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Turning my wife into a slut
genre: swingers
My wife and I were always horny people. From day one sex was off the chain and always so hot. She is 5’7 tan, brunette with an hour glass shaped body. Perfectly pierced nipples and button ring. Her pussy is perfectly tucked in and always tastes amazing. I’m 5’7 athletic build, white with a 6” cut cock that has a fat head on it. When I...
wrote on 2019-03-03 | by Dick Johnson
Turning into a slut
genre: first times
I was sold to him after being kidnapped. He frisked me away; I yet don't know where. He fed me dates and caviar and oysters. I was cleansed and perfumes. Being held in a dark cave in gold chains, golden rings encircling my taut nipples as he examined me as if I were goods. He would coat his fingers with oil, drip it down my body and massage me...
wrote on 2019-01-06 | by Z
Into the woods part 3
genre: threesome
After we had recovered from our sexual outpouring, I asked Ally if she had ever tasted a pussy. No she replied with shock, I find that a dirty thing to do. Did you enjoy it when I licked and tasted your pussy? Yes but… But what, you are on your period and I still did it. Did you have an orgasm? Yes the best ever, Carl tutted as if he was hurt....
wrote on 2018-12-22 | by GaynorBlue
Into the woods part 2
genre: threesome
Ok guys can I get you a drink, tea, coffee, fruit juice cola. I’ll have coffee and Ally will have water Carl said. So you always decided everything Ally wants do you. Yes well err…. He replied embarrassed I had challenged him. Ally you look like a tea drinker to me or something else you say. She looked at me tea will be fine just a little...
wrote on 2018-12-13 | by GaynorBlue
Into the woods
genre: first times
Hi, I’m Gaynor 38, 5’10” tall. I live on my own and never been in a relationship. A lot of this story is true just some of the other names have been changed. It was a grey Sunday morning with constant drizzle in early March. I like to go jogging to keep myself in shape. I have large breasts and the fact I hate underwear limits me to what...
wrote on 2018-12-11 | by GaynorBlue
Into the wild, turning Billie
genre: zoophilia
Billie wanted to spend some time at my cabin with me,she doesn't know about the wolf,my dogs at the farm know I've changed,I change into a female wolf for them, they love fucking me. First thing she does is get naked at the cabin, she goes to the car, Nena is waiting for her there, she screams my name, I smile and says I see you've met Nena. I...
wrote on 2018-10-16 | by Dez001
Three sisters into the wild
genre: zoophilia
My story about the wolf and me I didn't tell you about all of it. The wolf was always with me at the cabin, he wouldn't let me go anywhere with out him,I thought he was protecting me from other wild animals,I didn't know why he was doing this. One evening he seemed excited,I thought he was really horny and wanted to fuck me, well that was very...
wrote on 2018-08-25 | by Dez001
Into the wild
genre: zoophilia
I bought a cabin up in the mountains, it was run down, I decided to go and do some repairs. I was inside straightening things up when I heard a noise out side,I got my rifle and opened the door slightly to look out, it could be a bear, I didn't want to draw its attention. Instead there was a very large wolf on the porch, GOD he was big. His gray...
wrote on 2018-08-12 | by Dez001
My wife invites her brother into our bedroom
genre: incest
My wife and I create sex dates once a week,to fulfill our fantasies. I told her brother once she dressed in a mini skirt and went to buy shoes from A high end shoe store. She spent over $200 on a pair of shoes but gave the shoe salesman a full spread pussy shot and her phone number. She returned to shoes the next day and the phone number was...
wrote on 2018-08-04 | by Horse rider
Sometimes a girl has to take things into her own hands
genre: funny
I turned and looked in the mirrors. I saw me, pleasing these two guys. Me, Marie riding and sucking, giving pleasure, and receiving more in return. I came so hard that I couldn’t ride as the orgasm was too strong. Lee started to fuck me from underneath as Anton continued to fuck my mouth and rub his cock on my face. For over 12 months Brad...
wrote on 2017-04-07 | by Samar_xxx90
May fantasy turned into reality
genre: incest
Well this is a story that connects with a fantasy I wrote about a Daycare Mom. See I had a crush on her for some time. The fantasy story was a means to satisfy my hunger, and yet the desire was still there. Well I finally banged her and it was worth every moment. So this is how it played out. She had pulled her k**s out of the daycare, due she...
wrote on 2016-07-24 | by aorion255
Getting into shape
genre: straight
Astrid looked at herself critically in the mirror and turned sideways to see if it looked any better. The scales showed she was some 15lbs overweight and the leotard she was wearing this morning accentuated every lump, bump and curve. She particularly hated her dimpled bottom. Aged 35 and a trader in the City she realised that too many late...
wrote on 2016-03-08 | by Melon
Forced into a ghetto whore - Chapter 4
genre: bondage
The rape, accurately filmed in all his lewdness and artfully camouflaged as a lewd prostitution trick by Bob, went on again and again. When their cocks were limp, they got them hard again torturing her with huge rubber cocks and dildoes taken from Bob's stock in the shop; they put clips on her sore nipples, plunged bottles and a special...
wrote on 2015-06-15 | by Djian
Forced into a ghetto whore - Chapter 3
genre: bondage
They walked out. Their old, battered sedan was in the street, and she was forced to enter in the back, squeezed between Johnny and Amos. Jessie drove, Roy was beside him. They began to cruise slowly with the car, and it was clear that they were looking for someone or something. They arrived in front of a disco, or so it seemed from the mass of...
wrote on 2015-06-13 | by Djian
Forced into a ghetto whore - Chapter 2
genre: bondage
Natasha awoke, slowly and confused, in a room that she didn't know. It was a damp, dark room ; she felt the stench first, then tried to move, but she couldn't. She was lying on a bed, and when she tried to sit up and stand, she found herself immobilized. His wrists had been taped together and tied high to the bedpost, and each of her feet had...
wrote on 2015-06-12 | by Djian
Forced into a ghetto whore - Chapter 1
genre: bondage
Natasha walked out of the studio at 5 in the afternoon. It was a drizzly afternoon, but she was happy; hell, she'd done it! She had been accepted! Next Tuesday, she'd be in that studio again, for a couple of contracts and, then, the shooting would begin. She was to be the next Playman's Playgirl! It was all too good to be true. Sure, she knew...
wrote on 2015-06-11 | by Djian
Back into the light
genre: masturbation
It’s been over a month since I’ve seen him. Our reunion was short lived. Too much time has passed. Too much water under the bridge. People change. What they want and need changes as well. I miss him and the way he made me feel. Before him, I’d been celibate for almost four years. Long story; bad relationship leading to very dark and lonely...
wrote on 2015-04-29 | by Manxie
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