with sports so I guess I was not thick and still in a good shape. Before the break became too long I smiled sheepishly. "You like what you see, huh?"

"Absolutely," he whispered and took me in his arms to give me a deep and lovingly kiss. His hands grabbed my waist and he pushed me upwards stepping completely out of his pants. I let me fall into his embrace and wrapped my legs around him so he could carry me the few steps over to the sofa. There he laid me down and leaned over me. I smelled his breath still filled with the aroma of my own pussy and saliva. It aroused me and I gave his balls a reassuring touch. With a grin he let himself down on me and his now semi-erected penis pressed into my pubic hair. Suddenly I was no longer sure if I still wanted just to cost his semen or rather feel his pulsating and swollen dick deep inside of me.

The thought intrigued me and I rubbed my pelvis against his making his prick hard again. His thoughts took the same route and when his penis was fully erect he reached down and I felt a nice hot shudder running down my spine when his glans kissed the the lips between my legs and bursted in my love box. We both moaned together and I raised my hip to meet his cock and his slightly curved shaft flushed through the wet canal of my vagina opening it and letting me embrace his manlihood perfectly. I took a deep breath and for a moment we both kept togehter holding the warm and wet sensation.

Slowly Marek began to pull his penis from my vulva just to push it in again in one big stroke. I moaned louder and grabbed his ass cheeks to help him work a nice but still slow rhythm with me. His breath came hard in my ear and I turned to face him and again we kissed passionately. His fingers began to wander my body and found their way to my breasts. I shivered from the sheer sensation of his touch at my aroused nipples and he started to caress my tits. Then he pulled his penis out of me and I looked for a moment disappointed but when he pressed his mouth on my breasts he made me feel hot and aroused again. His tongue flicked around my left nipple and then he sucked it in to nibble and suckle it gently. Doing the same with the other breast his free hand reached down to my wet pussy and he let his fingers steal some juice just to let me watch him licking it up with a devilish smile. "You are so delicious, Karina".

I also put a finger between my legs and bathed them inside my pussy. Then I pressed them on my lips and licked the sticky stuff gingerly off them. “I know,” I whispered and with a grin he crawled up to me for another round of deep and intense French kissing. His dick rubbed between us and within a second we had him back where he belonged. This time Marek started a much faster pace with his pelvis and I felt prepared like raw meat for this hungry animal. Pushing my own pelvis up to him we worked his penis deep into my lovebox and I felt his curved prick massaging the inside of my vagina.

We both moaned together and faster and faster became our mutual rhythm. His hip began to swirl a bit and it felt as if the hard pecker was screwing its way by force in the sticky tunnel of my crotch. Our bodies became soaked in sweat and my hands glid over his wet back to his moist ass cheeks to push him against me with all might I could still muster. Again I felt heat rising in my body and I was sure another climax was shortly ahead.

But right when I seemed ready and willingly giving in to it Marek stopped hard and pushed himself out of my throbbing love tunnel. Surprised and somewhat disappointed I opened my eyes just when he got his dick up to my face. The moment passed away and I gave in to sheer lust when I felt the touch of his glistening glans at my lip. As soon as he touched me his semen shot out and I had barely enough time to open my mouth catching the wet drops of his salty hot cum. Sticky sperm flung already over my nose flew in my eyes and some straight into my hair. I moaned with pleasure and he aimed his shaking penis now in my mouth where he let it drip all of his salty fluid out. I licked at it raising my head and taking his penis into my mouth I sucked his balls dry. His cum tasted salty and milky and I loved it so much that I almost forgot that he withhold me my latest climax.

Chapter Two – A hungry dreamer

It all started some time ago when we first met at work. I was just a new guy in the office and had been there just for a few days when this lovely lady came in. I knew her from emails and had phones several times with her but she worked a different department so we have never met until then. I guess she was just curious. When I saw her coming in I think I was not completely in love but certainly I felt some more affection than healthy for being a noob in the company. She was about my height, slim with a bit more than shoulder-long red mane. I guessed she to be in the mid of her thirties like me. Her long face with a small sweet chin touched something in me and her glasses on her a bit too long nose made her look even a bit younger. It was kind of strange when we greeted each other shyly. Leaving our office she even had forgotten to take some document with her which she had brought in.

But then I was new and I never tried to force something here because I was unsure if she really was interested or just had been polite. Still on later occassions we exchanged these little glances each time we met with some sparkling underneath. Still I never dared to speak freely or compromise her with some stupid move of me.
That changed this evening when we had a nice event organized by our company. It was a summer party with nice barbecue music and all the stuff to relax. It had been our evening there and we kind of forgot that other colleagues were around. Sadly or maybe luckily a summer rain started later on and she had no car at the spot. So I proposed to bring her home in mine. I was really happy when she accepted and even more when she invited me to come in for a drink or coffee.

Finally the time came when I had to say goodbye and head for home. Karina seemed a bit disappointed and mirrored my feelings. Oh I so much wanted to stay but it would not be proper at the moment. She reached out and I took her sweet little hand in mine. Suddenly she pulled at me and leaned forward. I nearly fell onto her and our lips met for a brief kiss. It was strange because it was not the sweet shy kiss of a first time. I could feel her tongue probing and touching for my lips and I was sure she was aroused.

To my own surprise I let myself fell down between her legs and reached behind her hip pushing Karina forward and burying my face into her. My heart pounded so loud in my ears that I was sure I would not even hear her scared scream or harsh words of refusal or what stupidity had befallen me. Eagerly I breathed in and absorbed her smell through the midnight blue skirt of her dress. It was gorgeous allthemore because I realized that she neither did stop me nor did she push me away. There was just a small trembling in her legs but my grip around her hip was firm and steady and my face pushed hard into her hidden pubic area. Sniffing around I could smell some sweat and I let my other hand crawl up her bare leg and further under the skirt.

Reaching her crotch I felt the soft fabric of her panty and began to caress it a few seconds before my fingers pulled it away and slowly tickled the heated skin underneath. Suddenly something tickled my fingertips when my hand strolled upwards over her vulva. Oh dear! She had some bush grown there and I really wanted to see that. I pulled my hand out and lifted the skirt just to grasp her panty and pull it down her legs. There it was! A red fur growing right above and around her sweet crotch. Small pinkish pussy lips hiding just in-between but so invitingly delicious. Again I buried my face into her hips this time I licked and wet kissed her unshaved and unwashed skin. It smelled sweaty from the day and tasted deliciously salty but had also a promising note to it I could not resist. It made my mouth water and my saliva moistened her completely.

My wet tongue roamed over her and sent shivers through poor little Karina but I could not stop anymore so much did the taste and smell of her arouse me. I could feel my prick move inside my pants and a hot picture of shooting all my goo over this lass crossed my mind giving me a warm feeling in my pelvis. With a smile I stopped caressing her fluffy crotch and pressed my mouth right on top of her rose labia. With a sudden Karina screamed out and her shivering hip squeezed tiny drops of female juice out of her pussy lips. Oh my gosh! I could no longer resist but had to cost her right now. Leaning forward I flicked my tongue over her sweet rosy labia giving them a wet french kiss and making a slurping noise. My tongue lapped voraciously for her vagina's juice. I loved the fluids of women and her lovely sirup was no exception. It was a mostly a salty taste but also with a trace of sweetness mixed under it. I do not know for how long my tongue got lost into her pussy wriggling swirling and pushing it as deep in as I could get. Doing this I smeared my face with her ejaculate and caused quite a mess in her crotch.

Her trembles began to come much heavier now and suddenly she stiffened in my grasp as if trying to hold something back. No, not with me my lady, I thought. I pressed my lips right on top of the tiny prepuce over her clitoris and began to nibble on it and my tongue joined for soft strokes just with the tip. I just had to suckle careful with my lips at her sweet tiny gland and my lovely host went wild moaning into her shaking orgasm. Her body spasmed and I needed all my strength to hold her pinned in my arms. My lips and tongue french kissed her clit and made the lass quiver.

The seconds seemed to last an eternity and I felt her wet pussy ooze lots of delicious nectar over my chin and mouth when finally Karina pushed me away. Looking up I grinned a wolf's smile and her flushed face invited me. I let her pull me up gladly and to my surprise the shyness of my sweet colleague seemed swept away. Now it was she who began to literally devour me. First her nose sniffed at my face and I was sure she liked the smell of herself and my little meal. Her tongue flicked out and she pressed her lips onto mine. What followed was one of the hottest and deepest french kissing I ever had. I had to pull her by her hair away or we would have been choked for sure.

Watching her for a moment I felt a blush on my cheeks and a bit ashamed for the mess I made. I would never have thought that I could be so enthusiastic and fiercely with a woman. Especially when I really felt something for the woman in question. I guess there was something true about drinks making one courageous sometimes. I smiled and reached for her glasses which had been nearly shoved off her nose and sat there in a weird angle now. Karina grinned a happy smile and pressed her body against mine. My pelvis rubbed into her and the little boy seemed to waken up for his share of the show. But she had her own mind and our lips met for another strong kiss while she rubber herself over my clothed and hardening penis. Her hands wandered just coincidently into my pants and she caressed my bare ass before she let her fingers glide deeper and started to stroke over my testicles. I imagined their steamy load all over her or maybe even inside her. Her lust filled smile was so divine I really had to kiss her and taste her saliva feel her hot and wet tongue with mine. Suddenly I felt her fingertip pressing on my anus and I moaned with pleasure when she rubbed herself over me.

She started to open my pant and knelt down like I had before her. Her eyes held mine caught when she began to kiss my slip and the stiff member underneath. Karina pulled the front of it down and my penis smashed into her face. I smiled and the lass kissed the top of my covered glans. She pressed her face into my crotch and and sniffed at my thick pubic hair. Her lip touched my bare shaft and she began to suck it right into her mouth shoving my forskin back just with her lips. I could feel her sweet little tongue flinging around my glans and she seemed to like the taste of it.

I groaned my pleasure out and grasped her head to push my shaft a bit further into her. When she did not refuse I felt assured enough to start a little rhythm and let my penis glide into her wet mouth with each thrust a bit deeper until she gagged. Even now she did not refuse it and when her saliva dripped out I felt like I would explode within a few moments right in her throat. I pulled my member out of her and let it rub against her face. "Not yet my little beast, not yet," she whisered.

After a last kiss on my glans she rose up to let me cleanse her saliva from her face with my tongue. Oh I loved that and we started another round of french kisses. One hand of this love held my stiff dick and masturbated me slowly. Then she grabbed her dress and pulled it up over her head. I reached for it and helped her getting the fabric off her when my gaze fell upon her sweet tits. I tried to open her bra but could never get the hang of it so I was glad when she undid the clasp herself easily.

Karina hesitated before she raised the bra and more when she felt my eyes wandering over her body. Her breasts sagged a small bit down but they were so beautiful with pale white skin and areolas as big as a dime. Her nipples stood up hard and I guessed these tits were more than a handfull. Not too big but also not small. Her body was in a good shape but that was no wonder as she did sport after all. Yet her waist had very small love handles and her tummy came. Her skin was was nearly as pale as mine. The lot of redheads like us. She watched me and her expression seemed a bit uncertain or even shy now. But when I smiled she beamed me a warm smile too. "You like what you see, huh?"

"Absolutly," I ansered and took her into an embrace to kiss her and lift her naked body up. Letting my slip behind I carried her over to the sofa nearby and laid the lady down. Leaning over her I watched her soaking my smell in and her hand grabbed me on by balls. I let myself fall into her arms and my stick stroke against her tickling fur between her legs. Her pelvis came up and soon I felt my lovegun fully loaded and ready to rumble. Giving her another kiss I grasped my penis and shoved it slowly into her waiting wet snatch.

It felt gorgeous and we both groaned in pleasure. My shaft poked deep in her and I let him stay for a few seconds enjoying the feeling of her moist creamy vagina and the heat of her body. Yet I could no longer resist and started to fuck her with slow moves of my pelvis because I did not want to cum so fast like the strange animal in me would have done that had devoured her pussy earlier. Whilst we kissed and moaned I let my hands explore her body and to her tits. Suddenly I felt the orgasm rising in me and I pulled the penis swiftly out of her. Not yet, I thought. Instead I began to work at her teats licking her left one first and sucking at it like a baby. When I nibbled at her right nipple I reached down for her love pot to get some more pussy juice. I adored the taste of it. "You are so delicious, Karina".

With a grin she plunged her finger in her dripping snatch and and licked it off. "I know," she said and I crawled up to her waiting lips for a wet tango of our tongues. In an instant my cock was back into her but this time I wanted it badly and took my price. Our bodies moved in a fast rhythm and I tried to circle my hip a bit to get the prick as deep into Karina as it would go. Her steamy pussy felt so heavenly warm and the wet grip around my penis like pressing and a sucking alike. Soon we both were wet with sweat but I just did not care. All I wanted was feeling her body and cumming with this beauty. I barely realized her hands moving over my back and ass stroking and squeezing.

A huge pressure in my balls and dick began to rise and I had to use all my strenth to force myself not to explode my cum into this deep wet maw. When the urge became too much to resist I pulled myself out in one move and grabbed my penis to crawl up to her face as fast as I could. Just when the glans touched her lips the hot goo shot out onto her surprised face. Gosh, that was so amazing! My climax made my tremble rock and shook the spurting prick. Karina hurried to open her mouth and I tried to steady my grip to let as much cum drip on her wet tongue as was still in me. Her face was already a mess and sperm glid over her eyes or hung in her beautiful red mane. She lifted her head and began to suck me and I tried to squeeze all the cum I could muster into her hungry mouth.

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