Extra Duty

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I'm both a qualified mechanic and electrician and grew helping doing plumbing and carpentry with my father and uncles. So, I'm quite able doing plumbing and carpentry jobs on top of my qualifications. So, I (27) got a great paying job maintaining the vehicles and buildings of a large business. It even came with accommodation nearby (across the street) a single bedroom apartment. Never great in relationships, but not a virgin as parent's neighbor took my virginity during her divorce. She wasn't anything special looks or build and nor am I either. I've a small garage and work area, which enables me to service the vehicles and store my tools. It isn't a very hectic job; I do service on average 3 vehicles a week and minor repairs around business compound. The business hired a new HR manager 51 and she was my supervisor you could say. Any problems in the compound were told to her office and I was advised by them. Vehicles were on a rotation list, and I done as they came due, unless something went wrong. Vehicle accident repairs weren't my concern and so I was left alone most of the time rarely checked on. Of course, the new HR manager was totally hands on type and once she was up to speed with everything else. I became her main interest, which didn't last long as I did my work well and was seen as highly reliable. But she asked questions about everything I done and was satisfied I was doing everything required of me. Then the boss's car scrapped his sump avoiding an out-of-control truck. It was leaking oil and as it was late Thursday afternoon I was asked could I repair ASAP. It was needed next morning, no new sump available locally and overnight shipment wasn't acceptable. I said I could weld it up and have it ready no problem, just had work back and would finish early Friday afternoon to make up for working back. So, I got to work and welded the sump up and grinded down and repainted and then replaced it and service the car. Delivered it too the boss's home and caught a cab back. I was cleaning up and the HR manager came in with takeaway, she thought I could use a meal. We ate together and then we went to our homes, next morning she came and seen me and asked what I had planned for the weekend. I said nothing as usual and she asked me would I mind her visiting me, I said I wouldn't, and she said she would bring dinner. I left work at 3 and done some shopping and was home at 4.15. I was watching TV when she arrived at 5.30, I had some beers, and each had beer with our meal. After we talked about our lives, and she straight out asked me was I willing to sleep with her. She's no centerfold and I'm nothing special myself so I said I was quite willing. She stayed the night and the next and most of Sunday going home a 6pm. Nothing happened Monday, Tuesday she came and seen me and asked could she stay over with me that night. I said yes anytime you want; she had a small bag with her on her arrival at my apartment and we had sex again. Same again Thursday and she went home Friday, and I visited her at her place and stayed till Monday Morning. It's a mutual satisfaction relationship, we can date others if we wish too. But with my track record, I'd better stay with fucking the HR manager.

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