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A slave fantasy
genre: fetish
Here is a fantasy i wrote years ago. It's further than i've ever gone but fantasy is often a signpost to where this slave might go if the right Master were to come along... a slave fantasy by grovelslave my past has been wiped out and there is only the present. The future is something i never think about - it is enough that i am alive in the...
wrote on 2017-09-06 | by grovelslave
Slave to my Ex GF and husband
genre: domination
I awoke early Tuesday morning to my phone ringing a number that was unknown to me, wondering who could be calling at such an early time. Hesitantly answering, I heard a seemingly familiar female voice saying, "Hello stud, what are you up to today?" My god, it was Mandy, wife of the man who had recently turned me into his most eager cock whore....
wrote on 2017-05-07 | by 425olds
Instructions for Slave: Part 2 My lovers meet
genre: domination
My slave walks in with eager stride and downcast eyes as asked of him. He is holding his lead up high, pink shiny cock displayed against masculine tummy... I get up and take the leash... I walk him in, and place him standing squarely in front of my young female lover. ...
wrote on 2016-04-19 | by Calamitygin
Instructions for Slave
genre: domination
Part one of a Dominatrix tale....the letter Instructions for Slave (I leave for him in a white envelope both instructions for our encounter, and a long length of ribbon in pink satin. He pulls the ribbon out, stares curiously? Then reads with intense focus turned willingness.) My Beautiful Slave: ...
wrote on 2016-04-19 | by Calamitygin
Making and breaking of a cuckold - 15 Slavery and subservience
genre: domination
I heard Gemma's voice from the bedroom. "Come on Max. What's happening? I'm horny and I need your cock between my legs". "Coming Gemma. I was just having a little chat with our cuckold, you know, explaining a few of my new Rules now that I'll be living here". He then turned and addressed me. "Follow me on your knees up the stairs fuckwit....
wrote on 2016-01-07 | by subfootstool
Princess Veronica's footjob loving slave
genre: fetish
"Oh yes, that's it slave. You are so low that you can't even lick my ass. MMM yes! Lick those dirty feet" Kenji continued to lick her feet, knowing that she loved having her feet licked more than anything else. Having been forced, in the past, to stand and watch as the Prince fucked the princess in every hole. Never once hearing the princess...
wrote on 2015-10-21 | by feet plus feet
The slave explained
genre: domination
Slaves as Property Owning a slave is a serious responsibility. A slave is valuable property and should be treated as such. I would never permanently damage any of my slaves. It would be pointless to damage something you own and value. A damaged slave cannot work effectively for you. As my property she is an asset. If l did become continually...
wrote on 2015-09-13 | by LadyCruella
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