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Sometimes a girl has to take things into her own hands
genre: funny
I turned and looked in the mirrors. I saw me, pleasing these two guys. Me, Marie riding and sucking, giving pleasure, and receiving more in return. I came so hard that I couldn’t ride as the orgasm was too strong. Lee started to fuck me from underneath as Anton continued to fuck my mouth and rub his cock on my face. For over 12 months Brad...
wrote on 2017-04-07 | by Samar_xxx90
Threesome with my girlfriends female boss
genre: group sex
My girlfriend was working as a receptionist and a special vet clinic for just over a year and she wasn't overly happy there, she enjoyed the people and the job but wasn't quite what she wanted to do. So I decided that on my day off I will go and surprise her. I took her flowers and a box of chocolate all her work friends said how cute it was I...
wrote on 2017-03-14 | by newomas
Bad Girl Seduction
genre: lesbian
Jane hopped out of her car to see her best friend Jessie sitting on her motor cycle. She always secretly loved her, but today Jane felt extra horny.Jessie's boons never looked so big. She had no bra, unusual. Her tits were like head light popping out at me. She wore a tight leather crop top that showed of her cleavage. Jessie like never word...
wrote on 2016-12-29 | by Lesbian Lover
Girlfriend seduces another guy
genre: cheating
My girlfriend, Katherine, is a playful, cute girl who lives life to its fullest. As her boyfriend I’m used to other guys turning their head and staring at her. However, Katherine is not impressed by other guys’ attention but became more self-confident over the years. Nevertheless, I realized that Katherine has a preference for tall,...
wrote on 2016-10-07 | by sportler100
Girlfriend gives up her ass for the first time
genre: first times
Hey, I'm Ashok I love my girl Chloe we have been dating since we were Juniors in High school. We are eighteen year old seniors now. Chloe is really hot at 5’5 with dark brown hair and green eyes. One of her better features is her smile. She has a big beautiful smile and her lips feel wonderful wrapped around my cock. Her breasts are B cups...
wrote on 2016-09-13 | by Ashok
A Romanian bull breeds my girlfriend
genre: voyeur
A month or so went by and Sophie continued to meet up, once or twice a week, with her lover Andrei. After each meeting Sophie would go into great detail explaining everything that happened between the two of them and how she felt at the time. I would wank my own cock as i listened and occasionally beg to watch or please both of them. I had...
wrote on 2016-07-15 | by kentcariblad
genre: fetish
With a start Ginny woke up. Sunlight gleamed through the windows and her alarm clock blared. Wiping sl**p from her eyes, Ginny kicked off the covers and rolled out of bed. "Damn," she thought. "Its Monday." She stumbled into the bathroom and surveyed here naked body in the mirror. She had a slender, supple body accentuated by large, perky...
wrote on 2016-02-24 | by Lily
Daddy's Little Girl (Chapter 10)
genre: incest
4 years later... The next four years were the happiest time in Eric's life. His job was great, his lover and daughter was even better. They were truly friends and lovers. Their relationship had progressed to the point where Melinda had moved into her father's bedroom but kept clothes in a spare room for show. They slept every night together and...
wrote on 2016-01-21 | by Anon
Daddy's Little Girl (Chapter 9)
genre: incest
The sexual relationship between Eric and Melinda continued and even accelerated over the next several months. Melinda was almost insatiable. It was as if she were trying to make up for the high school years. The two of them had had sex almost everywhere possible, and in every position. However, there was one thing that they hadn't done, but...
wrote on 2016-01-21 | by Anon
Daddy's Little Girl (Chapter 8)
genre: incest
When Melinda awoke the following morning, the bed beside her was empty. She looked at the clock and saw that it was 10:00 am. She crawled out of bed and a white nightgown with spaghetti straps to put on and then went downstairs. As she walked into the kitchen, she saw her father standing at the stove fixing breakfast with a spatula in his hand...
wrote on 2016-01-21 | by Anon
Daddy's Little Girl (Chapter 7)
genre: incest
Over the next few weeks, Eric and Melinda continued their liaisons. There was no longer any hesitation on Eric's part. Somehow, he had rationalized that since they were not actually having "sex" it was okay. However, he knew in his heart that there was no difference. Eric continued to show Melinda what a woman needed and what a man liked. It...
wrote on 2016-01-21 | by Anon
Daddy's Little Girl (Chapter 6)
genre: incest
Eric and Melinda decided to go to their favorite restaurant that night. Eric was ready early, waiting at the door for his daughter. When she came down, she was wearing a very short skirt with high heels. However, on top, she had on a dark sweater that buttoned down the front with a white blouse underneath. The top looked like something that a...
wrote on 2016-01-21 | by Anon
Daddy's Little Girl (Chapter 5)
genre: incest
The workweek was very busy for Eric. He had to work late several nights and he brought work home with him. Melinda had the books from her new school to read, so they didn't have time to talk about the events of the weekend. Neither of them knew what to say to the other anyway, so it was a good time to assess their feelings. Eric felt guilt...
wrote on 2016-01-21 | by Anon
Daddy's Little Girl (Chapter 4)
genre: incest
Eric waited in the living room for his daughter to come down so they could leave for the State Park. When he saw her this morning, there was nothing to indicate that she knew what he had done. She smiled sweetly at him and they talked about all the normal things. He figured he had gotten away with that one but he knew that he would have to be...
wrote on 2016-01-21 | by Anon
Daddy's Little Girl (Chapter 3)
genre: incest
Several days later, Melinda was home alone. It was a warm afternoon and she had just finished cutting the grass in the backyard, so she decided to take a cool shower. She went into the bathroom, leaving the door carelessly open and undressed, then stepped into the clear glass shower stall. She flipped on the shower, gasping as the cool water hit...
wrote on 2016-01-21 | by Anon
Daddy's Little Girl (Chapter 2)
genre: incest
The following morning, Melinda saw her father sitting in the kitchen, reading the newspaper and drinking a cup of coffee. There was a very uncomfortable silence as she got herself a cup of coffee and sat down. The light of a new day made everything seem different. They each blamed themselves for what had happened. "Dad...." "Melinda...."...
wrote on 2016-01-21 | by Anon
Daddy's Little Girl (Chapter 1)
genre: incest
Introduction It had been 3 years since Melinda Parker's beloved mother passed away. While she misses her mom a lot, it was no more than her dad did. Their life had been ideal--living in the suburbs, two-car garage, and nice schools. Everything was just about perfect until her death. Amanda Parker had been diagnosed with Leukemia, a blood...
wrote on 2016-01-21 | by Anon
Ex girlfriend roleplay fantasy
genre: cheating
UH oh, it's me again your bitchy ex girlfriend! But you can't stay away from me can you? There is just something about me that gets your dick hard and your heart race. I'm like a drug to you and you just can't seems to satay away or get me off of your mind.. And ex girlfriend roleplay fantasy is what your secretly wanting right now. Your ex to...
wrote on 2015-11-15 | by Fregie
Ruttish schoolgirl
genre: straight
He, the teacher, was only 7 years older than her. There were many girls of her age and a little younger he fancied. some obviously fancied him as well. But it was Selma who had his main attention. The little schoolgirl was sex personified. She was quite short, budding and developing breasts under her school blouse. But it was the skirt that...
wrote on 2015-10-16 | by Open
He loves the 'girlfriend' experience
genre: masturbation
He called me late last night. My lover rang telling me how much he missed me. He loves the “Girlfriend” Experience. I’m always anticipating his scenarios. Tonight’s fantasy phone sex includes us dressed in our evening wear. We had a great dinner followed by the theater. He guided me back to the room with his hand on my lower back. He...
wrote on 2015-09-11 | by HollyG
Daddy’s naughty girl
genre: incest
He called me the other day, he wanted to know if I was willing to be Daddy’s little girl, and of course I told him DUH! I am the perfect little fuck toy for any Daddy looking for his naughty girl. I will do anything to please my Daddy, this Daddy’s girl has absolutely no limits. Nothing is "taboo" for me! I have always been a bad girl;...
wrote on 2015-08-11 | by Olive
Venom girls
genre: domination
Marlene looked at the other girl standing across the bushes, right within her area of sovereignty. It did not take her long to realise that she was facing a competitor. The other girl, a brunette like her, was dressed in the typical wild outfit, clothes scantily covering her tanned body. Marlene observed her from bottom to top. The girl had a...
wrote on 2015-06-25 | by FF lover
Unpopular girl
genre: straight
My work as a sex toy designer takes me around the world presenting ideas or introducing products. In each one of those trips, I add more and more anecdotes to my collection, some funny, some tragic, and others, simply erotic. This one is the last type… One of my biggest clients is a sex shop in Chicago. I usually visit their offices every...
wrote on 2015-06-21 | by Rarr
Sales girl
genre: straight
Hi all. I am Beena (pen name). I have read many stories on this website and i loved reading it. After reading it, i felt to submit my own experiences. I would like to share my personal sexual encounters with you all to read and enjoy. While you read this, hold on to your hard wet dick and shake it slowly. Before starting the story let me ask...
wrote on 2015-06-20 | by Beena
T-Girl fairy tale 9
genre: trans
After the Wedding Angel resplendent in her beautiful white wedding dress eagerly pulled Jared over the threshold into her chambers and didn't stop until she had deposited him on her bed. They were tipsy on Andean red wine and made love like it was the last time they would ever get to be together. They had abstained from sex for the whole week...
wrote on 2015-06-14 | by Ruwild
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