Massage Lover

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I'm 32 and single again and as my wife and I decided to divorce, both are career minded. So, we wanted to put our careers first and we divorced after 5 years of marriage no children. Splitting everything 50/50, I wasn't in the market for another wife and kept to myself. But I really enjoy massages and especially when it comes with hand relief and a nude masseuse. But then I got promoted and moved back closer to my family, I really wanted the promotion and was very happy on getting it. But now I would have to find another masseuse to do me at least once a week. My new home is an apartment with 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom and balcony 2 blocks from new office. No massage parlors anywhere close if they existed here. There were some ads in the newspaper and online and none mentioned hand relief or being naked. After 4 weeks I came across a possible masseuse ad that sounded hopeful. It ended with the words happy ending, so I thought I would give her a try. The masseuse 45 only visited clients, so I would've to have her at my apartment. I decided to try her once and then make up my mind about further massages. I'd always visited them in the past mostly at parlors, so this would be a first for me. I made the appointment and waited, I was buzzed from the entrance and so buzzed her in. Short time later a knock on my door, I opened the door to a woman with a folded massage table and was shocked to see she was my aunt Patricia. Patricia now widowed, was married to my mother's younger brother who died in early 2023 (car accident). Their only child a daughter 24 was going to the local university. After we got over the shocked, she told me she was massaging for extra money to keep their head above water. Her daughter done tutoring and worked at a supermarket stacking shelves as well and Patricia done massages on the side as well as other day job. With that out the way I asked what was meant by a happy ended. Like I had thought hand relief, and she wasn't totally naked just in bra and panties and strictly no touching of her. Patricia is good looking and so I asked for the full treatment. It was awkward at first, having your aunt masturbate me, but I soon got over it. I really enjoyed massage and hand relief, I decided to make it a regular booking and of course it would be our secret. Even my cousin didn't know of her mother's extra business venture. Several weeks later and several massages, Patricia arrived for my regular massage as usual. But was a bit distracted as she had money worry as her hours were cut at her day job. Which put a strain on their finances, I said I would help her out and she looked at me and I asked how about you do me twice a week. The second one when it suits you best, so as a thankyou she stripped totally naked to do my massage. Which is the way she does all my massages since. I said if you need extra help, we could add another massage. Over time we got more and more free with less restrictions, I started touching her and she lets me. Finally, we started fucking and it isn't for payment, just our mutual satisfaction. No one else in the family knows of our sexual or business arrangement. Frankly it's none of their business, Patricia has stayed over at weekends for sex when her daughter is out of town.

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