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My Quest for the Ultimate Sexual Goal - Something New
genre: first times
I packed all I could carry into a large wheeled holdall and grabbed my phone and charges and walked to the door. Mum never said a word. Dad hugged me and slipped some money into my hand. I will phone you he whispered, take care Samantha, I will always love you. I love you too dad I said and left the house for ever. I went to the station and...
wrote on 2019-06-04 | by GaynorBlue
My Quest for the Ultimate Sexual Goal
genre: incest
I have been trying for years to find my ultimate sexual experience. I am 23 and think about sex all the time. I was kicked out of my parent’s house for bringing people home for sex, both men and women. I did have sex with my dad when my mum had gone to bingo, I was 16. I thought it would be fun to tease him by wearing a short skirt and a...
wrote on 2019-05-16 | by GaynorBlue
Sexual Awakening - The World is Mine
genre: incest
As she entered the bedroom, Gary was naked reading porn mags and wanking. Just in time sis, get your mouth over this Gary said, I’m about to cum. Fuck off Gaynor said, there’s no way I am touching that after it’s been in her dirty cunt. She’s good but not as good as my tight sister’s pussy. Gaynor snapped and jumped on the bed and...
wrote on 2019-04-08 | by GaynorBlue
Sexual Awakening - It's All about Me
genre: zoophilia
I woke up early and went to the toilet. Nobody is having me ever again I said into the mirror. I will make sure that I am dirty so they won’t come near me. I went back into the bed room, Gary was lying there with his nasty cock that he’d fuck her with all small and smelly. I hope he has caught something nasty off her big hair cunt I thought....
wrote on 2019-03-28 | by GaynorBlue
Sexual Awakening - A good Day for All
genre: zoophilia
I woke up did my toilet stuff and walked into the garden wearing panties and a crop top. Mum was there in a light blue swimming costume sunning her self. She was on a lounger with her feet on the floor on each side, her black pubic was sticking out of the crotch of her suit. Yuk I thought, why doesn’t she at least trim it? I knew she was...
wrote on 2019-03-05 | by GaynorBlue
Sexual Wakening - My holiday with Ken.
genre: group sex
That afternoon everybody whet into the town. They all Ken and Flo held hands and the other couples walked arm in arm except mum and dad. They walked along as if they didn’t know each other. I grabbed Gary’s hand and walked along for a while lightly squeezing it. Mum came up and dragged us apart. Don’t hold hands, it’s not right she...
wrote on 2019-02-19 | by GaynorBlue
Sexual Awakening - It Happened
genre: incest
I was woken by Lily shaking my arm. Gaynor are you alright love she said? Ugh was my response. I opened my eyes to see the top of two legs and a trimmed pussy. It’s me and Joan is here too. I rolled onto my back and Lily was lying on the bed next to me naked. Lily was very thin with small boobs while Joan had a more curvy body with quite big...
wrote on 2019-02-14 | by GaynorBlue
Sexual Awakening - Travelling to Cornwal
genre: first times
Ever since I can remember we went to holiday camps in September. They were cheap and our parents liked saving money. But in July 1995 we went to Cornwall with a group of mum and dads Masonic friends, a week in some big bungalow near the sea. Gary and I were excited because it had always been the same things, mass regimented breakfast, cheers...
wrote on 2019-02-07 | by GaynorBlue
Sexual Awakening - New things
genre: first times
As I grew older, I learned more about boys and girls. When I was in the second year at high school my best friend Di dared me to suck a boy’s cock. I love dares so I said yes. She arranged for it to happen during the school dinner hour on the fields behind the sports block. She said it would be a boy from the final year because they knew all...
wrote on 2019-02-04 | by GaynorBlue
Sexual Awakening
genre: incest
I was born in 1980, one of twins. My name is Gaynor and my brother Gary. Our parents were prudes and obsessed with money. Our father ran an engineering business making precision tool for auto and aircraft companies. We lived I a large house built by our great grand-father. To say our parents were frugal is an understatement. They only spent what...
wrote on 2018-12-18 | by GaynorBlue
My Sexual Training.
genre: incest
I'm George now 56 married 4 children and a lawyer. When I was 20 and at law school, I wasn't one for the ladies. As I was shy and quiet around females, I had been raised by my father from the age of 6 after my mother died from cancer. So I had little interaction with women or girls, at the age of 8 I was sent to a all male boarding school. Only...
wrote on 2018-06-07 | by George
The baby sitter really enjoys her sexual awaking
genre: zoophilia
We had taken Kim out a few times to the beach and continued her sex education with the guys and group fucks, by now she was willing to try any thing. After checking to make sure she was free to stay over Saturday night, for some fun, I rang a mate of mine who runs a kind of swingers club, but with a difference. I told him to make sure Ralph...
wrote on 2017-10-10 | by biguy
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