Closing the Beach House

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A follow-up to 'The Beach House'

In early November, I took the bus to Redrock Harbor and arrived almost two hours before the ferry was to leave. I had arranged to help Rick close down his beach house. I would be gone for a total of four nights. Four nights alone with Rick.

I walked around town and ran out of things to do and went to the dock. I spotted Rick’s sports car. A few minutes later he was running up to me. He shook my hand and put his arm around my shoulders. “You're early.”

“The bus only runs every four hours.”

“Cmon. Let’s go up Mainstreet. We have some time to kill. The ferry never leaves on time.”

Rick and I walked around Redrock. Rick took me into a store and bought me a new jacket and two shirts. I told him not to, but he insisted that I have nice things to wear on Pike Island as we would be going out for dinner quite often. I put my four-year-old jacket in the trash. An hour later we were standing on the ferry watching the waves and looking for Pike Island on the horizon. So far Rick hadn’t said anything about what happened last time I visited. The breeze was cold and when it started to rain, we took shelter in his car. He talked to me about the last few months. Asked me about my job and about all the girls I was dating.

“I haven’t been dating anyone.”

“When they see you in that jacket and those jeans you will get some dates.”

I blushed. I had saved up for the jeans, they fit so well. I had cut my hair and bought new glasses. I guess I was trying to look good for him. The way he looked at me in that car, I could tell that he was interested in fooling around. I was excited by the anticipation, but neither of us said anything. Once we got off the ferry, we were only a few miles from his beach house. As he drove up his gravel driveway, I listened to the crunch of his tires. A sound I was waiting to hear ever since August.

We got into the house, and he went from room to room turning on the baseboard heaters. “It’s a little cold. It will take a few hours to heat up. Sometimes at night we have to use the fireplace.”

I took off my jacket. Rick took his off. His hand moved down my back and squeezed my ass. “We’ll have to keep each other warm for a while.”

“Sure.” I said dreamily.

He led me to the bedroom. He started talking off my shirt. “We’ll be warmer under the covers.”

The bedroom was somehow even colder than the main room. I took off my socks and felt the wood floor and complained. I whipped off the rest of my clothes and lifted the sheets and jumped in only to feel the frigid blankets. “Jesus hurry up, the bed is freezing.”

Rick finished taking off his clothes and jumped onto the bed and pulled the blankets over both of us covering even our heads. Enough light came through that I could see him, and I felt his warm body all along mine. I faced him and we hugged each other and shivered and rubbed up against each other. With only a few minutes of grinding I was no longer concerned about the cold. I was totally hard and writhing against his skin. He got behind me and I felt his thick cock pushing between my thighs.

He warmed himself against me and kissed me wherever he could, including briefly on the lips, but he was more interested in the rest of me. I was on top of him face to face with our dicks against each other, then below. I was turned face down, then he kissed my shoulders and rubbed his shaft against my backside. After a while I was getting hot and we pulled the blankets down past our necks. Rick seemed to be in no rush and content to move me from one position to another as he enjoyed his hands and mouth on my body. I was in an agitated state and groaned the times he licked or took my dick into his mouth. Finally, I held him in place, and he gave me what I wanted. Two months of anticipation and two days of buildup exploded into his mouth. He generously held my cock in his mouth my dick pumped. With an empty house I didn't hold back and I shouted as I jerked my hips against his head. He worked his tongue and swallowed. When he shifted up, I curled around him.

Soon Rick started moving again and I found myself with my head between his legs trying to take his whole cock in my mouth. He had been gentle until this time, but he finally held me by the hair and thrusted. I had practiced relaxing my jaw while holding large things in my mouth and I was able to take more of his cock in my mouth than in August. He tried to slide in and out of me slowly, but there was a tension in his body. He must have saved himself for me. After fighting for control, he thrust his hips wildly. My mouth was assaulted. He grunted and his dick flexed in my mouth. He held the back of my head as I swallowed his copious shots of semen. As I slowly pulled up, I made sure to lick and swallow all his juice still on his shaft. I moved up to lay beside him and in a few minutes his eyes were closed and he was breathing steadily.

I left the bed and read on the couch until he emerged. The sky cleared and it became warm for early November, and we walked along the beach. “See that house.” Rick pointed to a large old house set farther back from the beach than the newer houses. “That’s the main house. That’s what we called it. My great grandfather built it. His family owned all this land. From this location to three houses in each direction and all the way back to the main road. We owned two small houses there as well. All of it is gone now. Sold when my grandfather died, but when I was your age, we still owned all of it.” He pointed to a path in the woods and talked about what he had done as a child, the boats that they owned, the names of his cousins and their relative ages and the games they played. It felt good to have him pay attention to me this way, to share his past. “Just the beach house remains in our family. I don’t own it. It actually belongs to my father and his brother.”

We walked the path and crossed the two miles to the far side of the Island where there was another beach hidden from the interior by a rocky cliff. “I’ll take you here in the summer. We can come here and swim and be alone.” It felt good to be with Rick and have him share his stories. I felt flattered by his attention. You might think it was seduction, but it was more.

The rest of the afternoon we spent near his cabin, we did some work cleaning up and talked in wooden beach chairs down by the dock. He talked about his past. He hinted that had spent time with another boy when he was my age and even brought him to the island.

Late in the afternoon we went back to town, and he took me out to dinner. He doted on me, ordering the most expensive meal. He bought me two beers but refrained from alcohol himself. He listened to me talk about my friends, my job and my mother. So much attention from an older man was flattering. I know I was an object of desire to him, but he made me feel great. We went shopping for a few supplies then returned to the beach house.

When we got back to the cabin he showered and then he asked me to shower. He watched as I showered. He scrubbed my back and my buttocks and washed and rinsed the inside of my ass. I knew what was coming. I got an erection in anticipation. We climbed into bed and dropped our towels and started rolling around. He positioned me on top of him and we thrashed about. He kissed my neck and shoulders as his stiff prick rubbed up against the skin of my legs. My cock was pressed against him as well. I tried to kiss him on the mouth, but he would turn away or reposition himself. For a long time, we played around like this. I kissed his dick for a while, but he stopped me when I went to put it in my mouth. He had me lay back and he kissed me down my chest and stomach, down to my thighs and my balls. With his hands and his mouth, he kissed and felt and enjoyed my body. He turned me on my side then my stomach. Then he pressed his face against my ass. His hands raised my hips until I was on my knees. He began to lick my anus. I whimpered and moaned as the minutes went by. The muscles deep inside contracted and relaxed in anticipation. He stopped and knelt behind me. He took a towel and pushed it between my legs so that it was spread below my belly.

“It won’t hurt, will it?” I asked.

“Not this time.”

I felt his finger rubbing me with a slick sticky substance. Then his fat head pressed against me. He pushed against my anus, and it slid in. I could feel the substance sliding on his shaft as he pushed into me. I felt an uncomfortable fullness, but no roughness.”

“What is that?”

“It’s lube. How does it feel?”

“It’s ok. I feel a little… stretched.”

Rick moved slowly into me and then pulled out completely. “Just try to relax. Tell me when it’s too much.”

He pulled back and I felt his finger putting more lube against my anus. Then his prick was there. It easily opened me up and he pushed into me farther than last time. I uncontrollably moaned. There was pressure but suddenly there was pleasure. “Oh God Rick, what did you do?”

“You like that? I hit the spot. Just hold still for a moment.” He rested his hands on my hips and rocked gently. Each movement caused a strong sensation. I felt my prick swell. It wasn’t erect, it felt swollen. Cum dripped onto the towel. He kept moving and I felt his short pubes make contact with my backside. He was all the way in. I tried to relax but his thick shaft holding me open felt just a little painful. As he moved his shaft over and over, the pressure and the pleasure lessened. I just felt incredibly full and opened up. “You ok?” He asked.

I choked out. “Yeah. Keep going.”

He slid a few inches back and then fully into me very slowly for minutes. I shifted my arms and moved my head occasionally trying to relax my ass as he rocked into me. I remembered him fucking my aunt from behind and I imagined how he looked. I turned my head to see his hands on me and his body swaying into mine. The feeling of possibly having an orgasm faded. I just pressed my face against a pillow and endured it. The pace of his thrusts increased. After a long time, he was thrusting into me hard and fast. His hips slapped against me, and I felt his balls gently bounce against me. My dick had gone soft, and it bobbed with his thrusts. Rick was gripping my hips and pulling against me. He said things like "Give me that tight ass." and "Take it! Take it!" He was pushing so hard into me, I was hoping it would end soon. I felt him tensing up and his breath became short gasps. When he came, he grunted so loud that he would have woken up the house if anyone else was there. He spasmed into me repeatedly making guttural noises. I didn’t feel the wetness like the time he splashed just inside my rectum. He held still fully in me, and I felt the pressure subside. He pulled out in a long slow movement. Free of him, I laid down sideways onto the bed.

He lay behind me breathing heavily. I put my hand over my ass. It felt sore. I was sure that my anus was no longer tightly closed. Rick sat up and looked at the towel. “You didn’t cum.”

“Was I supposed to?”

“Some guys do.”

Rick left the room to clean up. I heard the shower run. When he returned, I went to the bathroom to remove the lube from between my cheeks. I gently touched my opening with one finger. It felt swollen and tender. I returned to bed.

He put his arm over me. “Do you want me to go down on you?”

“No. No. Not now.”

Rick was looking at me with concern. “Are you ok?”

“I might be a little sore, but I enjoyed it. You really knew what you were doing. Have you done that a lot?”

“Never. You are my first.”

I didn’t know if I believed him. He really wanted to do it the last time I was at the beach house. “You’ve never been with another guy? Or done that with a girl?”

“No. I’ve never done that with anyone.” Then he paused. “I did things with a guy before.” Then he fell silent. He didn’t offer any more details and I didn’t press.

The next day I woke up and watched Rick sleep. I thought about what we might do in the next three days. Would it be painful the next time? Or would I get used to it? Although we were staying for four nights, Rick had confessed he could close up the house in an afternoon.

After breakfast, he went out without me to get some work done in town and to get wood for the fireplace. I stayed behind and read my book. When he came back, he started a fire and then worked in the kitchen emptying out the fridge and shelves of all the things he didn’t want to keep through winter. After lunch he sat on the couch with me and I tried to kiss him, but he said, “Not now. Tonight. I have a surprise for you.”

We drove back to the main harbor of Pike Island and walked around the scenic main street and had dinner. We returned to the cabin, and we spent the night relaxing. I read my book as he looked over paperwork from his work.

Later that evening we took a shower together. I got seriously worked up washing his body as he kissed my neck and shoulders. He pushed me up against the tiles and pressed his erection up into my ass. I thought he might fuck me right in the shower and I could tell that he was tempted, but he didn’t push it into me. He cleaned me with soap again deep inside my crack.

He got dressed before me and when I went into the bedroom, I noticed an item of clothing was left on the bed. It was pink lingerie. It was all one piece and it fit me well enough. I decided to be coy about it and I put my shorts and a shirt on over it. When I came out, Rick looked over and was a little disappointed.

“Do you see what I left on the bed?”

“I saw it.”

He sat on the couch, and I stood in front of him unbuttoning my shirt. When it opened enough to reveal the pink material beneath it Rick sat up excitedly and put his arms around me. He frantically finished unbuttoning my shirt and pushing down my shorts. He kissed every exposed part of me as he undressed me down to the lingerie. He was in a frenzy. I ended up on the couch with him on top of me. He kissed me on the mouth. Not like the previous times, but like a hungry teenager.

We played around on the couch. He ran his hands along the skin of my back and legs and gave me small kisses. He got behind me and pressed his face against my ass. I could feel the material being moved aside and his face pressing in. I was bent over the edge of the couch as he tongued me. He worked his tongue and kissed my cheeks as I watched the fire.

He stood up and took my hand and led me into the bedroom. He positioned me on all fours and put lube into me and then on his cock. I settled in for a long fuck. His movements were gentle and slow for a long time, and I felt that great sensation. Pulses of feelings from inside. My dick felt swollen and tender. He pulled out and had me take off the lingerie and lie on my back. He held up my legs, so my heels were pointing at the ceiling, and he entered me again. I watched my swollen dick bob with his thrusts as leakage of creamy liquid exited my slit. He rocked into me from on top for a while then he pulled out and laid back. I crawled on top of him and worked his erection back into my ass. He pivoted into me as I looked down on him. He put his hand on my shaft and called it a "Nice little pecker". I looked down at his contorted face as his hips jerked and his cock slid up into me. My dick dribbled onto him.

He finally got behind me again and started to seriously fuck me. I felt opened up again by his hard thrusts. It wasn't painful like the previous day, just uncomfortable. I rested my face against the mattress and endured it until he finally grunted and shook inside of me. He kept himself pressed deep in me as he experienced a few aftershocks. Still gripping me he said in a low voice "So fucking tight", then he slowly slipped out. After he cleaned up, he returned and got under the sheets and relaxed up against me with his eyes closed.

I lay there next to him thinking about everything that had happened on this trip and the last. His breathing was becoming rhythmic. I heard gravel crunching. I sat up. The sound came very close to the beach house. Someone had pulled up into the driveway. I heard a door open and then slam shut. I shook Rick. “Wake up. Someone’s coming down the driveway.”

He sat up. Then he looked at me. “It’s ok. Just stay quiet and get dressed.”

Rick got out of bed and quickly put on his pants and started to pull on his shirt as the front door of the beach house opened. Rick rushed to the bedroom door, took a last look at me then walked out. I sat on the bed, putting on my clothes and listening.

“Richard. What the hell are you doing here?” It was a man’s voice.

“I’m here to close down the house. What are you doing here?”

“I’m going pheasant hunting. The hunt starts in the morning.”

They talked for a bit longer. I heard the man move around. Rick came to the bedroom door and told me to come out. I walked out and looked at the man standing next to the fireplace. He was tall, bearded, and was wearing a camouflage jacket. He walked up to me and took my hand. “Hello there buddy. My name is Tom. What’s yours?”

I told him.

“This is my cousin” Rick explained. “His family owns half the house.” Rick pointed at me. “Tom, this is Jane’s nephew. I brought him along to help.” After a long silence Rick added. “It was kind of cold, so I was letting him sleep in the warmest room.”

“Doesn’t seem cold to me.”

“Well, you just came in. You know how the house gets in November.”

“Whatever. I have to get up before 5 am. I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon.” He picked up his bags and went into the second bedroom. “I damn near missed the last ferry.” Then he closed the door.

Rick gestured to me to follow him into the bedroom. “Tom is going to be here hunting for the next two days. I think you should sleep on the couch.”

That night I slept on the couch. I could hear Tom’s steady snoring through his closed door. I thought of the awkwardness of Rick and Tom talking to each other. I wish I had gotten out of the bedroom before Tom entered the house. It seemed like the middle of the night when Tom came out and used the bathroom and then got dressed and left. I heard his truck pulling away. It made a lot more noise than Rick’s two-seater.

I got off the couch and went into Rick’s room and got under the covers with him. I put my arm over him and laid along his back. In a few minutes he was awake, and he turned towards me. “Sorry about that. I had no idea he was coming.”

“It’s fine. I mean he seems nice enough. We will have plenty of time alone.”

“Tom is Ok, but we have to be careful. I don’t want him to find out about us.”

“Sure. What should we do?”

“We can’t get caught. That’s all. If you are going to fall asleep you have to go back on the couch.”

“I could sleep some more.”

“Not yet.” Rick started to kiss my neck. Soon he was pushing my underwear down. We moved around the bed as he kissed my body. I reached into his underwear. He felt as large as ever, but not as hard. I pulled off his underwear and I climbed on top of him. My erection pressed against his stomach as we kissed. He rolled me onto my stomach and pressed his shaft along the inside of my buttocks. I could feel him getting stiffer. I thought he might reach for the lubricant, but he got off me. He slid down the bed, turned me, and took my dick into his mouth. We were lying on our sides as he moved his mouth slowly forward and back. When he stopped moving, I moved my hips as he tongued me. He didn’t rush me. Light slowly started brightening the bedroom as we rocked back and forth as if in a trance. I rolled onto my back, and he positioned himself above me. He reached up and roamed with one hand and rested his other hand under me cupping my buttocks and occasionally squeezing them together. When I got closer to cumming I started moving my hips quicker, pushing my cock deep into his mouth. He grabbed onto buttocks with both hands and raised and lowered himself as I thrust. I screamed. My body spasmed as he held it in place.

When I finally got out of bed, I noticed that I was shriveled up like I was coming out of cold water. I had never been more depleted. I crawled back onto the couch and slept late.

When I woke up Rick was anxious to get away from the beach house for the afternoon. He wanted to avoid Tom. He took me out for breakfast, and we hung out at the main town. We couldn’t stay away forever, so we brought some groceries home. There were two pheasants hanging on the porch on hooks, but Tom didn’t come back until after dinner.

Tom spent the next few hours with us. He slowly drank a couple of beers, and despite Rick not liking him he was funny and nice to be around. He talked to me a lot. He talked about visiting the cabin when he was young, he and Rick would often vacation together, and he told me funny stories about what kids would do on the island. Tom looked a lot like his cousin under his well-trimmed beard. They had similar bodies, but where Rick was strong and well defined, Tom was a bit bigger. Judging from the size of his arms he looked like someone who was used to physical labor. There was a manliness about him in the way that he talked and acted.

He headed out to a lodge and after we heard him drive away, I said “He wasn’t so bad Rick.”

“I’m just glad to have you to myself.” I could see in his eyes exactly what he wanted. I walked towards the bedroom, and he followed me in and wrapped his arms around me from behind and started kissing my neck. “I’ve been waiting all day for this.”

He pulled my shirt over my head so quickly my arms flew up awkwardly, then he pushed me half onto the bed and pulled at my pants so hard that the material ripped. His hands shoved me forward and I fell extended onto the bed. He lifted my hips and pressed his face against my ass. He rubbed his stubbled face against me and soon he was pushing his tongue deep in me. He grabbed my buttocks and pulled them apart, so strongly I had to move my knees to adjust to the new position. After he was done licking me, he turned me over. Looking down at me he took off his shirt and pants. His cock looked thick and swollen and it twitched up and down. He crawled on top of me and slid up so his cock was pressing down on my crotch. He kissed me forcing his tongue in me. He grabbed at me roughly for and pressed his face against mine while I was pushed into the mattress with his full weight on me.

Rick was acting so aggressively towards me, I felt a little worried about what he might do next. He got off me and stood by the bed. His erection was pointing at me and I sat up and bent my head down to take it into my mouth. As soon as I put my lips on it, he moaned. “Oh yeah. Just do that for a while.”

He stood as I moved my face forward and back, stopping only to flick with my tongue either along his shaft when he held it in my mouth or on his slit when I pulled back. Then he got on the bed, and we ground up against each other. He held me face down and kissed me from my neck to my legs. He lifted my hips. For a few minutes he used his tongue on my anus, this time more gently, then he reached over for the lube. He pushed lube easily into me, first one finger then two. He moved his fingers inside of me until I moaned. I had that feeling again of building orgasm. I looked between my legs. I was less than semi-erect but I felt that stirring feeling.

“How’s that? Do you think that will make you cum?”

Even though I was panting I told him. “I don’t think so.”

If he was disappointed, he didn’t say anything. He repositioned himself and I felt his shaft separate my cheeks and force its way into my rectum. He moved it a few inches and just kept it here making small movements. “How about this?”

“Yeah, that’s good.” I said even though I knew I wouldn’t finish. I loved the sensation for a while, but then I asked him to go deeper. He immediately filled me. As he slowly fucked me, he kept asking me if I was getting close. I lied to him and said it felt great, that I wanted him to fuck me. I moaned and made noises to encourage him and soon he was getting frantic. The bed was creaking, and my buttocks made a small slapping noise as his hips slammed against me. He was breathing heavily, and I knew that he couldn’t stop. I rested my face on the mattress and waited for him to satisfy himself. I felt stretched by his thickness.

The bed kept making noise. He kept sliding it a few inches deep inside me. His hands were relaxed on my hips, but once and a while he would tug me back. He stopped moving and asked me to rock into him. I slid forward and back on the mattress pushed and pulled by him. Each time my cheeks pushed against his hips. He kept encouraging me. “Oh ya.” I would rock a few more times, then “Fuck yes.” I looked down. I had dripped onto the sheets again and a drop of cum was pooled at the tip of my semi-erect prick. I had that feeling in my balls of a near orgasm that never quite made it to completion. I exaggerated my moans. Rick started thrusting into me again and his tight grip on my hips held me in place as he pushed fully into me over and over. His breathing was getting choppy, and I could feel his legs tense up against mine.

I looked up and I saw the door was ajar. Tom was standing there watching. From his angle he could see me but not Rick behind me. Rick’s movement forced me to sway. I had no control. Rick held me with his iron grip. He was thrusting wildly. “Take it. Cmon. I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum in your tight ass. Ahh. Ahh fuck. Give it to me.” Then he pulled my hips back hard and pushed against me and shuddered and came. From the way he moved it felt like he squirted into me four times. Each time he grunted, at first loudly and then quieter each time after the fourth thrust he shook himself in me with a series of tight short thrusts, then he put his weight on me, and we collapsed with him still in my ass. I looked up at the doorway and Tom looked back at the two of us then moved away.

“Tom is here.” I said quietly. When he didn’t respond I said it again louder.


“Tom is here, he was in the doorway.”

I felt him pull out quickly. It was a sudden almost painful shock as he withdrew. I heard him pull at some tissues and felt him shove one up my ass. Then he was off the bed wiping his dick and pulling up his underwear and shorts. He headed out of the room. I lay face down, recovering and sore.

“What the fuck are you doing Tom?”

“The lodge party was boring.”

I heard Rick walking around. “Where’s your truck? Did you sneak up on us?”

“Yeah, I snuck back. Because you lied. You said you weren’t fucking around with this kid. You broke your promise. I bet you’ve been doing this for the last ten years.”

“It’s none of your fucking business.”

“At least you’re not the bitch.”

I was suddenly afraid that they would get violent. Tom was bigger, but Rick was a powerful guy. I pushed a second tissue up my ass and started to put on my underwear. Thankfully the yelling and noise had stopped. I got my pants on noticing the rip and went to the doorway holding my shirt. I stuck my head out to see that Tom was sitting on the couch and Rick was standing over him looking tense.

“Come on out kid.” Tom said. “It’s going to be ok.”

I tucked in my shirt and I walked over to them.

“I’m sorry.” Rick said to me.

I was confused. I didn’t know why Tom snuck back or exactly what they were arguing about.

“It was your promise, Rick.” Tom said. “And you broke it. Now things are going to go back the way they were.”

“You can’t be serious.”

“Rick. I found you in bed with a boy. You gotta pay the price.”

“I won’t.”

“That’s ok. Either one of you.” Tom started to unbuckle his pants.

“What’s going on?” I spoke so low that I wasn’t sure they heard me.

Tom unzipped his pants and started removing them. He sat down on the couch. He had a long dick sticking out of thick natural pubes. It came up and then curved down by the weight of the meaty head. He was removing his shirt. He had a naturally hairy chest. His hair tapered off towards his stomach and then continued down to his crotch.

“Explain it to him, Rick.”

“When I was your age, Tom caught me with another boy. To prevent him from telling, I had to do things for him. Like this. One of us has to suck his dick.”

“No, we don’t”

“We have to. He’s not bluffing. Your mother will find out, and Jane will find out.”

“It will be easy, kid. I haven’t cum in five days. It won’t take you more than a few minutes.” Tom held his hand out in my direction. “Cmon.”

When I stepped forward, he grabbed my arm and then forced me down on my knees right in front of his erection. From that angle it appeared even bigger. Up close I could see his balls under the pubes. He had pubes along the bottom of his shaft thinning out towards the reddish ring of skin below his flared head. There was a musky smell. I took one last look at Rick hoping he would put a stop to this, but when he didn’t say anything, I moved forward and put my lips on Tom’s dick. I could feel it rising. I licked slowly until he was fully straight. It felt so large. I slid my lips down until my mouth was full. I moved my tongue, and I felt his pubes along the bottom of his shaft. They were very noticeable at first, but soon I was used to the feeling. There was a slight vinegar taste coming out of his tip.

“Oh God. You’re hardly doing anything, and it already feels good. I told you this would be easy.”

I wanted to finish him quickly, so I lowered my mouth on him until I felt his pubes on my chin, and I still couldn’t get him in. I reached forward and wrapped my hand around the base of his shaft. From the top of my hand to his tip was a manageable distance so I started moving up and down, flicking my tongue at the top and sucking at the bottom. I slid my hand up a bit, so I got some saliva on it and then slid it back to the base of his shaft.

“That’s good. Keep that up.”

I moved up and down, with my hand and mouth working together. After only a few minutes his legs tensed up. Rick always wanted to last, but Tom wasn’t complaining that I was working his cock hard. I had the idea of using my other hand to rub his balls. Balancing against his legs I reached between his legs and pressed my fingers through his pubes until I was rubbing the wrinkled flesh covering his duck egg sized balls.

His hand suddenly pushed me off. “What are you doing? Don’t finger me down there. Use your tongue.” Then he pulled his shaft towards his stomach and tilted his hips.

His bulls hung impressively. Rick kept his clean, so I didn’t know what to expect from all the pubes, but I moved my mouth down and stuck my tongue out and wiggled it until it was wetting the surface of his sack. I licked his balls, and his strong aroma filled my nostrils. Tom repositioned his legs so that I had even better access. I used my tongue and lips on him as he made small noises of approval. I lifted my head and pulled his shaft back into my mouth.

I was enjoying the unique feel and sensation of Tom’s cock, but I felt embarrassed that I was servicing him. I worked up some saliva. As I moved up and down, I slid my palm up to get it wet. I kept jerking my head in time with my hands keeping my lips tight on his shaft. He reached forward with one hand and placed it along my neck. As I moved up and down, he gently rubbed my neck and ear. I was confused by the seeming affection. “Suck it.” He whispered. When he was as deep in my mouth I could take, I sucked in until my cheeks caved. “Suck it.” He repeated. So, the next time I sucked harder. “Suck it.” He said in a more frantic tone as his other hand started stroking my hair. I started moving my head and hands quicker and sucking continuously. I looked up and saw his stomach and chest moving with his panting breath.

He let out a guttural sound as I held still and felt his dick pulse. He shot into my mouth in a steady stream that filled my mouth. He body bucked as another stream shot into me. His cum must have blocked something in my sinus because I couldn’t breathe through my nose. He kept jerking and squirting. The cum was falling out of my mouth onto his pubes. I couldn’t swallow all his savory tasting semen. I choked with his dick still in my mouth. When his body stopped moving and his last moan ended, I stood up and ran to the bathroom. I was wet with cum all the way from my nose to my chin. I ran the water and spit and gargled and spit and washed my face over and over until the last of his flavor was removed. I coughed a couple of times and put a finger in my mouth to remove a coarse pube. I looked down. My shorts were tented by a full erection.

I came out and he was pulling up his pants. Rick sat in the kitchen facing away. Tom headed to the bathroom. “That was good kid, but you gotta stay on it at the end a little longer.”

I sat on the couch. Rick still sat facing away from me.

Tom eventually came out of the bathroom. “You might as well sleep in his bed tonight kid. There aint no secrets left.” Then a little louder he said “Rick, make sure you’re both here tomorrow night.”

I walked up to Rick. “What is he talking about?”

Rick stood up and silently walked to the bedroom and motioned me to follow. We crawled into bed and lay close together so we could talk.

“Tonight was just the start.” Rick said. “He will want to do more tomorrow.”

“Maybe we should just leave Rick. Leave a note telling him to close up the house and we will get out of here tomorrow.”

“That won’t help.

I got into bed and lay there confused. Rick was silent. After a long time I decided I had to know. “What is going on? What is the story with you and Tom?”

“We have to do what Tom wants.”


Rick turned toward me and moved closer. “When I was your age, I had a friend named Adam. I used to fool around with him. It started with just horsing around but he grabbed me down there and gave me a handjob. It was my first. Back in those days, the girls I knew didn’t do things like that. Soon I did it for him. And then we did blowjobs. Every time I went to his house, or he came to mine we did each other. In the summer I came to the island. We lived across the mainland, but I spent my whole summer here. After a few weeks I got my parents to arrange for Adam to visit the Island for a few days. As soon as he was here, we ran off and fooled around. For the three days he was here, we kept sneaking off to the woods or the far part of the Island or right here in the house when my parents were away.”

I pictured Rick as young as I was fooling around with another boy. “What’s about Tom? What’s this got to do with him?”

“Tom was on the island. After Adam left, Tom confronted me. Called me a sissy-boy. I denied it, but he had been spying on us. I couldn’t let him tell anyone. My father, my grandfather… they were both judgmental about ‘being a man’. I had to keep Tom quiet. He was going to tell my father until I got on my knees and offered to show him what a blowjob was like. Tom leaned against a tree and I sucked him off. And then the next day. And the next. Every day he insisted. There were five weeks left to the summer. One day we were on the beach near the cliffs, and he said he was tired of blowjobs. He wrestled me onto my knees, pulled down my bathing suit and fucked me. Then every day after that.”

I thought of the absurdity of it. “Why didn’t you make him stop? Threaten to tell your parents. You were both doing it.”

“Yeah, but I was the bitch. That was the logic. My grandfather talked about it sometimes. It was basically ok to get your dick sucked by a sissy-boy, or to make one your bitch by fucking them if no women were around. It wasn’t normal or anything, but sometimes it happened. We both would have gotten into trouble, but it would have been worse for me.”

I thought about what Tom had said earlier ‘At least you’re not the bitch.’ I was the bitch. He caught Rick fucking me. Tomorrow he was going to fuck me with that long cock. It was surreal.

“But it stopped. Right?”

“Yeah. My mother figured us out. She saw what I was like around Adam and suspected and then she suspected with Tom. She told me we would have to stop, or my father would be told. I told Tom and he agreed to stop. He made me promise never to do gay stuff again with anyone or he said there would be a price to pay.”

I thought about it for a while. It was just bad luck that Tom had shown up. I asked Rick what to expect tomorrow.

"Tom used to like grabbing at me until I satisfied him one way or the other. He can be affectionate and generous but don't try to kiss him or grab at him. He has to be in charge. Tomorrow don't kiss me. It's embarrassing, but I don't want Tom to know all the things we do together."

I thought about Rick fucking me as Tom watched. Tom’s musky smell. His long cock. The way he squirted into my mouth. I hadn’t cum yet all night and now I had a rager. I snuggled against Rick and rubbed my erection against him. At first, he seemed disinterested, but I had soon pushed his head down and started thrusting into his mouth. With an image of Tom watching me through the bedroom door as Rick was thrusting into my ass I let go and came. I shouted. I didn’t care if Tom heard in the other room.

The next day, I woke up alone in bed. Rick didn't want to talk about what happened the previous night. We went out for lunch and hiked and cleaned up around the Beach house. We put the beach chairs into the shed and took out the shudders for the windows. It was a normal day and Rick didn’t talk about what had happened the night before. Tom was not around, but after coming back from a walk we noticed another pheasant on the front porch. His truck was gone.

Rick and I prepared dinner. I kept thinking about what Tom had said. I asked Rick “Are we going to do what Tom wants tonight?”

Rick explained it to me again. He added “It’s just one night. Then you won’t have to see him again.”

Tom came back. He sat down next to me on the couch. “Hey Kid. I thought about you today. It’s not your fault Rick broke his promise. Last night was great, but you can keep out of it tonight if you want.”

I looked over at Rick. He had a surprised look on his face mixed with panic. “It’s fine.” I said.

“Great.” Tom smiled. “Just give me a few minutes.” He showered, changed and came back out.

It was a very awkward moment when the three of us went into the bedroom. Tom didn’t say anything, and Rick was just standing beside the bed, so I decided to pull my T-shirt off. First Rick was standing next to me helping me take off my pants and then Tom’s hands were on me as well. He ran his hands along my skin, and I felt myself pushed back onto the bed as my socks were tugged off. Now I was completely naked, and Tom and Rick were taking their shirts off. I was the center of attention. Two sets of hands touched me, and I was pressed up against one then the other. Tom ran his fingers along my pubes and commented. “He’s got less pubes than you did at his age, Rick.” He turned me over and rubbed my ass. “And a great little ass. You know who he looks like don’t you?”

Pants came off and I felt their erections poking against me. Tom lifted me onto his lap and his long dick stuck out between my legs. Rick pulled me sideways. My face slid down Rick’s stomach and I put my mouth over his dick. Tom moved to one side, while I was busy with Rick, I only felt his hand on my back. Tom was watching me as I raised and lowered my head and sucked on Rick's dick. I stopped and looked at Tom expecting him to move me or maybe help me, but he just pushed my head down so that Rick filled my mouth again. For the next few minutes Rick lay back and I put on a show for Tom. Rick moaned and Tom commented "You are pretty good at that boy."

I felt Tom repositioning himself and his hands were rubbing my ass and my balls as Rick’s thick shaft held my jaw open. I was on my knees with Rick’s dick still in my mouth and I felt Tom press forward until his beard brushed up against my backside. As I concentrated on moving my head up and down on Rick, Tom pressed his mouth into my ass and then extended his thick tongue. Tom licked me and tongued me, as I tried to concentrate on Rick. I wondered why Tom wouldn't suck my dick but it was ok for him to flick his tongue hard against my anus. With four hands caressing my body and Rick's thick dick in my mouth as Tom flicked, I started to get an overwhelming feeling that I might cum. I was tempted to grab my shaft and jerk it, but I knew that it would be better if I waited.

Tom pulled his face off my ass and pushed me up the bed and pulled Rick down until we were lying next to each other. Then Tom pushed against my back and tilted me towards Rick who he also tilted. We were face to face. Tom was straddling our legs hovering over us with his erection hanging down onto my leg. He gently pushed the back of my head until I was nose to nose with Rick. Rick tilted his head and kissed me. We were held down by Tom who I guessed wanted to see us kiss. Despite being told not to by Rick, I kissed him. Rick kissed me back and we tongued each other. "Oh yeah. That's good boys." Tom said. I felt him move his hand caress my ass.

He got off of us then shifted up the bed. His strong hands pushed me down the bed and towards his crotch. "Work on it boy." he said. I lifted his shaft upwards and lowered my mouth onto it. Tom propped himself up against the headboard and I was repositioned again until I was on my hands and knees between Tom’s spread legs. Rick shifted down and Tom guided him towards his dick. Now both of us were between Tom's legs. He pulled my head off of his shaft and shifted his dick towards Rick's face. Rick lowered his mouth onto it and started shifting up and down. His cheeks shifted in as he sucked. Rick pulled up and Tom guided us both towards his dick with his hands on the back of our heads. For the next few minutes we tongued his shaft and his crown. At times our mouths were open touching each other's as Tom's dick was between us.

Rick shifted down until he was behind me. I felt some lube being added to my ass. Rick adjusted himself into a kneeling position behind me and pressed his erection into me. Tom’s hands were on my shoulders, and he was guiding me up and down on his cock. Now Rick started moving slowly just a few inches into me. He pulled out, shifted his body and then pushed back into me.

I was stuck between them. Tom kept his cock in my mouth as Rick pressed up against me from behind. As Rick moved against me, I shifted forward and backward. Rick was giving me slow short strokes and I felt that pleasurable feeling. I was getting overwhelmed, and I started to relax and enjoy Tom’s dick in my mouth. After a few minutes I realized that Rick wasn’t trying to finish in my ass, he was more helping me with movement so I could please Tom. Maybe it was a plan. If I could get Tom to cum it would be over, I wouldn’t have to fear him sticking his long cock deep in my ass. I started to concentrate on Tom. I held steady and grabbed his shaft with a hand. I worked my tongue on him. Last time I made him cum easily but this time it had been less than a day since he came. I pursed my lips and sucked when I could, but with Rick jostling me from behind it was difficult.

Between my hand stroking the base of his shaft and my tongue working overtime I finally got a response from Tom, he groaned. His firm hands on my shoulders lightened up and he started to caress me along my neck, ears and my hair. “That’s good.” He said. “This time stay on it when I cum.”

I tilted my head up to look up towards Tom past his stomach and hairy chest to his face that was looking down at me. We locked eyes and I could see how much he was enjoying himself. I concentrated on using my tongue, then started lowering and raising myself with my lips tight on his shaft. I sucked him gently and was rewarded with a small gasp.

Rick was hitting that spot in my ass over and over. I didn’t think I could cum from being fucked, but this time the feelings kept building instead of subsiding. I had four hands on me, gripping and rubbing. Tom was moaning and Rick was making small pleasurable sounds. I started moaning myself even though my mouth was full. I gave up control. Rick’s dick pushed just inside my rectum. Each time I moved forward, Tom’s large glans pressed into my mouth. I tried to hold on. Both of them were gyrating slightly. I was loving the feel of Tom’s dick so much I pressed down on it. Waves of feelings spread from my ass. I started to shake. My body twitched over and over. My dick was hanging between my legs untouched, shooting wads of sperm down upon my thighs and the bedsheet. Rick's slow thrusts kept my body swaying. My dick kept pulsing. I had to scream. I twisted my head sideways. Tom’s wet dick slid against the side of my face, and I screamed into his thick pubes.

With only a brief break, Rick resumed his strokes as Tom moved his legs out from under me and kneeled down at the head of the bed. He put his hand on his shaft and directed it into my mouth. Now both were kneeling and shifting in and out of me. Rick pushed farther into me, and I felt his hand grip my shoulder. Rick’s other hand was on me as well, as was Tom’s. I was caught between them. As Rick thrusted, I was pushed towards Tom and his dick slid into the back of my mouth. If I pushed away from Tom I pressed against Rick until he was all the way in. They thrust at me chaotically, sometimes pulling back at the same time or thrusting forward. They were keeping different rhythms. Both of them were bent over me with their arms and legs touching me. I was cool when I first entered the room, but now the heat of their bodies was building with the friction and movement. I wanted Tom to finish, so I tried as best I could use my tongue on him and allow his dick deep in my mouth.

They took advantage of my position for a long time. I was held in place by their cocks and hands. When they both pushed forward at the same time Tom's dick went deep in my mouth as Rick's balls slapped against me. Even being used the way I was, there was a certain thrill to feeling both at the same time. Rick’s thrusts were getting faster and stronger. He pulled at my hip and shoulder hard and started pumping into my ass and letting out a long series of grunts. Tom held onto my hair and pulled back a bit and let me breath as Rick whined and slammed against my ass.

“Fuckin go.” Tom said. "Fuck that ass."

Rick slammed into me several more times moaning and grunting as my face bounced against Tom. After Rick's hips stopped jerking, he slowly pulled out of me. I rested my face against Tom's crotch. Any thought of finishing Tom was forgotten as my jaw and ass finally rested.

“I want some ass.” Tom said as he shifted off the bed and got behind me.

This was it. I held my position. I resigned myself to experiencing Tom deep inside of me. I think part of me wanted to feel his long cock slide into me, but Tom pushed me aside. Rick was moved into the middle of the bed on all fours and Tom was behind him fingering some lube up his ass and then pushing his cock in.

I lay on my side looking up at the two of them as Tom fucked. Rick’s dick swung between his legs, swollen and greasy. I sat up.

“I’ve been waiting for this for ten years.” Tom said.

Rick’s face looked pained. Maybe pain, maybe something else. His mouth hung open. He licked his lips. For the first few minutes Tom slid slowly into him and commented on how good Rick's ass felt. Soon his thrusts speed up and he was breathing heavy. He was sliding the length of his dick into him. His hips were slapping Rick’s muscular ass. That whole long dick was being pushed inside of him over and over. Tom bent over him and slowed down. He started kissing Rick near his shoulders and neck and moving his hands over Rick's chest and stomach. Then he slammed his hips into him hard and Rick gasped. Over and over. Tom’s muscular arms wrapped around Rick, and he started to pivot his hips steadily. With his face pressed sideways on Rick’s back, Tom grunted. He sounded inhuman. Then he grunted louder. Rick was whining loudly in a pitch I had never heard before. Tom straightened out and drove his hips forward as he pulled Rick back hard and then he finished with an ear-piercing groan and jerked inside of him.

Both of them were as still as a statue for a few seconds. Tom's weight slowly pushed Rick flat onto the bed. The room was quiet with just the sound of their breathing. Tom slid backwards until his dick slid out. He backed off the bed and left the room.

Rick laid still on the bed with his eyes closed. Tom was in the bathroom for a while then we heard him packing his gear. He told us he was leaving to catch the last ferry. I listened to Tom’s truck driving away on the gravel path. He was finally gone. Rick got off the bed and pulled the top sheet off. He left the room. I went back to the couch. Rick and I didn’t talk about what happened. I read my book. When it was time for bed I crawled in next to Rick.

He had been mostly silent, but now he started talking. “I didn’t tell you the truth before. It wasn’t like I said it was.”

“What wasn’t?”

“With Adam. I said he grabbed me first, but the truth is, I got him to look at porn with me and I grabbed his cock first. He didn’t even touch mine until the next time. And I gave him oral many times before he did it to me.”

I thought about why that mattered.

“It started with Tom. When we were kids, we used to wrestle and have little pretend fights, both of us got erections. We wouldn’t admit it, but we kept wrestling. It became obvious what we were doing. I would always masturbate by myself afterwards. Tom called it ‘dirty fighting’. We didn’t dare do anything else, because we were afraid of being a sissy-boy. Then during the school year, I hung out with Adam. I could tell he liked fooling around and I wanted to try out more. I could with him, because he didn’t think like Tom. He didn’t thing in terms of being a sissy-boy. He just enjoyed it.”

I thought about the times I had wrestled with other boys or watched them swim or shower. How I had fantasies. I never would have done anything. I didn’t have the guts to. Not until Rick.

Tom had spotted us around the island but never saw up close what we were doing, until one day my parents went to town and Adam and I fooled around on my bed. Tom was outside watching us through a break in the blinds. Adam and I gave each other oral for a long time and we finished in a sixty-nine position. Tom watched me suck Adam's dick and swallow his cum as we both finished.

Tom described everything he had seen in detail, I could tell that he was getting an erection talking about it. He said the worse thing wasn't the blowjob, it was that he saw Adam and I kissing before we even took off our clothes. He didn't force me to do anything. He told me I should stop. I told him I was just curious and we talked about how he always wanted a girl to go down on him. His erection was so obvious in his pants, and then it just happened. I had his shorts down and I had his dick in my mouth.

He never did it to me, but he wanted me to do it to him all the time after that. I wanted to do more with him, so I started wrestling with him when we were alone. He would grind against me for a while, then he would finish in my mouth. One time at the beach he pushed down my bathing suit. I didn’t resist. He fucked me. After a few minutes I became overwhelmed, and I came onto the sand beneath me. I came every time he fucked me. He used to kiss my back as he fucked me, and when we tried different positions, he would even kiss me on the mouth when he was in me.”

Now I understood what had happened. They had fallen into their old habits. I asked him whom Tom was referring to when he said I looked like somebody.

“You look like Adam. A bit. He was tall and thin as well. From behind you look like Adam. In the summer, on the first morning, you looked very cute lying on the couch asleep. I guess that’s when I decided I wanted you.”

We talked until he didn't want to anymore. I lay next to him offering him silent company until I drifted off to sleep.

In the early morning light, I woke up and started thinking about what had happened. I grabbed hold of Rick pressing my body against his. He turned towards me and languidly ran his hands on my skin. I felt in his underwear. He was barely erect. I had an erection which he noticed. He held onto it. After a while it was obvious that I needed to be satisfied. He shifted down and put his mouth on it. Laying on my side I lazily shifted my hips sliding my cock into his mouth as he slowly used his lips and tongue. After a while he stopped and shifted up the bed. He turned away from me and placed his ass opposite my erection. I slid it between his cheeks. I pressed in until I was against his anus. I rocked into him testing out his opening. He pulled away. He reached over to the nightstand. I felt him putting lube on my cock.

He lay face down and raised his hips. I was staring at his ass, raised and presented to me. I had fantasized about pushing my prick into his ass ever since I saw him fucking my aunt last August. I grabbed his buttocks and separated them, staring at his puckered red entry. I got behind him between his legs and pressed my erection in. This time as I pushed against his opening, it slid in. I was being gentle, but I slid in easily. I thought he would be loose after what Tom did to him, but I felt a smooth tightness enveloping my shaft. I pressed into his velvety ass as slowly as I could for the next few minutes.

I lowered myself along his back and kissed his neck as my hips continued to move. My hips and cock moved without any guidance. It was as if they had a life of their own. I was thrusting into him harder. I was close to cumming but I couldn't make myself slow down. He turned his face sideways, and I lowered myself kissing him on his neck and shoulders. I started fucking him harder. My balls were bouncing against his flesh. Rick started to moan and whine. Before I could finish, he yelled. I was thrusting frantically until I stopped deep inside of him, and my dick flexed. I pumped and grunted until my body went soft on top of him.

I shifted a bit, but he said. “Don’t move!”

I lay on top of him as my dick slowly softened. His body moved beneath mine with his heavy breathing. With a slight lifting of my hips I slipped out. I went and cleaned up and waited for Rick to get out of bed.

We spent the day shuddering the windows and draining the pipes under the house and putting the water heater in standby mode. With the house closed we went for lunch and caught the ferry. He dropped me off at the bus station and thanked me for coming with him to close the Beach House.

I saw him again at Christmas, but never alone. We didn't have a chance to talk about what had happened between us. A few months later I asked my mother about visiting the beach house again this summer, but she told me that my Aunt Jane was no longer dating Rick. I never saw him again.

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