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I'd it made as the saying goes, my family was very well off and I had graduated almost top of my year at university in medicine. Only drawback was my love life, and it wasn't much to talk about having paid for all sex I had. Still unattached I was at loss, being a doctor had become boring to add to my boring love life. Hearing of health problems in rural areas that were in some cases worse than third world countries. I thought it would a challenge too good to pass up, being quite well off financially and having connections over the border where I could purchase medicines a great deal cheaper than here. I decided to see if I could make a different. I moved to a backwater place and setup a free clinic, not much action as the locals were poor and didn't trust outsiders. I heard that the locals relied more on witchcraft to heal themselves. As I had studied the occult before going to university and gave it up by my third year at university, I had some knowledge. I decided to use that knowledge to help the locals, but I needed to convince them first I was wizard or warlock. But first I'd to return to the city to get a few things. I'd a gold pentagram made and a rose quartz at its center, strong symbols of witchcraft. Returning I put symbols around my home and at my office at my clinic. Having a local housekeeper come and clean both and knowing her to be a practicing local witch. Then I spill coffee on my shirt so she could see the pentagram around my neck when I changed my shirt. Finally, after a couple weeks she had to ask was I involved in the old ways. I knew she meant witchcraft and answered old and the new ways. Ahe asked my advice as she had a medical problem that her treatments weren't curing. It was scurvy and I knew such old ailments were common in the backwoods area, along with rickets and other easily curable problems. I knew giving her tablets would be off putting to her, so I grounded up vitamin C tablets and added it to water with an added touch. A small piece of dry ice to make it look spooky, telling her she would need several more treatments. But the large dose of vitamin C, improved her condition quickly and now believed to be a Warlock. My clinic got busier, and the children given Vitamin D got over their rickets. Using dry ice was needed to get them to take medicines and using an old pill maker I would ground up a medicine and add things like dried mint to make them think it was an old cure. As their health improved, my standing in the community rose. My sex life improved greatly also, as there was quite a lot of available women. Widows and spinsters and me being single attracted them like a moth to a flame and now years later I'm the father of 13 children and have 7 wives, but not actually married to any of them. The area is a lot healthier than when I arrived, and I'm looked upon as powerful and even can tell big strong men to behave themselves. Never had to threaten any of them with magic, my reputation is such nobody wants to find out what I'm capable of. I have a live in housekeeper/lover and her daughter who is also my lover and others who live in houses nearby and work for me at the clinic or the shop I opened to sell fresh fruit and the basic samples. Using my newfound reputation, I've gotten them to use medicines without the theatrics of earlier years by saying they were based on the old medicines. Trusted it's enough to get them to take them, I'm quite happy with my new life, of course some of my wives realized the truth as they are quite smart and being smart realized it for the better of all the community. My finances are still very good as others in my family continue to add to the family finances. In fact, my finances have increased since my move to the country.

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