My Aunt

Written by , on 2018-07-05, genre incest

My Aunt Rachel is 38 widowed and has 1 child Robert 19 and he's in the army and posted overseas. Rachel lives on a remote farm in a small valley among the foothills. I'm David 24 single youngest son of Rachel's brother Mike. I went to help Rachel on the farm in march this year. I am good with engines and other things, a sort of all round handyman. I wasn't interested in going to university, only enjoying myself. I had good grades at school but couldn't face more by going on to university. I went to visit Rachel for a month to help out. We always got on well together, anyway after I had been there 2 weeks. I started to think about girls alot and was planning to make a trip to the local town for some fun on the weekend. But then a windmill was damaged in a freak storm and it took 4 days to repair it, right thru the weekend. So I would have to wait till the next weekend. Rachel new I was getting restless and guessed by way I was reading her magazines and looking at the lingerie models for a long time. She didn't want me to go and offered me sex. She would let me fuck her as long as I used a condom, it would solve my needs and hers. As she hadn't since before uncle Ray died nearly 3 years ago. Rachel is a good looking woman and I've have had sexual dreams about her before. She like Sandra Bullock in build with a bigger rack. I thought for a while then agreed, we had sex 3 times and I started to think about getting her pregnant to me. I know that if I did she would have the baby, because of our family beliefs. But how was the question, she made sure I wore a condom everytime. Then I found a old packet of condom's in the glovebox of the old pickup. There expiry date was 2008, the box had been opened and I opened a condom up and it was still moist. But it rubber broke easily, so I switch out a condom and it broke during sex. Rachel didn't notice and so I switched another, I've done 6 times now and she hasn't said anything. I'm waiting to see if it worked.

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