Dating my cousin part 2

Written by , on 2018-07-07, genre incest

I've been dating my cousin Carolina again for the past 8 months. We've been sneaking around, having sex, going out, etc. I've also been sleeping with my neighbor. I broke up with my ex months ago. The other day, we had a family reunion. My little cousins wanted to watch a movie so I put on Thor Ragnorock and I grabbed a blanket and I sat with Carolina on the love seat (ironically). While we were watching the movie, Carolina put her hand under the blanket and grabbed my cock through my shorts. I was horny. Under the covers, I slipped under her pants and panties and started rubbing her pussy. I did so for the rest of the movie. I could tell she was trying so hard to not moan. She was practically sweating. After the movie was over, she got up and left the house. A minute later, she texted me to come outside. I did and we both hopped on my car. Right as I closed the door, she smacked me and said " why would you rub me the whole time? I was trying so hard to keep it in."
She threw my body down and went on top, removing my clothes. I kissed her neck as I undid her bra and yoga pants. I still can't believe that's my woman's ass. She was understandably super horny and she just opened her legs and guided my cock inside her warm, juicy pussy. She rocked back and forth, her ass jiggling. This was the life. We didn't pace ourselves. We just wanted our cum on each other as fast as possible. I felt the rush and I let it out. She sighed and got off. She grabbed my cock and licked my cum off then swallowed it. She opened her mouth and it was gone.

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