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Louisiana Lessons Part Five
genre: threesome
After the morning coffee room service start of my day at Plantation House, late breakfast downstairs was a bit of a sombre/hung-over affair with lots of coffee being consumed. After breakfast, pushing back from the table Lee Anne said “It’s a glorious sunny day and Gary and I are planning to spend time at the waterhole in the river...
wrote on 2016-12-14 | by victorsev
Louisiana Lessons Part Four
genre: straight
Being a light sleeper, I was aware of Gray sneaking out of our bedroom in the early hours of the morning. Going across to Lee Anne’s room I guessed. Going to fuck my sixteen year old cousin with that large handsome cock again, I mused. I must have dosed off again for I awoke with someone in my room. Half asleep I thought it was Gary coming...
wrote on 2016-12-14 | by victorsev
Louisiana Lessons Part Three
genre: masturbation
I returned from my “close shave” with Aunt Delia to the bedroom allocated to Gary and me. Having removed my towel I lay down on my bed by the window. Due to the heat and humidity the curtains on the window were not drawn and the full moon lit up our room. My mind ran over the day’s events. Having been invited to stay in Aunt Delia’s...
wrote on 2016-12-14 | by victorsev
Louisiana Lessons Part Two
genre: incest
I unpacked my bag, stripped out of my travel clothes. Naked with only a towel around me I wandered down the passage to the bathroom for a well deserved shower. Once I had thoroughly soaped and washed my travel weary body I let the warm water cascade over my naked body, thinking of all the things that I had heard and seen since I had arrived at...
wrote on 2016-12-14 | by victorsev
Louisiana Lessons Part One
genre: exibitionism
It had been a long bus ride but I was now in Louisiana. The Greyhound bus was slowing at it approached my destination bus station. Looking out of the window I could see Cousin Lee Anne waiting for. My word she had grown since I had last seen her. She was a girl then and now a well endowed young teen girl with tits that were just bursting to...
wrote on 2016-12-14 | by victorsev
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