Daughter caught me

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It was just after midnight and I was watching some nasty handjob cumshot porn in my living room. I was on disability from a broken elbow so I didn't work and I got up to see my kids off to school but it was summer so no school. Two days a week I took the kids to a stay at home moms house in the neighborhood and went bass fishing.
So I stayed up and usually smoked some crank. That was before they were in high school. It's been a while and they were both of legal age now. My son was 20 and lived with friends and my daughter was 18 and still at home. She had a good job but I didn't know her schedule.
She was always asleep by 10 or 11. I would get spun out hard and that old school crank was so strong in the eighties. I watched my handjob cumshots and I would occasionally puff on my pipe all while edging my horny rock hard 8" cock for 3-6 hours almost every night.
No dope dick with that old dope, not like meth these days. That old shit we called dick dope and leg spreader. I was on my couch, cock covered with Vaseline, but taking a couple hits off my pipe, completely nude, rock hard 8" cock sticking straight up when I thought I heard my daughter get up to use the bathroom.
So I paused the porn and listened and I had no way to cover myself up as I froze and then Nicole came walking out to the kitchen. From the hallway you passed the living room to get to the kitchen and I just had time to hide my pipe but I was caught naked without a good reason to be, especially with my greased up 8" steel rod on display. She hesitated while passing the living room but went to the fridge to grab a soda.
She came back and stopped, leaned against the wall, looked at me shaking her head. I was beet red, hard as steel and tried covering my flag pole but failed miserably. She started chuckling while shaking her head and said "this is a dumb question but what are you doing dad"?
Well, sweety, I'm just trying to take the edge off since I'm a single guy and this is how I usually do it. She leaned forward and looked at the big screen and saw the porn paused with the frozen scene of a girl with her hands wrapped around a big hard cock."What kinda porn is this"? I said um, handjobs."What do you like about handjobs"? Well, I'm not sure of this being a conversation I want to have with you."Well I'm an adult and you're my dad and I love you and I want to know what you like to masturbate to".
Hun, I'm kinda naked here and you are not making this easy for me or you I would think anyway. She was looking at my swollen cock now and it was not getting soft despite of the situation."Well why is it still so hard dad"?"I thought getting surprised and caught naked jacking off to porn and being as embarrassed as you seem would make it shrivel up"."Are you smoking crank again, is that what I smell"?
Well, maybe, but I don't work so I don't have to get up early and I'm single and it's kinda my date night now a days. Are you going to let me get dressed now or what?"No, I think you need to finish don't you"? Not now hun, please don't embarrass me further.
"Dad, you are obviously high and horny, Vaseline jar, naked with handjob porn on and are you shaved smooth too"? Yeah, but not wanting to hash things through with my daughter, duh. Daddy, I'm 18 now, not a virgin and I party now and then too and I know what that dope does for guys and it's the same for girls mostly, with me it is anyway. What are you getting at sweety?"Can I smoke some with you and stay up and watch porn with you? I don't work tomorrow".
"Please daddy, I'm 18 and I'd rather get high with you than with the idiots I hang around plus I'd love to watch porn with you, it's kinda hot, and it'll be better if you smoke with me, please". I could hardly believe my 18 year old daughter wanted to get high and watch porn with me.
Sweety, I don't just watch porn, I get hard like I still am and if it's playing, I'm wanting to jack off and I can't with you sitting next to me."Well, hand me the pipe first then maybe we'll see what we can do after getting high". I grabbed the pipe from between the couch cushions and handed it to her with the torch. She hit it and she knew how to burn it right and she blew out a huge cloud. Sweety, hit it a few times first then I'll hit it again but you can catch up a little with me."Hmmm, damn you got the real shit huh, I'm rushing already". She took another hit while I watched her, realizing how beautiful she had grown to be. About 5'5", blond hair, blue eyes, perfect c sized breasts and a perfect firm bubble butt just like her mom. She was extremely gorgeous and after her third hit, she let out a sexy moan and giggled, grabbed the remote and hit play. She leaned back against the couch and fucking hell, she looked so sexy in her jersey and her panties were showing as she started swinging her legs apart then together rapidly, moaning under her breath in what was a very sexy way that had my still hard cock twitching and getting even harder, painfully hard, throbbing and I grabbed the pipe and took a hit and my cock was throbbing and I flexed it several times and precum started flowing out and down my shaft.
"Wow daddy, I love how your cock is still hard and the way it's bobbing and bouncing and oh my God, you have precum bubbling out of it.!! I love precum, it's a favorite kink of mine, to make it pour out like that then I love to slurp it up".
I handed her the pipe then as she took a couple more hits, I grabbed more Vaseline and slathered it onto my aching cock. It felt intensely good, better I know because my gorgeous 18 year old daughter was right next to me, sucking on the pipe and watching the girl on the big screen give a well lubed handjob on a very lucky guy. She turned the volume up some and purred and said"Daddy, I'm horny as hell already, I like watching porn with you and I'm very high, my body is feeling good and my juices are flowing".
She set the pipe down and put her right hand down onto her panties, she put her left on her left breast and pinched her nipple while rubbing her pussy through her panties. I was watching her every move while she watched my hand slip up and down my precum ming cock. I said to hell with the porn, I would rather watch you any time. Her panties were getting very wet so I said why not get naked so I'm not the only one.
"Ok, that shit has me so wet and horny already and it is so hot doing this right here with you watching me. Sweety, you smell wonderful, you're making my mouth water and you are the sexiest woman on the planet. She slipped her panties off and tossed them at me and I let out a long moan as her smooth shaved pussy came into view. I turned and looked directly at her pussy watching her do circles on her tiny clit and she had the tiniest labia and was sooo wet then she sank two fingers two knuckles deep then out and rubbed more circles on her sensitive clit.
Baby, fuck you smell and sound so perfect, I just want to eat you up. She turned so she was facing me head on and shucked off her shirt and her incredible,firm,perfect breasts with extremely hard nipples were within a couple feet as I stared and groaned out an oh my God, you're absolutely perfect,I know I need to eat you up now. She moaned and buried her fingers in and furiously fucked her juicy pussy quickly as she said go ahead daddy, eat my pussy up.
I leaned forward and sucked her left nipple into my mouth and she breathed in sharply as I pinched and rolled her other nipple with my left hand. I just let go of my leaking cock and I kissed my way down her stomach,belly button then I took a deep breath inhaling her scent in deeply then I scooted off the couch,grabbed her legs and pulled her forward until her ass was hanging half off the couch and I opened my mouth and took her clit then her labia into my mouth and swished my tongue all over her lips then sucked and licked her clit as she gasped out and said oh fuck, I'm gonna cum daddy, eat my pussy and make me cum daddy.!! I had both hands working her breasts and nipples as I licked her and sucked her pussy then I dipped down to her twitching little butt hole and licked and sucked her from ass to clit over and over them as she started cumming,I let go of her nipple and buried two fat fingers into the hilt and started rubbing her G spot and finger fucked her while sucking on her clit and thumping it with side to side strokes of my tongue.
"Cumming,oh oh oh,cumming still,oh fuck daddy yes,keep going, I'm cumming still,yes yes,my God daddy make me cum more.!!! I could tell she was gonna get sensitive so I flattened my tongue and softly licked her and removed my fingers from her gripping,convulsing cumming pussy.She tasted so good I wanted to eat her for hours.She started breathing more normal and said daddy,what about you,you need to cum too don't you? Yes but with such a perfect yummy pussy,I don't mind waiting.
"I want to make you blow your load everywhere daddy,can I jerk you off"? Hmmm,how about a 69 baby so I can keep eating your perfect pussy too.Oh hell yes,that is perfect idea.You made me cum harder than I've ever cum before.Really? That was nothing baby girl,I can eat pussy as sweet as yours for days.We both got up and I lied on my back on the couch and she swung her beautiful body around and I put a pillow under my head and my precumming cock was inches from her face ad she grabbed it at the base with one hand and started slowly squeezing and stroking up and down with her other hand and my extremely hard horny cock sent jolts of electricity through me. In between licking and sucking her juicy pussy,I moaned and said fuck baby,that is perfect.She was breathing heavy right on my cock and I started finger fucking her as I was devouring her pussy and her ass.She couldn't keep a rhythm on my cock because I was making her squeal and cum over and over.Then I felt her mouth close on my cock,her tongue danced and she moaned which vibrated my cock and she pulled off and said my God your precum tasted so fucking good and boom,she popped her mouth onto my cock and hummed as she slowly worked her way all the way down until her nose was at my ball sac.Her throat started milking my spasming cock and I was not gonna last and I said oh fuck baby,you're gonna make me cum if you don't stop."I want your cum down my throat daddy,cum in my throat". Oh fuck fuck fuck,I'm cumming.She buried my cock all the way down and I started firing huge ropes straight into her throat,I kept cumming and it triggered her to cum hard on my face and she milked ten big shots and then the rest of my ball just kept pouring down her throat.We each came harder and better and more than ever before.
"Daddy,you eat pussy better than what should be possible.I lost count how many times I came.I love to make you cum and I only do it the right way baby.I'm gonna need this huge yummy cum filled cock to fuck my little pussy too you know.Well,sweety,give me five minutes and I'll show you some moves you've never seen before.
She got off me but I had her sit forward on the couch and I got between her legs,grabbed my cock at the base and slapped her clit and pussy with it.She yelped each time I thumped her and my cock was hard instantly again,so I slowly pushed the head in then sank half of it into her then out and in six or seven strokes then pulled out bent down and tongued and sucked her then grabbed and thumped her pussy thwap thwap thwap thwap,then in half way and stroked in and out again then out and bent down to eat her again.She was uttering something but couldn't put words together as I kept repeating the cycle over and over them finally,I sank all 8" in til I bottomed out and she convulsed,cumming on my cock but I kept the cycle going a few more times and she was screaming and sounded like a horse and that's when I started pounding into her cumming pussy hard,picked up the pace,slamming into her as she came again as I fucked her through her multiple orgasms.I was in a zone and I wasn't gonna cum again any time soon.I stopped after she lost it for a solid twenty minutes.Daddy,fuck you're an animal.I've never been fucked so good or came so much,you have ruined it for anybody.I smiled and said well baby,I didn't cum yet,there is lots more in my tank.Let's have a rest,a few hits then we'll see what we can do.

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