Rebecca St. James: The Day After

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On a typical warm summer day, Rebecca St. James awoke to the light of the sun shining through her bedroom window. She lay in bed and smiled as she recalled the events of the day before. The memory brought back the feelings of the moment: sadness, exhilaration, excitement, disappointment, deep romance, nervousness, peace, a bit of regret, but also happiness, satisfaction, and a myriad of other feelings.

With a stretch, Rebecca slowly arose. She took off her nighty and her panties. Now she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She smiled.

Rebecca opened her drawer. She fished around until she found what she was looking for - a pair of frilly, semi-sheer, fire-engine red panties. She had bought them a while back, intending to save them to wear on her wedding night, but now the reason for that had disappeared. Rebecca smiled as she put them on. Over them she put on a pair of jeans. She finished off the wardrobe with a cream-colored top and her favorite pair of comfortable shoes. She left her top button open.

It was early, so Rebecca slipped quietly out of the house. She was singing as she walked the few blocks to her boyfriend's house. She was enjoying the warm morning, feeling a slight breeze blowing through her hair.

Soon she arrived at her boyfriend's place. She walked up the walk and rang the bell. Rebecca was mildly surprised when her boyfriend Jimmy answered the door, still in his pajamas and slippers. She gave him a big smile.

"Hi, Jimmy," she said. "Mind if I come in?"

"Of course not," he replied. "Why would I mind? It's always good to see you." They kissed.

"Jimmy, about yesterday," Rebecca started to say.

"I know," Jimmy replied. "I'm sorry. Maybe we shouldn't have."

Rebecca shook her head. "I wanted to thank you," she said. "It was a great birthday. You made it very special. I had a great time." She smiled. Again she kissed him. She put her hand on Jimmy's butt. They kicked off their footwear and began to play with each other's feet.

They sat down on the couch. Rebecca casually unbuttoned another button. She began to play with Jimmy's earlobe. Snuggling close to him, she blew in his ear. "I really want to show you my appreciation," she said softly.

Rebecca unsnapped his pajama bottoms. She took his organ in her hand. Slowly, softly, she began to stroke it. Jimmy pulled her blouse loose and reached inside. He noticed that Rebecca wasn't wearing a bra.

"You're making this easy," he thought. He smiled. He began to play with her lovely boobs. She smiled at him.

Now he unbuttoned Rebecca's blouse. She took it off. Her perky tits shone in the light. She snuggled up to Jimmy so that her bare breasts were in his face. He slid off his pajama bottoms.

Again Rebecca put her hand on Jimmy's cock. It was harder than before. She began to pull on it. She put her hand under his balls and rolled them around. Jimmy's rod was getting erect.

Jimmy unzipped Rebecca's jeans. Now he noticed her scarlet panties. He began to play with her female area. Happily, Rebecca let her jeans come off. She continued to play with Jimmy's stiff organ.

Rebecca kissed Jimmy's chest, all the way down to his waistline, still stroking his hard organ. He fondled her bare breasts, cupping them gently in his strong hands. He kissed her body, from head to toe.

Rebecca placed her hand softly under his balls. Now she began to stroke him vigorously. He kissed her heaving breasts. She was very excited. Rebecca knew she was ready. She exploded with passion, kissing his hard, hot organ. She took Jimmy's balls in her hand and rolled them around. Jimmy began to dribble love juice. Rebecca sucked it all in.

"Mmmmm," she said.

Jimmy kissed Rebecca on the lips, then moved slowly down her body, caressing it with each kiss. His hands gently stroked her breasts while he kissed her all over.

Rebecca continued to kiss Jimmy's bare chest. She continued stroking his hard rod. Now she smiled and spread her legs apart.

Softly Jimmy placed his finger inside her and rotated it ever so gently. Rebecca put her hand on his butt and pulled him to her. She kissed him hard.

Jimmy entered her with strong, bold thrusts. For several minutes he thrust deep into her, pulled back, and thrust again, each thrust slightly harder than the last. With each thrust of his stiff organ, she became more aroused. Already she was feeling tremors.

"Harder," Rebecca cried breathlessly. "Deeper!" She wrapped her arms around his strong, naked body and pulled him deeper into her. Jimmy quickened the pace. He rammed hard into her.

"Oh, God," Rebecca screamed. "Oh, God!" She grabbed his butt and pressed him to her. Continuing to pull him into her, she began to breathe very short breaths. She held onto him tightly and began moaning loudly. Finally she felt shivers and tingles up and down her spine.

Rebecca began to moan. "Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, oh, oh, ooooohhhh!" Just as Rebecca came, she felt the sharp, herky-jerky motion that said he had come too. She felt waves of shivers and tingles together.

She kissed him. "Thank you," she said breathlessly. "You were great. Wow!"

"So were you," he said. "You were fantastic! You're a real dynamo!" She cuddled up next to him and placed her head on his chest. For a while, the lovers lay quietly together. Then they drifted off to sleep.

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