I went to a party

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Doesn't sound all that exciting, except I was single going to the party and next morning I was married. At 31 great career and in no relationship, having just split up with my girlfriend. The party games started, and I remember a game called spin the bottle and then everything gets hazy. I woke up in a hotel room with a naked woman 27, I couldn't remember. I went to the bathroom and on returning saw a paper sticking out of my coat pocket. It was my marriage certificate, the woman still asleep in bed was now my wife. Shocked at what I'd done but thought to myself at least I picked a looker. So, I waited for my wife to wake, I ordered breakfast. At least now I knew her name via the marriage certificate. She awoke when room service knocked on the door, over breakfast we got to know each other more. She worked at the same place I did in a different section and was at the party to equal the sexes. She didn't remember much about how and why we married, anyway we hit it off you could say. I wasn't in any hurry to end the marriage; we checked out having decided to give it a go. Me mainly for sex and her as she wasn't on any protection, and we'd unprotected sex. She moved in with me and I liked her being around and so didn't push to end the marriage. We were taking precautions during sex, and she didn't get pregnant from our wedding night. After several months living as man and wife, I asked her to marry me again so at least we would have a wedding we could remember and pictures. She agreed and stopping all precautions during sex, she got pregnant fairly quickly. Now 32 and 5 children later, I firmly believe it was the party I ever went too.

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