Catching my Brother

Written by , on 2018-07-04, genre incest

I'm Cheryl 28 the eldest of 5 children, single and a nurse. I live in an appartment 3 blocks from my work. I have 3 sisters all married and the youngest is my only brother David 20 single shy and works in a bank. Recently David was transferred to a bank opposite my work and had to move to the city. He moved in with me, a week later I was on an afternoon shift and came home just after 8pm. I caught him sitting on the lounge watching porn and masturbating. He was shocked at getting caught and I just said You need to get a girlfriend. As I walk towards my room, he answered I'm to shy and can't ask any girl out. I replied You just need confidence and I'll help you get it. Come with me. So he followed me to my bedroom, I told him to get undressed. He hesitated, but then undressed. I said lay on the bed and he did, I got undressed and joined him. First I suck him off and then mounted him. After he had came, I told him it was my turn and told him what to do. Every chance we got we fucked and I kept telling him was good and building up his confidence. I then got a friend from work, who was always looking for a man to fuck. Robyn is 39 and was willing to help David, the same night they met she fucked him and the next 3 nights as well. But she was going on a cruise and so I took over fucking him again. I liked him fucking me and soon I helped him met Alice, who he started dating. I had brought him out of his shell and Alice moved in with him after a couple of months. I still fuck David and we sometimes have a threesome, Robyn also has joined the 3 of us as well. Now even as I'm dating a doctor, I still fuck my brother as he's a better fuck than the 40 year old Doctor I'm dating. The doctor dosen't know about my sex life with my brother and I intend to keep it that way.

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