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Revenge - Who Killed Kenny?
genre: domination
Alice knew I was unhappy about our next task and tried to reassure me so I went looking for Kenny. I knew he went to the guy most days so I bought myself a white leotard that was purposely two sizes too small. It had press studs at the crotch for use when in the toilet. I paid and for a day pass and went to get changed. I wore trainer leg...
wrote on 2019-03-07 | by GaynorBlue
Revenge - Messy Mick
genre: domination
I waited a week until my period started. The first few days I am in pain and I bleed a lot. I text Alice and put our plan in action. At lunch time I walked to the pub wearing and short button front dress and sandals. Mick was sat on a chair near the pool table in white shorts and a vest top. I bought myself a pint of strong lager and a bottle of...
wrote on 2019-03-04 | by GaynorBlue
Revenge - Pete loves to Pee
genre: domination
A few days later I saw Pete out shopping. Hello Pete I said what’s on the menu for tonight? I don’t know I’m not a good cook he replied. What if I take you out for a meal to show there are no hard feelings between us? I don’t know he said, I think it was bad what we did to you. Oh that’s all forgotten. It was just a moment in our...
wrote on 2019-03-01 | by GaynorBlue
Revenge- Gaz's Day
genre: domination
We had 5 weeks to complete the job. Mick and Co didn’t do much work in the summer which I thought was strange for a builder but Alice said he was a lazy bastard and just sat in the pub most days getting pissed. I have planned my order in which each guy would be punished, Gaz, Pete, Mick then poor Kenny. Alice said we couldn’t make exceptions...
wrote on 2019-02-28 | by GaynorBlue
Revenge - The Plan
genre: domination
I need a plan I though as I cleaned all the shit and stuff from my body in the hot shower. All they needed to do was ask me for relief. Okay I wouldn’t let them fuck me but I would have given them a blow job. But to rape me and then use me as a toilet that was the final straw. Kenny was nice. He tried to be gentle and I did climax when he did....
wrote on 2019-02-27 | by GaynorBlue
Revenge - The Trigger
genre: domination
My name is Amy. I am 23 years old, petite. More like little. 5’ 2” tall 32C breasts slim waist and a 34” butt. So I look like a child. I can buy young sizes. Down side I am always getting asked for my ID in bars and restaurants. I drive a Mini and yes I get stopped because the police think I’m a little kid on a joy ride. I use to piss me...
wrote on 2019-02-25 | by GaynorBlue
genre: funny
Years ago when I was 24 and foolish, I hooked up with footballer. Not a national league just our local. I started having regular sex with him, then I found that he had secretly filmed us having sex. He had shown all his team mates and I didn't know what to do. I had friend who was very smart and was studying to be a pharmacist. He was always...
wrote on 2018-10-13 | by Emma
Fucking for revenge
genre: cheating
It's Monday morning at the office. Dave is sitting at his desk. His clothes are disheveled and it looks like he's slept in them. It also looks as if he's not gotten any sleep. That's because he hasn't. He's trying hard to concentrate, but it's not working. His boss Corey comes in and immediately starts to upbraid him when somebody walks into the...
wrote on 2015-05-17 | by wieliczka
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