It's a Weird Weird World

Written by , on 2018-07-09, genre zoophilia

I'm Peter 35 married 3 children, I install security cameras and other security systems for a living. I recently installed a set of cameras around my property, its a 16 acres on a lake. It has a small grove of trees roughly 3 acres, that I left when I cleared the block 8 years ago. Recently we had people camping among the trees and had a fire left burning when they left. Hence the security cameras, as well as signs " Private Property No Entry Allowed". A week after the cameras went up, I reviewed the recording and found no one for the first 3 days had been on the property. On the 4th day I saw a neighbor entering my property with a dog. She about 45 or so and we haven't seen her all that much. She lives alone and is reclusive, I didn't know why she entered my land. But I followed her by the different cameras. She went into the trees and there she looked about a bit and then stripped naked and got down on her knees and the dog mounted her and it fucked her hard. When it was finished it licked her and she got up and they the way they had come. I watched it again, to make sure I wasn't dreaming it. The same thing happened again a week later (last week). So this week I'm making sure to be home to catch her in the act. No one else will be home and I already made arrangements so I can and will be home. Wednesday I will be waiting to see her in action in person.

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