Mother in Law

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I'm Graham 35 married to Robyn 33 and we have 3 Children. March last year Robyn went into Hospital for 3 weeks and her mother Grace 53 widow came to kep house for me and the children. A week after she arrived the children went to stay with my parents for a week and Grace and I were alone together. That first night I was in bed reading and Grace came into my room completely nude and said Robyn wants me to keep you satified. I knew that Robyn and her mother were close and told each other everything, I didn't expect this and to prove her point she handed me note from Robyn. It said I haven't been able to provide you with the sex you need for some time and you have been very caring and not complaining. So I asked mother to provide you with sex till I have recovered and am able to provide it again. So we had sex that and next morning and Grace told me that she was available anytime I want. I went to the Hospital and saw Robyn that morning and gave the note back. She asked If I had enjoyed the sex with Grace. I replied I had, but I really miss her. She replied That would be about 2 months before we can have sex together again and she wanted me to happy. I said Your mother is a great looker and sexy, I see where you get your great looks from. But she can't replace you. With that I kissed her and then the nurse came in and said I had go as the Doctors were making their rounds and they had bath my wife. I went to work and on returning home that evening and had dinner. Then Grace and me went to the Hospital to see Robyn. Grace and I had regular sex over the next days and when the children returned home. Grace would put them to bed and then join me in bed. When Robyn got home from Hospital, Grace slept with us and provided me with sex. When Robyn was able to resume sexual relations with me, we had a threesome with grace. I had a extra room built on the back of the house for Grace to move in with us permanently. Robyn got pregnant after we started have sex again as she couldn't take the pill for awhile as it might react with other pills she was on for her full recovery. But we want another child anyway, a baby girl was born last month. We now have 2 boys and 2 girls and Robyn has Grace to help her around the house and in the bedroom.

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