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Back to School... Part 1
genre: domination
After a rather exhausting weekend of fun in the Woods (see previous series) it is Monday morning and I am struggling to awaken as my alarm annoyingly fires off from across the room. The activities of the past two or 3 days have not diminished my morning wood though, lol. I still have a difficult time believing all that has happened but I have...
wrote on 2019-07-17 | by RdDog
School Reunion
genre: straight
I'm Trevor 35 single own business, I went to my old school reunion. Don't know why I went, I hadn't had a great time at the school and was the butt of a lot of so-called pranks. You could call me a nerd or other things similar, but most were cruel, to say the least. I wasn't great at sport and didn't get invited to parties, I kept my head down...
wrote on 2019-07-06 | by Trevor
My old high school Sweetheart's Mother
genre: straight
I Gerald, when I was at high school I had a girlfriend called Judy. But after we went off to college we parted ways. After finishing college I return to my home town and worked in the family business. I didn't have a girlfriend then, but a few friends I went out with. I was passing my old girlfriends Judy's home and saw her mother in the garden...
wrote on 2019-04-09 | by Gerald
My lesbian teacher 👩🏻‍🏫 affair at my all girls boarding school
genre: lesbian
“My teacher lesbian affair” by Ruohan Note To Readers: This is the true story of how I was sent to the UK to go to a top all-girls school to study before I entered University. I was just 16 years old and very introverted. It was a great opportunity for me to see how the world was outside China. And to find out who I really was as a person....
wrote on 2019-03-16 | by Ruohan
3 girls in the school bathroom
genre: lesbian
i had 6th period study ,i got bored after 10 miniutes so i went to the end of the music wing into the girls lavatory since nobody used it much . i went into the end stall there were only 3 stalls anyway and sat on the toilet seat just playing with my phone . All of the sudden the door opens in walks the schools 17 year old lesbo Amy with...
wrote on 2019-01-17 | by ojoo
Walk in the Woods, Sunday School... Part 2
genre: first times
“I think he should return the favor…” This statement is echoing in the air or maybe it’s just in my head. Surely there’s no actual echo. Regardless the effect is similar as I try to process what I just heard. Both Lindsey and Robyn have just given me what can only be described as every young man’s fantasy blow job. I am...
wrote on 2018-12-27 | by RdDog
Walk in the Woods, Sunday School... Part 1
genre: first times
(Long build-up on this, mostly just story, you can always skip to the end! LOL) On Sundays Mom usually sleeps in. This is fine by me because to be honest I am often asleep till nearly noon myself. This typically leads to an afternoon brunch and basically a lazy day of TV or a Video rental or two. (Think VHS Tapes, LOL) Sometimes, as now, I...
wrote on 2018-11-24 | by RdDog
School fun
genre: first times
I go to middle school I am not going to say what grade but I have a Good story let’s start with the squeeze well I was out side with my class we were all walking into the building and then all of a sudden I decided to go to the back with my friends some of my friends are boys and they were hanging out with some other Boy friends of there so my...
wrote on 2018-11-12 | by S
Cheating with my old high school teacher
genre: cheating
My girlfriend, Carolina works a lot and Haiti, my side chick is on vacation and I needed pussy. And I knew who just to call. I fucked my old high school teacher a year ago. She's 36 but shes hot as fuck . I called her number and she answered. I told her I needed her pussy again. She first said no but I convinced her. Right before she hung up,...
wrote on 2018-07-12 | by Cousinfuck
My high school crush
genre: straight
Way back, I used to sit next this one particular girl named Mary Ellen.She was a average height blonde with practically had everything on her body positioned in all the correct places. To say the least I had a serious crush on her. Anyway it would be years after we all graduated from school, I would run into Mary Ellen at the local Wal-Mart and...
wrote on 2018-03-29 | by Perverted1
A gal who i slept with in school
genre: straight
This happens when I was sec 3. That day was a Monday. All of us were release at around 2pm. jenny was one of the most chio gal in my school. Her B cup and her sexy butt made her body so attractive. All the boys in our school were mad about her. Jolin was another chio one. But because of her bad record, not many guys woo her. She was given at...
wrote on 2015-12-21 | by Kaijie
Ruttish schoolgirl
genre: straight
He, the teacher, was only 7 years older than her. There were many girls of her age and a little younger he fancied. some obviously fancied him as well. But it was Selma who had his main attention. The little schoolgirl was sex personified. She was quite short, budding and developing breasts under her school blouse. But it was the skirt that...
wrote on 2015-10-16 | by Open
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