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Reparations for a white lesbian slave part 2.
genre: domination
My name is Rochelle,and I am awakening to a new learning. Last night I discovered my mother is a sex.slave for our house keeper Maria.s I am now eating my ß,my mother is acting like she is fine,but,I know her pussy is swollen and the red of her whipping would just sting enough that everytime Maria smiles at her she would tremble. It makes my...
wrote on 2018-11-17 | by Rochellewhiteslut
Reparations for a white lesbian slave Pt 1
genre: domination
My name is Rochelle. And as a teenager life was easy for me,my Father worked away,my mother a store manager,I was half raised by our housekeeper,Maria. Maria was a Latino-African/American and beautiful inside and out! I loved her dearly and had a great relationship with night I found out my mother also did to. One afternoon I had...
wrote on 2018-11-07 | by Rochellewhiteslut
The Tent - white cd party gurl
genre: trans
THE TENT I was trying to resist the mounting sexual energy I had been feeling from the combination of cocaine, smoking crack and the occasional hit of Meth. After months of resisting my feminine slutty side, I finally gave in one day when I agreed to meet a thug black meth dealer to pnp. I knew what that meant and craved it. I shaved my...
wrote on 2018-08-17 | by Stephi
A white hot secret... Rose’s tale
genre: threesome
Rose had decided she’d had enough of waiting for hot builder (her nickname for him) to make a move and decided she was going to take it whether he wanted it or not. But she knew he would because who wouldn’t want her? She know she oozed sexual appeal, and could turn any guy hard with a bite of her lip. She dropped hints with her boss that...
wrote on 2018-06-25 | by Allyoursbaby
A White hot secret part two
genre: threesome
The story continues with Rose and I exchanging daily taunts falling further out of control. The tension had built to an unbearable level and over the last weeks, it is clear we both wanted the same thing. We exchanged looks as I entered the office, we both smile at each other thinking about the long hot night we had. It is hard to believe such...
wrote on 2018-06-06 | by Iwantyourwife
A white hot Secret Part One
genre: threesome
I am a young male in a trainee role at work and over the last few weeks i have been flirting with a work colleague. She is older than me and married. I'll call her Rose. I noticed her long before she noticed me, her smile is like a beacon of light in the dark life I have surrounded myself with. Id get to work early hoping for a chance to catch...
wrote on 2018-05-28 | by Iwantyourwife
Being a good white boi
genre: domination
"So," James asked me, "you been a good boi for me?" "Yes I have," I replied, "I've been a very good boi!" "No jacking-off?" "None. Not even once!" "Hmm," he said. "I'm glad to hear that. Married fag-bois like you need to control those desires you have that make you what you are." "I agree," I replied, feeling the thrill of anticipation at...
wrote on 2017-05-17 | by DickLover59
White man's wife, black man's toy
genre: straight
That evening was a lovely relaxing time. After we had both cleaned ourselves up me and Mike cuddled up and watched a film (yes you can still be romantic in a cuckold relationship) before eating and heading to bed. I couldn't sl**p again though, Marlon had told me to text him when Mike was asl**p so I waited. After half hour or so Mike was gone...
wrote on 2017-03-23 | by bbctoy
White Daddy Gets Married On Valentines Night.
genre: gay
Valentines night has arrived, the most Special, Treasured, Cherished night for this 63 year old white daddy and his 44 year old black-stud-partner and best friend always forever. On Valentines day this 63 year old white daddy and my 44 year old black-stud-partner pledged and promised our love, faithfulness, trust and devotion to each other...
wrote on 2017-02-11 | by DadmarryzDad
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