Pantyhose ,panties and mommy's high heels

Written by , on 2018-07-03, genre fetish

My mom enjoyed cleaverly leaving her wet satin and lace panties, her real silk stockings and sometimes her all sheer pantyhose where they were easily found by her horny son who developed a incredible fetish for those erogenous items. My sister too left hers in the bath.My God!"The first scent of wet pussy was incredibly habit forming.I hoarded a huge stash of sensuous nylons, satin panties, pantyhose, and even my mom's high heels for my perverted pleasure.One day she burst into my room as I was wearing her pantyhose and using her wet panties. She smiled and walked towards me. Wearing mommy's pantyhose and sniffing my panties? "Mommy I'm sorry, I promise I won't do it again"-"It's okay son, it's natural to masturbate, i knew anyway. We will have to buy you your own though. Mommy is running short of panties and nylons.

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