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As a boy I always had a thing for mommy’s panties the look the feel and I would quite often go through the laundry hamper while no one else was home, at first it was just the to look at them the different colours different materials I did really like the shiny ones. Every time I found some I would just look at them for ages holding them up and turning them around. However after time I found myself getting more excited about them sometimes there would be a dried stain inside and sometimes a gooey mess and it was at this stage that I can remember my little cock getting hard every time I found a pair.

As time went on I started to explore them more smelling them sometimes a strong smell sometimes not pulling them up over my pants, the gooey stuff had the strongest scent and eventually I couldn’t help the urge of holding them to my mouth and licking the stains. The dried stains were ok however the gooey stains were stronger but tasted quite good to me and I would keep licking until I had consumed all of the liquid, this went on for all of my young years eventually after finding out about masterbation I would strip my clothes off and pull a pair of panties on have a wank until I cum in them then lick it clean. When I eventually got a girlfriend I would constantly want to go down on her while she was wearing her panties so that I could look at and smell them while pleasing her.

At 24 I married my wife Susan my fetish was still as strong as ever and I would always go through the dirty clothes in search of her used panties smelling licking and finally wanking into them before licking them clean, we had a good sex life and nothing seem to be a problem for us we used toys dirty talk fantasy’s anything that would enhance the the experience, I never let her know about my panty fetish and as far as my fantasies were concerned it was always maybe we could have sex in the back yard or the beach which never really got a positive response from her. Her fantasy was always the same to be out somewhere and taken by a stranger even if he had to rape her, this was something I did not like and I told her that I don’t think I could go along with.

So time went by and I continued my panty assault two or three times a week and on returning from work one day I grabbed the mail and headed inside the house, sitting at the dining table I quickly flicked through the letters bill bill etc then one addressed to me in a plain envelope I tore down the side and removed a letter and a smaller envelope.unfolding the letter I started to read honey it’s about time that I got a chance to live out my fantasies (WTF) I thought who does she think she is. We both know about your little panty and cum eating episodes my stomach fell how could she know it’s not possible she was never home, then she wrote any doubts check the envelope.

I tore open the smaller envelope and out fell an sd card I got up and went to retrieve my laptop fired it up and inserted the card, holy shit there I was in the laundry wearing a pair of her red panties while licking another pair and it went on to me cumming into a blue thong and licking it clean numerous others were there but you get the Picture, I went back to the letter and continued to read so my darling unless you want your little secret to get back to your family then should I occasionally come home used and abused you won’t say anything about it. And baby let’s be honest you might actually get to eat another man’s cum for a change (if you’re not already) oh and I’m happy for you to wear my panties out under your clothes if that’s your thing.

When she returned home after work I acted like everything was normal and continued to do so even during sex we would still occasionally talk about fantasies and she would still bring up the stranger /rape scenario however I was beginning to doubt her after all how would she initiate such a thing without putting herself in a dangerous position, about a week later she told me that she would be going out with her friend on Saturday night to see a movie yeah ok I told her. On the day she was getting ready to go out and when she walked into the living room I thought to myself she is dressed like a slut tight top no bra short skirt and to my amazement she turned around bent slightly forward and said do you think the yellow thong is too much? Playing along I said not at all you look delicious.

A quick kiss goodbye and she was gone the night dragged along and at 1am I couldn’t stay awake any longer, I didn’t hear her get home and at 7am I slipped out of bed and headed to the laundry quickly checking the hamper the top and skirt were there but no panties I went back to the room and checked around the bed nothing so I gently lifted the sheet she was naked no panties anywhere. I didn’t want her to think that I was stressed over it so I grabbed a mini cam and set it up in the corner of the room where she wouldn’t notice it. I went and made breakfast and ate out the back on the deck. It was about 10.30 when I heard the shower going and thirty minutes later she wondered into the kitchen and made herself a coffee.

She sat down and said hey you I thought you would have waited up for me no I replied there was nothing interesting on TV so I went to bed about 10, and here I was thinking that you would be worried about me what’s to worry about you were at the movies with your friend. Yes she said nothing to worry about with that so what is on today she questioned I thought we could go out for lunch this afternoon if you’re up for it yeah that sounds good she answered, I went and had a shower then got dressed she was getting ready and to my surprise no panties very tight white tights and a waist length top. All you could see was those tights crawling up between her arse cheeks not to mention the huge camel toe at the front (I was as hard as a rock)

As we walked through the streets on our way to lunch every body was watching he even girls took a second look at her, we went to have a look through some shops and she found some jeans that she wanted to try on every where she went men were watching her one man in particular was with his wife and kids easily fifteen plus yrs older than us he kept looking at her and she would glance at him before bending right over from the waist it was all there to see he walked by her and ran his hand up between her arse cheeks she stood and smiled at him what are you looking for today she asked a quick reply came in the form of him running his fingers up between her camel toe.

Well I’m after some new jeans that I’m just about to go and try on he replied by grabbing a shirt and heading to the change room she quickly followed, about thirty minutes passed and the guy came out to be greeted by his wife and kids how long does it take to try clothes on she spat out. Then about five minutes later I received a text from my wife asking me if I could please get her a pair of panties and take them into the change room, I replied with I thought you weren’t wearing panties today? Just as quickly she replied with if I don’t put panties on I’m going to have cum running down my legs for the rest of the day!! Bullshit I replied who’s another txt came the guy I followed in the one with the wife and kids he stripped my tights off made me suck him until he was good and hard then bent me over and fucked me like a wild dog before filling me to overflowing with his hot cum.

So panties or no panties you’re choice ok ok I said and I went to get her a pair, but they had to be what I liked and I found a crimson satin pair one size too small. I walked them in and called her she put her hand out and I went to walk in however she stopped me and said just give them to me, so I handed them to her and went outside just minutes later she came out hung the jeans back up and said let’s go I’m starving. As she walked away I had to smile clearly visible were the crimson satin panties that looked super tight under her see through tights. After lunch we headed home she jumped straight into the shower and once clean pulled on a pair of shorts and a t shirt and came back to the living room, in her hand were the crimson panties she held them out and said can you please lick these clean before I put them in the wash.

No way I replied and she said fine from now on I won’t wear panties which means that there will never be another pair in the laundry hamper and with that she turned and walked away, stop I said that’s not fair and she replied I told her that this lot isn’t my cum oh my baby cum is cum it all tastes the same believe me. So yes or no ok I replied and taking them I went to walk away oh no you don’t in front of me, I can’t I said that’s not what the tent in your pants is telling me now take you pants down and start licking that yummy cum. I slowly dropped my pants my cock was straining against my underpants WOW this does excite you doesn’t it you are super hard, I lifted the panties to my face and took a deep breath then poking my tongue into the gusset started to lap up all of the cum that was there.

I don’t think she could have stopped me if she wanted to I was in heaven and couldn’t get enough I was sooo turned on just as I finished she walked towards me and while looking straight into my eyes ran her finger nail up my underpants along the back of my cock that was it I exploded into my underwear she smiled and said I hope you’re hungry. As I peeled off my underwear and started to lick them clean she knelt down in front of me and sucked the rest of the cum from my cock.

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