The Old Lady

Written by , on 2018-06-26, genre zoophilia

I live in an 10 story apartment Building, 120 apartments. The building is an L shape design on a corner. I've noticed that you can see into other apartments, if your 1 floor higher than they are. There's not much to look at, no petty girls undressing or anything else you might be interested in. All windows have thick curtains and they are mostly closed all the time. Then 2 weekends ago I was having a coffee and looked out and down and saw the old lady 1 floor down had her curtains open. I could see into her apartment and she was sitting watching TV, I guess. When her big dog came up to her and put his head between her legs and under her dress. She tried to get it to go away, but it kept at it. Then she stood up and undressed completely and got down on all fours and the dog mounted her and he was finished she suck him off. Then she just sat down again and went back to watching TV. Totally naked, I was shocked at what I had seen. But I now regularly keep an eye on her apartment window and she has sex with her dog just about everyday. I thinks she around 70, not a bad body for her age. I've seen her walking her dog a Great Dane called Roger. Now I know why he's called that.

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