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Written by , on 2024-02-12, genre straight

Back in 2022 I wrote about how I married my new wife, Andrea. She had been mistreated by her late husband Bruce and her family before him. Being a quiet woman I was her only contact after Bruce passed away and I ended up bedding and marrying her and my ex-wife Teresa and her partner Jasmin are regular visitors to see Andrea and our son Jeff junior, my daughter Emily I'd with Teresa loves her little brother and is delighted again as Andrea is again pregnant along with Teresa and Jasmin. Not actually planned but they had started joining me and Andrea in foursomes and both ended up pregnant also about a month apart. To save travel time, they bought Andrea's house and are now our neighbors with a connecting gate added. Emily now has the dog she always wanted and a little brother and more siblings due in the next few months. Sex isn't restricted to foursomes with Teresa and Jasmin, one on one with either of them with me is also allowed. Likewise, one on one with Andrea is allowed with either of them. So, you could say I've three wives, it's a perfect relationship in my book.

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