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Chastity with Ex as Keyholder Part 1
genre: bondage
Several days off. I was looking forward to it. The days off had been meant for something else, but those plans fell through. Now, I had the weekend plus several extra days. I could barely contain myself as I was excited to try out the new toy I had recently purchased. As soon as I got to my apartment, I checked with the management building and...
wrote on 2016-10-08 | by ChastityLatexSlave
In the sauna with Leslie Mann and Tea Leoni
genre: lesbian
As far as Celebrity Tennis Tournaments go, it doesn't get much better in terms of both star power and actual talent, than the Andre Agassi Tennis Classic in Los Angeles. Andre seems to have the personality that draws the best celebrities from all over the country. The majority of the players are women as this year they have 24 competing in the...
wrote on 2016-09-24 | by mayberry
Sex with an handsome stranger
genre: domination
I had just spent a very frustrating six months with a man that was not a good fit for me. By the time I was ready to start dating again, I was so sexually frustrated that I didn't feel I was able to be disciplined enough to date someone without hopping in bed with them before I knew if we were a good fit. I also felt like my youth was running...
wrote on 2016-09-22 | by Emma Love
Basement sex with Rocket
genre: zoophilia
My name is Sarah. This is the story of the first time I had sex with a dog. I was down in the basement doing laundry, my brother was at some party and we hadnt seen my mom in a month. Usually the only company I had at the house was my dog. His name is Rocket and he is a blood hound. He is a pretty big dog, and I will be honest with you, I am...
wrote on 2016-09-09 | by Raven Nightshade
First time with an independent provider
genre: voyeur
This is a true story of a typical first time encounter with one of the local independent massage providers ***** First, I prefer independent ladies who do not work in a classic Massage Parlor. The local classic massage parlors always seem to me to be closer to a ‘joint’ than a ‘parlor’ and the women seem very professional but not as...
wrote on 2016-08-21 | by Chris51a
Catching up with the biggest cock
genre: gay
I have recently written with an account from my diary about the biggest cock that I’ve ever seen and someone saw the experience and wanted to know more as I had said that I met him a few times. So, I can bring that right up to date now because I have recently been to see him again. But let me go back again to the time when it was all...
wrote on 2016-08-21 | by angelatvdom
Marriage with Melinda
genre: straight
Jack was lying on his back naked looking at his naked wife. She was so sexy with her DD tits and thick ass.She was twenty years younger but she loved sex. She had been sucking his long thick cock for over an hour. She would suck him as long as he wanted as she loved his dick. She very seldom wore clothes around the house as she wanted to be...
wrote on 2016-08-17 | by dikandkittycat
Morning with Melissa
genre: first times
So you think having sex three times in one night would be enough, but sometimes for me its not. This starts with my wife having a bit too much to drink, and leading her to be very horny. I was in bed, when she stumbled in and climbed right up on me. Three hours later she is asl**p and I am drained. So I head out to the living room, watch some tv...
wrote on 2016-07-20 | by Wellcome
Dancing with Shannon
genre: lesbian
My friend Shannon is really pretty. She is a true red head. She has a sprinkle of freckles across her cute face. Her lips are full and she has an enchanting smile. I am half Native American (my father) and half Greek (my mother) I have dark Native American skin and even darker nipples. I have long jet black hair. Most people think that I look...
wrote on 2016-05-22 | by majfred
Date with pornstars
genre: straight
It all started when I won the Megamillion jackpot. It was $120 million before taxes. I had a little over $65 million left after every government took its share. There was not much I wanted to spend the money on. I had to get a new car because my old one was 14 years old and in poor condition. My house in Chicago was paid for and I had no plans...
wrote on 2016-03-31 | by No Bounds
As we lost virginity with teacher
genre: group sex
Proud Of course there is nothing there, but that was it. And so in the 12th grade, we had a class teacher Tatyana Sergeevna, aunt 47 years with big tits probably the size of 7 and she does not lean so much, and it is still suitable woman. And here I am and 6 guys from our class dreamed to fuck her, always trying to touch her breasts accidentally...
wrote on 2016-03-06 | by aleksa2014
I seduced my teacher with my life skills
genre: straight
It was my Senior year in high school and I was really enjoying all the fun I was having. Most of my requirements had been met to graduate and so I just had to take 3 classes for the year and not miss many days and I would graduate. I had become friends with Kathy who I met at the beach during the Summer. We both had driven there that day and her...
wrote on 2015-12-28 | by 4Yolanda
How a family deals with a creepy son
genre: incest
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Sally screamed. She was still dressed in her work uniform, and she had come home from a long shift to find this! Abram sat there, stunned. He hadn't expected his sister to be home this early, he thought he had a few extra minutes. But here she stood, cringing, glaring daggers at him. "What do you think you're...
wrote on 2015-12-22 | by Iggy
A gal who i slept with in school
genre: straight
This happens when I was sec 3. That day was a Monday. All of us were release at around 2pm. jenny was one of the most chio gal in my school. Her B cup and her sexy butt made her body so attractive. All the boys in our school were mad about her. Jolin was another chio one. But because of her bad record, not many guys woo her. She was given at...
wrote on 2015-12-21 | by Kaijie
Friends with benefits
genre: first times
Finally, I can tell my story without worrying too much. So let's just get straight to the story. I was 18 at the time. After my exams, I decided to find a part time job. So I went looking for one. After a few days I found a job at a food and beverage place. I started work the next day and I was greeted by a wonderful manager. Let's name her...
wrote on 2015-12-10 | by JJ
Role play with hot whore
genre: straight
Let me be honest… I am constantly craving any big hard dick I can get a hold of, waiting for my next orgasm, playing out endless role play fantasies in my head… I’m almost always at least a little wet! I take great pleasure in walking around every day in my shortest skirts that shows just a little too much, just enough to make you stare at...
wrote on 2015-12-03 | by Dusty
My first time with cousin Karen
genre: incest
I had a lust for my older Cousin Karen she was 10 older than me and she knew that I was attracted to her, she would tease me by wearing tight jeans and spandex when she knew that I would be around. I asked her once why she was such a tease and she said," I love the look on your face when you see me walk by shaking my ass, it's funny and kind of...
wrote on 2015-12-02 | by Rod
Marriage with Melinda
genre: straight
Now more than ever, Melinda was determined not to lose Travis. She was unable to stop thinking about him, unable to imagine life without him. She found herself getting nervous whenever he would go on trips to clients, fearful that that a plane crash or a terrorist incident would take her away from him; she tried to limit her own travel as much...
wrote on 2015-11-10 | by Miranda
In love with long hair
genre: fetish
All my life I have been in love with long hair. My first babysitter had hair almost to her knees. Whenever my parents were going out I could not wait for my sitter to arrive. She was 18 and like many girls in the sixties she had incredible thick long hair but knowing that my parents were very conservative she always arrived with her mane neatly...
wrote on 2015-10-15 | by Longhair boy
First time at work with Donna
genre: first times
"Why was the door locked with you in the building?" I made something up. "We were having problems with our computers and we could not help the customers so I locked the door until we figured out what was going on." Dora, one of the owners, walked in the office and went straight to the computer. Dora is something. She is...
wrote on 2015-10-14 | by OfficeDick
Strap on fun with my playmate
genre: domination
Bring me that tight quivering ass; I want to slide this Strap on right inside of it. You know you can't stop thinking about me seducing you and making you my strap onfuck toy. I know you love playing with your ass all the time sliding things in and out of it trying to get the sensations I give you. Each time you fail, you seem to want me...
wrote on 2015-10-11 | by Kaycee
My romp with Salim Ahmad 3
genre: cheating
As he pulled his penis out of me, I prepared for the return of the ram. I held my breath and just then, I felt him re-enter and attack my inner back walls, attempting, it felt, to break them down. I felt the pain again, too, but this time it didn't startle or hurt me as much. I enjoyed knowing that the sharpness was from this huge organ hitting...
wrote on 2015-09-15 | by luv2luv80
My romp with Salim Ahmad 2
genre: cheating
Salim stood for a moment and gazed at my body, appreciating my firm, round breasts, nearly perfect tummy and shapely legs. He reached forward and cupped my breasts, lowering his face to their softness. With expertise and gentleness, he removed my bra, allowing it to join the rest of the clothing on the floor. I don't know how long he spent...
wrote on 2015-09-14 | by luv2luv80
My romp with Salim Ahmad
genre: cheating
My name is Vidya Venkatraman. I am 26 years old. Though I am educated, as I came from a very poor rural family, I had to get married to a well to do software professional of 27 years. My husband's name is Rahul Sharma. I am a beautiful looking woman - very fair, long hair, about 5' 6" in height, a figure of 34 - 27 - 38 and good skin texture...
wrote on 2015-09-08 | by luv2luv80
Guide to sex with dogs
genre: zoophilia
A few people have chatted to me, asking for advice on having sex with animals. I would like to put down a few pointers for novices. Let's concentrate on dogs for this article, as they are the animal of my preference, and also I think they are the animal most furries will readily have access to. I am also only going to refer to animals that have...
wrote on 2015-07-04 | by human best friend
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