Self-Defense Lessons with Ashlee and Nevaeh

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I had the most beautiful neighbors in the world.
I’m not sure how many guys can say they live in an apartment enclosed by four other units – two to the sides, one above, and one across the hall – each containing one of the most stunning women in the world, but I was that lucky guy. Anytime I left to go to work, pick up groceries, or even walk over to the main office of the complex just to pay the rent, I felt my heart flutter when I considered the possibility that I might see one of my neighbors. Before I get too far, though, I should probably take a moment to describe the two gorgeous females I had the honor of living between.
Let me start with the apartment to the north. In that unit lived a goth babe by the name of Ashlee Belle. She was nearly as tall as I was, standing at about five and a half feet in height, and she was a slim goddess with a wheat-colored complexion and jet-black hair. She had an average-size bust that fit her body type perfectly, and when they were visible, she had a killer pair of legs. I say “when” because she usually wore long stockings with a miniskirt, and I won’t pretend that I hadn’t spent many a night lying awake in bed while envisioning what she would look like in nothing but her long stockings.
Ashlee also had dark brown eyes and thin, pink lips, and when I initially met her, I was surprised by how shy she was. In my opinion, gothic girls usually tend to be relatively outgoing, so as we passed each other in the hallway when fetching our mail or just heading out on a daily basis, she slowly started opening up with every subsequent meeting. I also didn’t fail to notice that every time I saw the goth babe, she usually had a new tattoo to go with her black latex and fishnets. I can’t say she didn’t pull off the look because she looked stunningly hot in such fiendish attire.
Now, in the apartment to the south of me was a dignified woman who had a couple of years on me. Her name was Nevaeh, and it fit her quite well since she had such a heavenly appeal about her. The gorgeous female stood somewhere between five-two and five-three, and her complexion was just a shade darker than Ashlee’s. Her crimped hair was a strawberry blonde in color, and it came down just past her shoulders. Her eyes were a crystalline blue that I’d describe as a light aquamarine, and her eyelashes were long and prominent.
To give more of a description, the facial structure of the divine woman was different than most females I knew. For whatever reason, I generally noticed that a vast majority of members of the fairer sex I hung around with had round or oval cheeks, but Nevaeh’s were more square. Typically, I wouldn’t think such a feature would look attractive on a woman, but my neighbor to the south pulled it off to perfection. Her cheeks complemented the rest of her face quite well since she also had glossy, crimson lips and the lightest hint of just a few freckles. Oh, and just from eyeballing it, I’d say that Nevaeh’s bust was only slightly smaller than Ashlee’s.
While Ashlee had a somewhat slim build, Nevaeh was more on the athletic side. Both women were skinny and probably couldn’t have weighed more than a hundred and ten pounds soaking wet, but my crystal-eyed neighbor had a toned set of abs that any man would’ve loved running a hand over. In case anyone’s wondering how I know this, let me just say that there’s a pool right next to our building, and on more than one occasion, I’ve seen Nevaeh there. All I really need to say is, “Wow.”
I had moved into the complex probably about three or four months prior to the beginning of my story. I met both women relatively quickly, and we became neighborly almost immediately. As I mentioned, Ashlee was a little shy at first, and while Nevaeh was too, that didn’t stop either female from greeting me and making me feel welcome. In fact, the wonderful woman living to the south of me had ordered me a pizza on the day I moved in since she knew how busy I was with hauling boxes in. I thought it had been one of the sweetest gestures at the time since no one – apart from my mother – had ever watched out for me in such a way.
Every once in a while, one of my beautiful neighbors would invite me over for dinner and a movie, and with Ashlee being part of the goth scene, she also liked to play certain video games. I could be somewhat of a nerd myself, so I enjoyed watching her play RPGs and strategy games. I think she really delighted in having a guy living next to her who fancied such things.
So, with the necessary information out of the way, I can effectively start my tale by saying that I had just arrived home from grabbing a few groceries on the first day of the weekend in the afternoon. I was putting my food away and thinking about what to whip up for supper in a few hours when there was suddenly a knock at the “back” door of my place. I suppose it should be noted that since our apartments were on the first floor, there was an entry to each from the outside and inside of the complex, and while I generally used the “front” door, the knock I heard came from within the hallway.
That was odd. When I received visitors, they usually arrived at the front. Needless to say, the people who typically came to see me were either friends or family who didn’t live in the area, and since people needed a key to enter through the hallways, there was a reason why they never showed up at the back door. Of course, that meant since the rapid rapping had come from the corridor, whoever was at the wooden portal must’ve been one of my neighbors.
Putting down the bag I had in my hands, I made my way through my small kitchen and around the corner to where the door was. I opened it up and was pleasantly surprised to lay eyes on both Ashlee and Nevaeh. “Well, good afternoon, ladies! It’s nice to see you two! How are you both doing today?”
Usually, both females beamed with radiant smiles and tended to look a hell of a lot more cheerful, but on this particular afternoon, they appeared downright dismal.
“Hi, Marcus,” Ashlee greeted me with minimal enthusiasm.
“Hello, Marcus,” Nevaeh also said in a dreary tone.
“What’s the matter, ladies? You both sound…upset.”
“We were just hanging out and watching a movie,” Nevaeh started to explain, “and in it, this guy attacked a girl, and…well, it was pretty gross.”
I knew what the divine beauty was getting at. “I’m sorry to hear that. I think acts of violence like that are amongst the most heinous of crimes. I bet that really did ruin your afternoon.”
“Actually, Marcus, it wasn’t so much the movie that upset us,” the gothic chick took over the explanation, “but the fact that if one of us ever ended up in a similar situation, we’d have no idea how to defend ourselves!”
I placed a hand on my chin and began scratching it. “Hmm. I can see how that would trouble you. Are you both thinking about maybe taking some kind of course in self-defense or something?”
For the first time since they had arrived at my apartment, both women suddenly smiled. I couldn’t help but notice that they were doing so in each other’s directions…deviously.
Unsure of what the two women were thinking, I finally realized I was being rude. “Hey, would the two of you like to come in? I just bought a few groceries, so if you’d like a snack or something to drink…”
Both women took me up on my offer to come in. I couldn’t help but notice that, as they did so, the two of them were looking smokin’ as always. Ashlee was wearing a black, long-sleeved, see-through mesh shirt over what looked like a purple and pink sports bra, and she also had on a miniskirt and thigh-high stockings that matched the color of her sports bra. The second she stepped into my residence, she discarded the combat boots she wore.
Nevaeh, on the other hand, had on a very simple ensemble. She was wearing a tank top with pink shorts and a pair of sandals. Like her cohort, she kicked her footwear off upon entering my place.
“Sooo,” Ashlee spoke up as she interlocked her hands behind her back and dug the toes of her right foot into my carpet, “we were wondering if maybe you could give us a hand, Marcus.”
“Of course,” I kindly said since the two women were such fantastic neighbors. “How about that snack or beverage?”
“I’m good,” Ashlee informed me as she started making her way into my living room.
“Me too,” Nevaeh said as she followed the goth babe into the most spacious chamber of my place.
I proceeded to join the two lovely ladies as they simply stood in front of my couch while just looking at me. Both of them were still smiling, and since my TV was playing an old sitcom, I asked if they wanted to have a seat and watch some of it. They answered by flashing each other those mischievous looks again.
As if communicating via thought, both women suddenly turned to me at the same time as Ashlee mentioned, “So, about that hand, you offered to extend…”
“Of course,” I repeated what I had previously said. “What is it? What can I do to help the two of you?”
The delightful duo again exchanged glances and looked to be asking one another who would be the one to pose the question. It was Nevaeh who finally glanced in my direction and queried, “Marcus, would you maybe help us learn how to defend ourselves against an attack?”
I understood what my beautiful neighbor was asking, but I wasn’t sure how I could help. “I…of course I will. I just…I don’t know how I can be of aid! I’ve never been in any fights, and apart from videos on the internet we could load up…”
“Actually,” Ashlee impishly cut in, “we were thinking about maybe doing some ‘on-the-job’ training.”
I wasn’t sure what the tattooed beauty was getting at.
Ashlee playfully backhanded my left arm and matter-of-factly told me, “Unzip your trousers and take your cock out!”
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. In fact, I thought that maybe I hadn’t heard the raven-haired hottie correctly and asked, “Come again?”
Nevaeh stepped in and explained, “What Ashlee is trying to say is that if she and I were placed in a ‘realistic’ situation, then maybe we’d learn how to combat and counterattack such an occurrence.”
I couldn’t believe that the stunning females were being serious. I mean, I wouldn’t have had a problem letting them “rough me up” in some mock trials, but were they serious about me pulling my pud out? I wasn’t sure what the point of doing so even was.
“We want to make this as real as possible, Marcus,” Ashlee interrupted my thought process. “We figured if you came at us with your dick out, we’d be able to think on the fly and see how we’d react in an actual dangerous situation!”
I put my hands up to somewhat wave the thought off as I tried to chuckle, “Hey, I’m all for helping the two of you out however I can, but I could never pretend to be something as scuzzy as a ra…”
“Of course, you could never be that evil!” Nevaeh cut in with a smile on her pretty face. She reached over and grabbed my right shoulder in order to give it a squeeze. She also let out a short laugh while telling me, “When Ashlee originally presented this idea to me, I thought it seemed ludicrous as well, but after she explained it in a little more detail, it made a lot more sense to me!”
They were actually being serious. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.
Ashlee suddenly shot me a wry smile before stepping in front of me with her back to me. She then bent over and lifted the back of her miniskirt, and my heart nearly lunged into my throat when I saw that she wasn’t wearing panties. Her incredible ass was bared and visible.
And it was fucking amazing.
I wasn’t exactly sure what to do. I had never been thrust into such a position before – no pun intended – and I wasn’t sure how to react. It went without saying that I would’ve loved touching that marvelous rump, but I still wasn’t even sure that what was happening in front of me was real. It seemed far too good to be true.
Being a little more delicate with her lingo, Nevaeh told me, “Ashlee wants you to take out your penis and pretend like you’re about to stick it in her. She’ll then react like you’re an attacker and defend herself. It’s all fairly simple!”
Ashlee covered her buns back up and spun around. She then pointed to my crotch and uttered in a lecturing tone, “Come on, Marcus! Whip that pecker out and come after me! I want to see if my moves would fend off an attacker!”
I didn’t want to come off like a randy teenager, but I couldn’t help but reply, “Ashlee, you have an extraordinary posterior, but I don’t see the need for me to take my penis out…”
“We have to make it authentic!” the goth babe interrupted as she threw her hands in the air. “If you’re not coming at me with your dong out, how am I supposed to know how to react if some douchebag ever came after me?!”
“I have to concur,” Nevaeh spoke up in her scholarly tone. “We could stand around pretending all day, but when the chips are down, the only way we’d know how to respond to such a dire situation would be to act it out in a controlled environment with someone we trust.”
I was honored that the wonderful women thought so highly of me, but I was still unsure of whether or not it was a good idea. I had so many concerns to voice, but I legitimately didn’t have time to make them since Ashlee was suddenly reaching over and unbuttoning my trousers. “Hey…!”
“Don’t be difficult, Marcus!” the tattooed beauty exclaimed as she ripped my pants open and pulled my zipper down. She began fishing around within my trousers until feeling a bump beneath my boxers. Upon touching the growing bulge, she yipped, “Oh, goodness!”
The look on Nevaeh’s face told the story. I was fairly certain that she was just as surprised as I was that any of this was actually transpiring.
Ashlee squatted down ever so slightly in order to force my pants and boxers down. She pulled everything down to an inch or two above my kneecaps as my hardening prick lunged forward. It almost struck my overeager neighbor in the face.
“Oh my goodness!” Nevaeh called out as she covered her mouth with her hands and took a step back.
I’m sure the cheeks on my face were reddening since I had never been in such a situation before. Standing before two of the most attractive women I had ever seen with a fully erect member was not something I could say I had lived through up until this point.
“That’s what I’m talking about!” Ashlee enthusiastically called out as she looked my rigid rod over. She was studying its bulging veins as my potent piece expanded a little more before she finally stood back up and turned around. The gothic chick then bent over while hoisting up the back of her skirt again to show me that beautiful butt. “All right, Marcus! Come for any hole you want!”
I just stood there, exposed to two gorgeous women, while scratching the back of my head. “Um…Ashlee?”
As Nevaeh simply watched on and wondered what would happen next, Ashlee shook her buns for me while glancing back in my direction. “What is it, Marcus?”
“Um, I thought you wanted this to be authentic?”
“You do sound a little too enthusiastic,” Nevaeh agreed with my sentiments.
The raven-haired hottie slipped into a new role as she pouted, “Oh, please, Mister Hunky-Guy with an extremely hard cock! Please don’t stick your man meat in me!” She wiggled her cheeks a few more times before whispering, “Now, walk toward me!”
With my pants still around my knees, I did what I could to inch toward the tattooed beauty’s awesome ass. I felt beads of sweat forming on my forehead due to the excitement coursing through my body, and I wondered just how far Ashlee was willing to take things.
When my stiffened staff was only about two inches from the goth babe, she suddenly spun around faster than a lightning bolt and latched onto me. She held my wiener in a tight grasp, and although she wasn’t hurting me, the tattooed hottie was staring directly into my eyes as she playfully scolded, “You can’t get me, Mister Hunky-Guy!”
My jaw had dropped open the second the tattooed female had grabbed me due mostly to surprise, but I could also chalk it up to excitement. Feeling Ashlee’s hand grasping my hard-on was a sensation I had quite literally dreamt of on a few different occasions, and when I felt her give me a subtle tug, I couldn’t help but let out a low moan that I’m sure both women heard.
“That’s how you do it, Nevaeh!” the goth babe announced to her friend as she finally released her hold on me and skipped out of the way. “Did you see how quick I was? You have to take an attacker by complete surprise!”
The woman with strawberry-blonde hair nodded her understanding.
“It’s your turn now!” Ashlee then told the divine beauty. “Whip your shorts down so Marcus can come after you!”
I felt pulsations running throughout my elongated pole as Nevaeh actually stepped in front of me with her back to me. She stood roughly three feet away from me, and as I watched in unbridled glee, I saw her stick her thumbs under the top of her pink shorts. She then bent forward and pulled them – along with any panties she might have been wearing – down past her knees. The second she straightened herself out, the elastic of the shorts didn’t have anything to hold onto, so they fell down around her ankles.
I have no idea how I wasn’t busting a nut right then and there.
“Go get her!” Ashlee enthusiastically told me as she slapped me on the back. “She’s presenting herself for you…aren’t you, Nevaeh?”
The fit woman I had also had many naughty dreams about played along by bending all the way over while saying, “Oh, look! I must’ve dropped something!”
I took that as my cue and slowly inched forward. While doing so, I eyed Nevaeh’s astounding crack and noticed that she had pussy lips that stuck out rather far. The second I spotted those fabulous flaps, I felt my boner twitching. I truly wanted to stick my dick between them, but I knew this was all just a game.
Ashlee stood off to the side and watched as she remained in character while warning her friend, “Nevaeh! Look out! He’s getting closer to you!”
The beautiful woman bent over in front of me incessantly fiddled around with an invisible item on the ground. My excited manhood was probably about an inch away from touching her as she unceasingly went about her business.
I wasn’t sure what to do. I was about to freeze since Nevaeh wasn’t reacting, but at the same time, my body kept moving forward. I wasn’t about to put the wonderful woman in a situation that would make her uncomfortable, so to let her know that I was indeed as close as Ashlee was warning her, I placed my hands on her exposed hips and felt her soft flesh within my grasp. The fantastic female must have moisturized because I didn’t think smoother skin existed in the entire world.
“He’s going to get you, Nevaeh!” Ashlee shouted another warning.
The woman bent over in front of me still didn’t react.
My penis suddenly came in contact with her body. I let out an audible moan as I felt the crown of my cock actually touching the phenomenal folds I previously mentioned.
Ashlee watched on with wide eyes as Nevaeh suddenly reached up from below and grabbed onto my rigid penis, but not so she could bat it away, but so she could instead insert it into her dampening pussy.
“Oh…god!” I sputtered as I felt my member piercing the barrier of her womanhood. I could legitimately hear my arousal pushing its way forward as I entered Nevaeh’s glorious hole.
Ashlee dropped to her knees beside the action so she could obtain a better view. “Oh my god! Nevaeh, Marcus is in you!”
“Help! Help!” the fit female with crystalline eyes playfully shouted as she began flailing her arms. “Whatever can I do?” She then started descending forward to the floor, and as she did so, she reached back to pull me down with her.
My eyes had gone wider than Ashlee’s spheres since I wasn’t sure if this was part of my dazzling neighbors’ plan. I could do nothing but go with the flow as I placed my hands off to the sides on the carpeted floor while Nevaeh flattened herself against it. My prick throbbed within the confines of her pink as she banged her fists into the floor and kicked her feet behind me.
“My god, Nevaeh! He’s really going deep inside you!”
Pretending Ashlee wasn’t there, the radiant beauty glanced over her right shoulder at me and whispered, “You have to thrust in order for this to look real!”
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. The gorgeous woman I was buried up to my balls in truthfully wanted me to bang her. I couldn’t say that I didn’t want to, but I was in total disbelief that the game had gone this far.
“Fight back, Nevaeh!” Ashlee cheered her friend on as she squatted down and watched the action. I think she tried to hide the fact that she was licking her lips.
My pants and boxers were in my way, so as I slowly moved in and out of Nevaeh, I reached back with one hand and struggled to take them off. The tattooed spectator to my left aided me, and once we had my clothing around my ankles, I kicked it all away before repositioning myself on my knees and placing my hands on Nevaeh’s perfect buns. I gave them a squeeze while letting out a sigh of relief at the same time.
The woman pressed against the floor below me continued playacting by flailing about. “No! No! I don’t want Marcus’s mighty manhood in me! I…oooh, that feels sooo good!” After letting out the sensual statement, Nevaeh quickly corrected herself by saying, “I…I mean…stop that! Oh, you heartless beast! Oooh, you magnificent beast…”
As I leisurely pumped away, I stole a peek to my left and noticed that not only was Ashlee intently watching the entire spectacle, but she had slipped her right hand beneath her miniskirt and was apparently pleasuring herself. She was once again biting down on her lower lip while doing so, and I would’ve given anything to see the astonishing pussy she was so fervently fingering.
“Oh my god, Ashlee!” Nevaeh suddenly called out as she broke out of character for good. “I can’t pretend any longer! Marcus feels sooo amazing inside of me! I don’t ever want him to stop!”
“Well, he’s going to have to so I can have a turn!” the goth babe informed her friend as she took a slight tone with her. She continued fingering herself while pointing out, “We had agreed that we’d mess around with Marcus before going all the way with him, and yet, you jumped the gun and let him in you right away!”
From where she was positioned on the floor, Nevaeh pushed herself up on her elbows and playfully shrugged. “What can I say? I’m weak!”
I’m sure that at that moment, I was absolutely beaming. Knowing that two of my smoking-hot neighbors had planned all of this out ahead of time was a huge boost to my ego, but the fact that it was even happening at all made me feel like I was in the very Heaven Nevaeh had been named for. I took a deep breath and moved my hands along her soft skin and to her sides so I could squeeze her some more.
Ashlee suddenly climbed to her knees and inched closer to me. “Lift your arms, Marcus,” she suddenly ordered, and once I did so, she pulled my gray T-shirt off. After throwing it across the room behind her, I saw her dark eyes grow large again as she beheld my hairy chest. “Oh, god, Nevaeh.”
“What…is it?” the stunning woman pressed against the floor asked her friend in between the thrusts she was on the receiving end of.
“You…you need to see Marcus’s chest!” As she spoke her words, the tattooed beauty ran a hand over my torso before shuddering. “Oh…god! I think I’m going to make a puddle on the floor!”
Nevaeh tried glancing back over a shoulder to take in the view, but since she wanted a better one, she asked me if I’d let her up. As much as I didn’t want to pull out of her, I wasn’t the kind of guy to disregard what a woman wanted, so I inched back and watched as my drenched pole left her sopping-wet hole. My erection was covered in her feminine fluids that were now dripping to the floor.
Once I was no longer inside my neighbor with strawberry-blonde hair, she flipped over and seated herself on my floor. Upon taking in my naked body, her eyes also went wide, and as her jaw slowly dropped open, she tried uttering, “Oh, my…”
Ashlee suddenly tugged both garments she had covering her chest upward. Two pointy and perky titties bounced into view as she positioned the shirt and sports bra just above them, and then she shot toward me while still on her knees and grabbed onto my junk. She gave it a powerful tug as she pressed her sharp, pink nipples against my chest while lewdly whispering into my left ear, “It’s my turn to be fucked by this magnificent specimen of cock, Marcus Veovin!”
I exhaled loudly as I wondered how much longer I could possibly last. Being with just one of these women was more than any man could ask for, but I was with both of them at the same time…and felt blessed in more ways than one.
As Nevaeh sat back so she could watch while sliding a digit between her labia, I placed my hands on Ashlee’s lower back and gently lowered her to the floor. I studied her pointy titties as the pink nubs stared directly at me, and before I could become mesmerized by them, I grabbed onto the bottom of her short miniskirt and lifted it. What met my eyes was beyond glorious.
Ashlee’s vagina had an immaculate “outie” configuration. Her lips weren’t as pronounced as Nevaeh’s, but it was easy to distinguish her soft pink insides just by looking. An upside-down triangle of dark pubes sat directly above the flawless slit, and just above the fur, there was a tattoo with an infinity symbol and the word “love.” I hadn’t been expecting such a thing on the goth babe.
The raven-tressed stunner eyed me with a sly smile on her face as she spread her legs and commanded me, “Ravage me, Marcus! I’m not going to fight back!”
I reached downward and groped Ashlee’s bountiful boobs while leaning forward and planting a wet kiss on her. At first, I wondered if the tattooed beauty even wanted me to do so. It hadn’t occurred to me until that very moment that maybe my neighbors just wanted to have a dirty, meaningless romp, but when I felt the gothic chick’s tongue slip into my mouth as my erection brushed up against her vagina, I knew she cared for me deeply. Nobody could kiss the way she was and not have feelings for the other person.
As my penis passed over Ashlee’s gash, I could feel her wetness combining with that of Nevaeh’s, which still soaked me. I couldn’t wait to be inside the goth babe, and as I continued fondling her mammaries, I realized that I wanted to suck her nips just as much as I desired to stick my prick in her.
I slid down the tattooed beauty’s body and attached myself to her right teat. I flicked my tongue over the nub before firmly latching onto it so I could feed on it, and as I did so, I felt the raven-haired hottie’s legs begin wrapping around my body. Her hands were wildly moving over my back and through my hair as she let out squeals and moans of delight. I’m not sure if it was possible, but she may have been even hornier than I was.
Nevaeh scooched closer to the action as she viciously fingered her snatch. I could hear not just her squeaks and moans but also the wetness she was causing as more of her womanly fluids dripped onto the carpet.
I never wanted to clean my floor again.
When I finally eased up on Ashlee’s right boob, I gave her left one some love before finally standing up on my knees and placing my hands on her thighs. The second I did so, the goth babe received the hint that I was ready to enter her and opened her legs wide once more.
Taking my prick by its base in my right hand, I thumped it against the perfect puss in front of me a few times before glancing up at Ashlee and asking, “Are you ready, babe?”
“You know it, stud! Fuck me silly with that manly cock of yours!”
Nevaeh crawled closer so she could hover over the action and watch as I placed the purple head of my penis against the moist labia of my gothic neighbor. I began pushing myself forward and tried forcing my way through her luscious lips, but I found it wasn’t as easy as it had been with the other dazzler.
Ashlee was apparently a lot tighter than Nevaeh.
The tattooed babe pushed herself up on her elbows and glanced down at our privates below. “What’s the matter?”
Trying to think of a delicate way to phrase my words, I scratched the back of my head while replying, “I’m having a little trouble getting inside you, Ashlee!”
“Is your cock too big?” the goth chick boosted my ego without even meaning to.
I knew I was average at best, and from what I could see, it looked like Ashlee’s hole was slightly smaller than Nevaeh’s. I obviously didn’t want to hurt my second partner, so I was careful as I tried to coerce my way through once again. I still wasn’t having much luck.
Ashlee sat forward and began spitting on our privates. I think Nevaeh was a little surprised by the unexpected actions, but I believed they were downright hot. I thought it was even more amorous when the tattooed dazzler suddenly reached down and grabbed my dick out of my hand so she could begin forcing my sword into her sheath. She madly wanted to see my snake burrowed within her nest.
It took a few tries, but eventually, my purple-headed warrior managed to break down the walls and enter the barracks of the raven-haired hottie. My head dropped back, and I let out a low groan as I felt the crown of my cock become instantly surrounded by Ashlee’s drenched pink. When another inch of me abruptly journeyed forward, I felt the inviting innards hugging around my length and greeting it with admiration.
“Oh, god…” Nevaeh mumbled for Ashlee as she watched the entire spectacle. As she did so, the divine beauty decided to reach down and grab the bottom of her white tank top so she could peel it off. Once it was on the floor behind her, she reached behind herself and started undoing the white bra she had on. Before it came off, I noticed she was nipping out something fierce.
Taking it slow and steady since I didn’t want to hurt Ashlee, I set a leisurely pace as I moved forward and back in the gothic beauty. She started screaming instantly due to gratification, and her siren call could more than likely be heard throughout the entirety of the complex. I hoped the other neighbors didn’t think I was killing someone in my apartment.
“Oh, SHIT!” Ashlee screeched as her hands went to my chest so she could begin clawing me. “Oh, FUCK!”
I felt the same stimulation electrifying every synapse in my body, just as the marvelous woman I was pumping did. I plowed her spectacular field as Nevaeh began pinching her own nips. I knew that when my moment of climax came, I was going to create one hell of a mess thanks to these two vivacious vixens.
Holding onto Ashlee’s thighs, I continued to thrash her gash for a good minute or two while picking up speed. At one point, I slowed down long enough to ask if she was doing all right, but she hastily responded by howling at me not to let up. I followed her commands until she abruptly changed her mind and started shrieking at me to pull out. I prayed to everything I held dear that I hadn’t harmed the alluring female in some way, but I rapidly discovered why she wanted me out of her.
Ashlee let out a wail as her pelvis suddenly tensed up, and she aimed herself skyward. A blast of clear, feminine fluids sprayed out of her like a high-powered fire hose, and she grabbed onto Nevaeh for support as she screamed and spasmed. It may not have looked and sounded like it at that moment, but as she continued gushing like a geyser, I knew that the gothic chick was experiencing a new level of ecstasy.
Since Ashlee was still squirting, I positioned my dick directly above the fountain so the underside of my length would be lambasted by the glorious fluids. Doing this created quite the splattering effect as both Nevaeh and I watched on in wide-eyed astonishment.
When the quaking of Ashlee’s body finally settled down, and the incredible contents of her vagina ran low, Nevaeh decided to capitalize on the moment by leaning over her friend’s body so she could attach her glossy lips to the purple helm of my cock. I let out a grunt of surprise and pleasure as I glanced down and witnessed her crystalline eyes staring upward at me.
The divine woman went to work and gave me head unlike anything any man’s ever felt before. My pulsing pole felt right at home in the confines of her oral orifice, and she gripped me by the base while moving her head back and forth. The sensations traveling throughout my staff were simply unreal, and as I brushed some of the phenomenal female’s hair out of her eyes, I couldn’t believe how amazing she looked while sucking dick.
“Oh, shit, Nevaeh!” I inadvertently cursed. It felt weird using coarse language in front of her, but I couldn’t help myself since the fellatio had me on the cusp of busting a nut. I knew I had to remain strong so I wouldn’t accidentally go off in her mouth.
The fantastic female with strawberry-blonde hair and crystalline eyes unceasingly pleasured my pecker as I ran a hand through her gorgeous locks, and when I had a chance, I leaned forward ever so slightly so I could reach downward and touch Ashlee. The gothic chick was still coming out of her sexual trance as she rested on the floor while breathing heavily. Her perky chest heaved as I reached for a tit to grope.
I had never experienced such an amazing afternoon in my entire life. I also firmly believed I would never have a better one, so I had to make every moment of it count. This threesome would go down in the annals of history as the most extraordinary session of lovemaking between a man and two women, and I couldn’t think of two better females to share it with.
Sweat ran over my temples and down the sides of my face as I closed my eyes and tried to imagine something that could possibly feel better than the euphoria I was currently enjoying. I knew that an equal or more astounding sensation didn’t exist, and when I opened my eyes again and saw that Ashlee was perspiring just as much as I was while fingering her wet twat, I wanted nothing more than to blow my hot load all over her enticing frame.
Of course, I wanted to see if I could cause Nevaeh to experience a similarly wet orgasm before doing so.
The fit female performing fellatio on me was growing a little wilder as she went at it, and while I would’ve loved to let her continue working her magic, I slowly started pulling back while asking her if I could have my dick back. Reluctantly, the kindhearted woman released her hold on me, and I could tell from the pouty expression on her face that she thought I had grown bored of the blow job. I was quick to prove her wrong by placing my hands under her armpits so I could pull her up with me as we stood up.
A smile suddenly lit Nevaeh’s face as she queried, “What are we going to do now, Marcus?”
I mirrored the look of delight on her face as I carefully lifted one of her legs while telling her to hug her arms around my neck. She gleefully complied as I rubbed my manhood against her moist flaps, and then I squatted ever so slightly while angling myself so I could insert my pole back inside her. Once I was in, I heard my perfect partner let out a gasp, and then I told her to hang on as I placed my hands under her thighs and lifted her up.
“Oh, Marcus!”
I held the excited woman close while pumping her. Feeling her body up against mine was a pleasure I couldn’t begin to describe in words, and the sounds emanating from the back of her throat served to arouse me further. Perhaps even more thrilling than the sensual coitus was when Nevaeh’s head suddenly shot forward so she could attach her lips to mine. With her breasts sandwiched between our chests, the two of us made out while making love.
“Oh, fuck, yeah!” Ashlee encouraged us as she watched on from below. She was rubbing her clitoris with one hand while squeezing one of her breasts with the other. “You get as much of Marcus as you can now, Nevaeh…because when you’re tapped out, I need him again!”
I liked the sound of that. Of course, I just hoped I lasted.
When Nevaeh finally pulled away from our kiss, she rested her head against my left shoulder as I continued pumping her while holding her up. For the hell of it, I began cautiously walking around the room while we went at it, and I could tell from the mutterings she was mumbling into my left ear that she enjoyed every second of our naughty time.
Since we were near it, I plopped Nevaeh down on the couch while remaining buried deep within her. I climbed on top of her and plugged her in a missionary position while she hugged me close. She ordered me not to stop as I drilled away while grunting and groaning in joy.
Ashlee finally pushed herself back to her feet and pulled off both the mesh shirt and sports bra she had on. She then fidgeted about with the miniskirt before forcing it down her hips and to the floor, and after stepping out of it, she yanked one of the stockings down around an ankle but didn’t take it off. Instead, she jogged over to where the action was and gingerly slapped me on the back while telling me that it was her turn again.
I bashed Nevaeh’s beaver a few more times before withdrawing my rod from her and turning my pelvis in Ashlee’s direction. I didn’t even have my dick entirely in front of her when she latched onto it with her right hand and guided it toward her open mouth. She began downing me like there was no tomorrow as I remained in my position on the couch while holding Nevaeh’s legs up. I had one knee on a cushion and my other foot on the floor as the black-haired beauty gargled down every inch I had available.
From where Nevaeh lay on the couch, she was letting out sensual moans while pressing her tits together and wiggling her toes. When I glanced down at her, I could see strings of goo attached to her fascinating pussy lips, and I knew that some of that fluid was my precum. It felt exhilarating to know that something that had come out of me could be on such an intimate area of the beauteous woman.
“Oh, fuck, Ashlee!” I uttered as I turned my attention back to the gothic chick. Her head was flying forward and back across my pole so she could slob my knob like no one’s business. As she did so, she fingered her wet hole below.
While the tattooed beauty continued gracing me with such a breathtaking blowie, I combed through her straight, dark locks before turning to Nevaeh and offering her my hands. Curious as to what I had planned, the divine woman took them in hers and allowed me to pull her to her knees. From where she knelt in front of me on the couch, I kept my pelvis turned toward Ashlee so she could give me head while I pulled Nevaeh in close for a warm embrace. We hugged and started making out as our chests pressed together.
“Mmm,” the goth babe moaned from below as she devoured my dick and enjoyed every second of it. The sheen of sweat that had formed on her glistened as she went to town.
As Nevaeh and I continued lip wrestling, I reached down and began running my digits over her legendary labia. Just the feel of those luscious lips on my fingers sent chills down my spine, and the tingles running through my penis could be attributed to both vixens. Hell, if someone would’ve told me that my heart would’ve exploded on the spot after having such a majestic afternoon, I would’ve been fine with that. It would’ve been worth it for the incredible time I was having.
This may seem out of the blue, but it needs to be said: A lot of my closest friends are always going on about how lucky male pornstars are. I can honestly say that in that moment when I was with Ashlee and Nevaeh, I definitely had one-up on those long-donged performers. Sure, some people may say that the women those guys bang in their dirty movies are physically the most desirable females in the world, but the two women I was with went far beyond any of those onscreen starlets because not only were Ashlee and Nevaeh far more beautiful in my eyes, but they had so much more substance. I can honestly say I was one lucky son of a gun.
Once again, I pulled out of the goth babe and asked both women if we could attempt something else. They were game for whatever I had in mind, so I led them to my bedroom as my pecker swayed back and forth while they jiggled about. I could tell that they were excited about my next idea.
After agreeing to the plan I laid out, Ashlee climbed onto the bed first and positioned herself on all fours with her ass aimed directly at me. Nevaeh then followed suit and did the same, but directly above her raven-haired compeer. Their holes were stacked on top of each other right on the middle of my bed, so I eagerly made my way up onto the mattress with them so I could guide my pecker toward one of the openings. I started with Nevaeh on top and began pummeling her pussy.
I grunted as the heavenly woman squealed, and from her position below us, Ashlee encouraged us both by prattling obscenities and telling us how fucking horny she was. This went on for a good two minutes as I gripped Nevaeh by the sides and repeatedly slammed her fortune cookie.
When I eventually pulled out of the fabulous female, I aimed my peter toward the tattooed beauty’s cordial cooter. I once again had a little trouble entering it, but since I was lubed up and Ashlee was reaching underneath herself to spread her puss out, we were able to pop me in so I could begin ramming her.
I worked the gothic chick’s tight love-hole and stretched it out for about three minutes while fingering Nevaeh, and when the woman on top suddenly called out that she was about to orgasm, I was delighted when her feminine fluids began trickling down between her split legs and over the action Ashlee and I had going on. It served to lube both of us further so I could slide in and out of the raven-haired hottie with ease, and just listening to both females squeal had me on the verge of cumming. In fact…
“Oh, hell!” I grunted as I felt that all-to-familiar sensation overtaking my body. I pulled out of Ashlee’s cute crevasse as I announced, “I’m going to cum!”
Both women began wiggling their bottoms while urging me to blow my hot load all over them. I complied by taking my wanker in my right hand and beating it harder than a rival gang member taking out his opposition. I yanked and tugged on my poor pecker so hard that I thought I was going to rip it off, and when my first shot fired out of me, the semen hit the bottom side of Nevaeh’s left ass cheek with such force that it splattered all over the place.
“Give us that fucking cum!” I heard Ashlee shout from below as my second blast struck her right in the taint. She called out upon feeling the goo on her and yelled, “Fuck yeah! Coat my cooter and slime my starfish! I want that jizz all over me, Marcus!”
I think I was successfully obliging the gothic vixen as I discharged more and more of my creamy payload. Ropes of splooge projected through the air as man milk made a mess of everything in front of me.
Another shot practically ricocheted off Nevaeh’s twerking buttocks, and then another managed to shoot right between the bodies of both women since there was a small space between them. I’m sure a long, sticky string was running down Ashlee’s back as I continued whacking away.
I angled my prick upward and let loose with a volley of nut juice that rained down upon Nevaeh’s back, and then I shot a creamy projectile that once again ended up on Ashlee’s taint. I watched in uncontained glee as a wad of my man gravy dripped from between the goth babe’s legs and to my bed below.
“FUCCCK!” I howled as I pulled my pud even harder and blasted both women with another splattering shot. Clumps of sperm exploded in the air before showering down and landing on Ashlee’s calves and my bedspread.
Both women were coaxing my cum out of me with their sensual banter, and after one last massive explosion, I was finally running on empty as I let out a hoot of ecstasy. “Oh my god, you two! That was the most amazing orgasm of my life!”
Ashlee squirmed free from her position under Nevaeh and scampered around so she could attach her lips to my cock. She made sure to suck every last drop I had in me out while jerking on my length at the same time. She didn’t want any of the frothy protein going to waste.
As the tattooed beauty sucked on me, Nevaeh climbed to her feet and jiggled around on the bed before spreading her legs and positioning herself over her friend’s back one last time. She then placed her hands on my face and planted her lips on mine as she gave me one of the most passionate kisses in the history of mankind.
The extraordinary feeling rushing throughout my body would never be replicated. If the women who had just given me the best time of my life felt even half the satisfaction they had presented me with, then I knew I would’ve accomplished a great deal. I wasn’t sure such a thing could be possible, but with the way the randy females were treating me, I had high hopes.
As all three of our mouths remained occupied, I knew I had just lived the most remarkable and unforgettable moment of my entire life.

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