T-Girl fairy tale 3

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Six Long Days

The next six days went by very slowly for Jared. All three of the women in the house couldn't seem to leave him alone even long enough to do his chores. When he brought Martha her breakfast the very next morning she tacked on an extra chore for him. Pushing down the bed covers and raising her night gown she motioned him up onto the bed. Once she took the tray holding her breakfast from him and began eating she motioned toward her erect penis with her hand as she lazily chewed on a piece of buttered toast. He wasn't sure exactly what she wanted so he reached out and gripped her swollen throbbing member in his hand. Martha moaned in pleasure and immediately began to hump his hand. Jared's displeasure at this new chore was quite evident on his face. After a few minutes she said,

"If you're going to have such a sour look on your face put your mouth over it, that way at least I won't have to look at you while you are so distressed." The even more horrified look on Jared's face caused her to lecture him further, "If you can live under my roof and eat my food this is the least you can do to show your gratitude!" She leaned forward and with her free hand she pushed his mouth down over her hard cock. "Now suck on it!" She commanded. Jared, seeing no way out, did as he was told, while inside he seethed in anger.

Jared's heart certainly wasn't in this new chore so it was taking a long time for Martha to come. She didn't mind because just having a warm mouth around her aching member was feeling good and she was enjoying the attention. Finally Jared realised that if he wanted this to end anytime soon he would have to make it feel so good she couldn't help but come quickly. Jared pulled out all the stops. Sucking and working his mouth up and down her considerable cock. Within a minute she was gasping for breath and exploding deep in his mouth. He quickly swallowed her come, gave her a couple of extra slurps and got up off of the bed.

"Are you finished with me mistress?" All the spent Martha could do was nod as she waved him out the door.

Later that morning he was down on his knees scrubbing the floor in music room when Patrice happened by the open door. She looked in to see him with his breeches pulled tightly across an ass she was planning on becoming more and more familiar with each passing day. The small clothes she wore under her dress were quickly becoming too small to hold her excitement. With a hand she reached down and through her dress released her growing penis, then stepped into the room pulling the door shut quietly behind her. Patrice wore soft slippers that couldn't be heard over the bristles of the brush as they worked through the soapy water at the grime on the slate floor.

Patrice thought she was slipping up on Jared without his knowledge, but he knew she was coming and was sure he knew what she planned to do as well. She grabbed him from behind, snaking one hand down to the front of his breeches to deftly untie the cord that held them in place. Patrice pulled back far enough to grab the breeches and pull them down to expose his waiting arse hole. She pulled up her dress and pressed the head of her turgid cock against his quivering sphincter and pushed into him deeply. When she was fully inside him she grabbed his long hair and pulling his head back she whispered in his ear,

"I watched through the key hole as mother had her way with you last night. And this morning I could hear her moans of pleasure as she ate breakfast. If you can give pleasure to her you can give it to me as well!" Patrice began to pump and grind her hard cock deeply in Jared's ass. As she did she continued to whisper to him, "We mustn't take too long at this, I wouldn't want anyone else to know how close we're becoming." Jared was steaming again inside yet he knew he needed to keep things calm around the house until he could get to that ball. If only Angel would choose him then he could escape all of this abuse. Jared concentrated on clenching his ass tightly around her penis. As soon as he did she moaned and within minutes was spewing deeply into him. She took a few seconds to catch her breath then said,

"That was incredible! I want you to grip me like that every time I'm inside of you!" Patrice leaned close to his ear and stuck her wet tongue into it then continued in a whisper, "Which believe me will be quite often." She stood up to begin tucking her shrinking prick back into her small clothes. When she was finished she turned with a swirl and headed out the door as Jared pulled his breeches back up and tied the cord back around his waist. When Patrice opened the door there stood Evelyn in the hallway. In an attempt to cover up what had just transpired she looked back over her shoulder and said to Jared,

"Don't forget those spots I showed you that you missed!" She turned back to Evelyn and with a sour look on her face said, "He simply cannot scrub a floor properly!" Then she stormed off down the hallway. Evelyn took a second to peek around the door into the music room and was just in time to see Jared finish adjusting his breeches. With that sight a knowing smile spread across her face.

After lunch that day Evelyn went out to the barn where she knew she would find Jared feeding the animals and cleaning the stalls. As she walked toward the barn she could feel the excitement beginning to build in her stomach and the feeling began to creep down to her crotch where her womanly prick was stiffening. The barn doors were open, but she really could not see into the gloomy interior enough to tell exactly where Jared was at the moment. She stepped into the gloom and let her eyes adjust to the dimness as her ears told her that Jared was cleaning the last stall on the left. She started walking down the aisle toward the noise, with each step her cock grew fatter and harder. By the time she reached the stall door her cock was making quite the tent in the front of her dress.

Jared had seen her head moving above the top of the stall's wall and had turned to work in a corner that he'd already cleaned to allow her the opportunity to sneak up on him if she wanted. As soon as she cleared the door of the stall she rushed Jared and shoved him roughly against the back wall of the stall. Jared made a wuffing noise as some of the air was knocked from him. For the second time that day a hand snaked it way to the cord that held his breeches up and deftly untied it. Jared struggled slightly, but not too much. He knew he was going to have to put up with these attentions until he could escape. Evelyn hadn't burdened herself with small clothes so all she had to do was push Jared's breeches down and pull her dress up. Her full breasted chest was against his back pinning him to the wall as she grabbed a cheek in each hand and pulled them apart to access his tight arse. She couldn't see past her dress so she slipped a finger below her cock and pulled it up along his crack until she felt the tip press into his hole. Her powerful hips drove her fat cock forward and Jared's ass was suddenly full to overflowing.

Jared gasped loudly as she filled him then placed her hands on his hip bones and began to hump him like a crazed dog. She was grunting and thrusting out of control with lust. She was so excited that Jared didn't think it would take her very long to come, but as the minutes began to drag on he knew he was going to have to help out some. He squeezed down as hard as he could on her fat cock with his sphincter muscle. Evelyn was shoved deep inside him and stopped there. Groaning loudly she grabbed his head and pulled his face around to press her mouth over his. Her tongue filled his mouth and as she kissed him, she ground her cock in his ass as deeply as it would go. After a minute or two of this she pulled her mouth from his and with a grunt she gave a mighty shove so her cock would be buried deep in him and shot spurt after spurt of her cum into his tightly stretched arse.

Evelyn let out a low MMMM of satisfaction as she rubbed her hands up from Jared's hips along his ribcage. In a dreamy voice she said,

"Jared that was wonderful! I feel like I could walk on air, it felt so great! But the best part was when you squeezed down on my cock with your arse muscle! I couldn't help but to fill you up with my cum then." She kissed his neck and continued to caress his taught muscular body with her penis still buried inside him. She nuzzled his ear with her nose and flicked his earlobe with the tip of her tongue. "I know that Mother and Patrice only want to use you for their pleasure. That is the way they've always treated any man they get their cocks into, but I don't want it to be that way with us. I would like for us to mutually enjoy each other and maybe even have some fun with it." She giggled a little and started to move her hips working her still partially hard cock in and out of his accepting ass. "What do you say Jared? Want to have a little fun with me?"

Jared stood there in the stall with his arse full and his mind a whorl. He hated how Martha and Patrice used him. It humiliated him that they treated him like some man-dog that could be ordered around then screwed in the arse as easy as they pleased. But Evelyn was not being like that at all. Even though she had shoved him up against the stall wall and taken him roughly she had not humiliated him like the other two had. Her fingers were rubbing his nipples as she slowly and gently worked her thick cock between his muscular butt cheeks. She was obviously trying to make things feel good for him as well as herself. He heard himself say,

"Evelyn, if you are indeed sincere and willing to treat me well then I'd love to explore some of this kind of fun with you." Besides if he had one of the three on his side maybe this wouldn't be such a long six days after all. Evelyn hugged him tightly to her body, forcing her cock completely into him and let out a little squeal of delight.

"I knew you'd say yes! I could just feel it, but I was still so afraid you might say no that the anticipation was killing me!" As quickly as she had squeezed him she released him and pulled away from him. Jared turned around to see what she was doing and found her pulling down a saddle blanket that had been casually tossed over the stall door. She flipped it out on the clean straw he had been spreading on the floor of the stall. When she turned back to Jared he could see that she was still very eager to have some more fun with him. She came back to him and bent down before him to grip his breeches. "Go ahead and step of these, we need to get them completely out of the way." He did as he was told, steadying himself with one hand on her shoulder as he did so. Suddenly his penis was engulfed in Evelyn's warm wet mouth. She sucked him and worked him so vigorously that he was rock hard in no time. Jared had never had his penis in any mouth let alone anywhere else on a woman. Within minutes he was close to coming. Evelyn could easily tell because he was panting and thrusting his hips eagerly pushing his prick into her mouth. When she thought he couldn't hold out another second she grabbed his ass in both hands and swallowed his penis. Her nose was pressed tightly against his pelvic bone as she devoured him, causing him to explode in the best orgasm he had ever known.

Jared legs went weak, but Evelyn helped to support him long enough to allow him to collapse onto the saddle blanket she placed on the straw. He lay there gasping for breath.

"That was like nothing I have ever felt before!" He gasped.

"Yea, if Patrice doesn't have some one to distract her she gets me to do that to her. She says the practice is good for me, because someday I may meet a man and that will be what makes him put up with me." Evelyn smirked, untied her dress and pulled it over her head. Her chemise followed and she was standing there in only her corset. She reached down and gripped her fat cock as she said, "But I know I'll find a man that will keep me for a bigger reason than my cock sucking!"

Evelyn dropped to her knees causing her fat cock to bounce around as she grabbed Jared's ankles to spread his legs and push them up toward his chest. She aimed her cock with her hips, pushing the tip against his hole as she tentatively tested the resistance of his sphincter. Finding none she entered him deeply and profoundly. He gasped with the sudden fullness of her being inside him, but as soon as he felt her pelvic bone against his he squeezed his sphincter as tightly as he could around the base of her penis. Evelyn released her hold on Jared's ankles and leaned up over him so that they were face to face. Her brown eyes were heavy lidded as she covered his mouth with hers. Her tongue darted against his lips so he opened his mouth and eagerly sucked her tongue inside. Her tongue was thick like her cock and stretched his mouth uncomfortably making the corners feel as thought they might rip. She pulled back from the kiss and whispered to him,

"Milk my cock with your ass muscles while I kiss you."

Jared began squeezing and releasing his grip on her cock with his ass muscles. She moaned into his mouth and pressed her hips tightly against him as she reveled in the wonderful feeling he was giving her. Eventually she began to pump her hips moving her cock in and out of him. As she did he would grip her on the out stroke and relax on the in stroke. This seemed to drive her crazy. She broke the kiss and pushed herself up off of him to make eye contact. He looked into her dark brown eyes and saw a mix of intense lust and what he thought might be a bit of love.

"Oh Jared, I love the way your ass is gripping my cock as though it does not want to let me go of me! It makes me feel wanted and that excites me so." Jared's sphincter was starting to ache from all the work it was doing, but he thought she would come soon so he was trying hard to keep up. He was seeing a brand new side of Evelyn. He had always thought of her as the younger crony sister to Patrice, trying to become a mean bitch just like her older sister and mother. Yet here she was being anything but mean and bitchy. Evelyn slipped down a bit so she could thrust at Jared's special spot. She knew from experimenting with one of her sister's boyfriend that there was a special place in a man that if you could hit it just right it would cause him to come. She hit it on her first thrust in the new position. Jared gasped and jerked under her as she hit his sweet spot again and again. He felt it deep inside him and it made it harder for him to keep gripping her, but it wasn't going to matter. Within seconds of her beginning to hit the sweet spot they both exploded with pleasure. Coming at the same time they strained and moaned, grinding against each other in ecstasy.

Evelyn collapsed on top of Jared as they gasped for breath. After a few minutes she slipped off to the side of him and they lay on their backs still recovering from the intense orgasms they'd just experienced.

"From the first day I came to this farm and saw you I have been dreaming of doing this with you. I have wanted to give you pleasure as I also enjoyed your body. I should have never taken part in Patrice's plan last night, but I was so desperate to be inside you I couldn't resist the opportunity. I hope you can forgive me, because from now on I want the pleasure to be mutual each time I enter you." Evelyn's hands were behind her head as she lay next to Jared, who took in what she said with a bit of surprise. Until yesterday he'd been completely unaware of her ability to do this sort of thing to him. Evelyn pulled her hand from behind her head and slipped it behind Jared's, then pulled him over under her arm. Jared rolled up against her side and lay an arm under breasts while his leg slipped over hers, his knee gently nudging her slowly deflating cock. "What say you, can you forgive me for last night if I promise to treat you better from here on out?" Jared nodded yes, which caused Evelyn to kiss him on the head. She said simply, "Thank you."

The sun was lower in the afternoon sky and by the slant of the rays he could tell that they'd spent too much time for him to get all the stalls cleaned.

"Evelyn, you must let me finish my work here in the stables so I will be able to start dinner on time." She put on the pout of a little girl.

"No! I want to spend more time inside you."

"You don't want your mother mad at me do you? You know she'll just make me work all the harder and then there'll be even less time for that." She heaved a heavy sigh.

"Yes, yes, I know that your right, but it's just that I have finally found the pleasure I always knew we could have and yet it feels like I'm not going to have much time to enjoy it." She rolled over on top of Jared and pressed her mouth to his, pushed her tongue inside to kiss him deeply. He could feel her cock starting to swell between them and thought, 'Uh, oh. Here we go again.' But Evelyn cut the kiss short and pushed herself up off of him and proceeded to get dressed. Jared followed suit, slipping on his breeches and into his loose fitting shoes. He stood awkwardly at the door to the stable as she finished dressing. Jared watched as she stepped up to the door, but before she exited his younger step-sister slipped her arms around him and pulled him tightly against her. With her full breasts pushed against his chest she thrust her partially erect cock against his leg as she pulled his mouth in for one last kiss. Her dark brown eyes sparkled with mischief as she looked into his and said,

"Until later."

Jared watched his step-sister walk from the barn with a bounce in her step and he knew one in her crotch as well. When she was out of sight he plopped down on a tack box that sat beside the stable door and held his head in his hands. His mind was reeling. What was going on here? He needed to collect himself. Where he had been furious with Martha and Patrice for what they were doing to him and knew he could keep that fiery anger stoked to get him to the Ball for Princess Angel, now he was not sure how to deal with Evelyn. What had just happened here in this stall? He had started out with that same hot anger as Evelyn pushed him against the wall to take him. Yet now things were different. She had definitely taken something that humiliated him and made it into a pleasurable experience. He had squirted his approval all over his stomach just as she had squirted hers deep inside him. He shook his head in amazement and with a quick glance at the sun dipping toward the horizon outside he got up to finish his chores.

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