The Inheritance

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I'm David 29 single, a only child. My parents had me in their early forties and they had both passed away in their early sixties. My only other relative was Elizabeth, my mother's mother and she passed away in march last year. I inherited a large amount of money and property. Including an old apartment building, it was 24 rented apartments and run down a bit. So after I had inspected it, I decided to renovate it, as apartments became empty I done them up and all common areas were done. As it was in need of a lot of work, the apartments came available to renovate regularly. By christmas there were only 3 apartments left to be done. I hadn't rented out any of the other apartments that were empty, I was waiting for the lot to be done. By the end of December only 1 apartment was still rented. A school teacher named Alice 56 single and she was quite good looking. She teached at a local school only 2 blocks from my building and had been there for 10 years since she divorced her husband. She had done own apartment up and was quite happy with it and didn't want to move. This didn't concern me, except I wanted to renew the plumbing and wiring and it would mean tearing down some walls. I new that she didn't want to move as places to rent in this area were hard to find. So I offered another apartment to her on the same floor, so I could finish the renovations. She accepted and I arranged for her belongings to be moved across the corridor 2 doors down at my expense. I had got to know Alice a fair bit and we got on very well, we even went to movies together and had dinner together. After the last apartment was finished, I help her move back as she preferred it to the other one. With that I started leasing out the other apartments. Only Alice's was still be rented and I would collect it. One saturday night in early march after going to dinner and a movie together. She invited me in for a drink. As we sat and talked, I had the urge to kiss her and asked if I could, she agreed and I kissed her and soon I was feeling her up and we had sex. Next morning she told me that she new that we would end up in bed together. Mainly because I was more comfortable with mature women than younger ones. Mostly because I was use to being around mature women. She also said that there was a younger female teacher at her school, that would be a perfect match for me. So she started to get us together, Elizabeth 27 is 5'8" slim wear glasses and I think she's gorgeous. Elizabeth is also an only child and is shy around men. So with Alice's help we started going out together and Elizabeth moved in with Alice at the end of April. After the 3 of us had been out for dinner and a movie, Alice helped me get Elizabeth into bed and we had sex for the first time, it was a threesome and Alice and Elizabeth had been sleeping together before. It became a regular thing and Elizabeth got pregnant. But that't what I wanted and we are to marry on the 14th July. We are all going to live together in 2 apartments that I have connected as 1.

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