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Forced shemale roleplay
genre: trans
Your friends have a surprise for you. Great you think… I can't believe that they got me a hot girl for my birthday. You still can't believe that even after the wrongs that you did to them last weekend. You know what I'm talking about. Remember when you pissed all of your bros off at that forced shemale phone sexparty you went too? Yeeaa. And...
wrote on 2015-09-01 | by Rickie
Forced sex that left me wanting more
genre: straight
This is a true story, which i never shared with anyone, of what happened with a boyfriend I had. I grew up in Ontario, Canada and was seeing this guy for about 2 years. We were very comfortable with each other. We were in tune. One day, he came over to my apartment to pick me up to take me over to my mom’s house. He told me on the text that he...
wrote on 2015-07-11 | by Zellen
Forced into a ghetto whore - Chapter 4
genre: bondage
The rape, accurately filmed in all his lewdness and artfully camouflaged as a lewd prostitution trick by Bob, went on again and again. When their cocks were limp, they got them hard again torturing her with huge rubber cocks and dildoes taken from Bob's stock in the shop; they put clips on her sore nipples, plunged bottles and a special...
wrote on 2015-06-15 | by Djian
Forced into a ghetto whore - Chapter 3
genre: bondage
They walked out. Their old, battered sedan was in the street, and she was forced to enter in the back, squeezed between Johnny and Amos. Jessie drove, Roy was beside him. They began to cruise slowly with the car, and it was clear that they were looking for someone or something. They arrived in front of a disco, or so it seemed from the mass of...
wrote on 2015-06-13 | by Djian
Forced into a ghetto whore - Chapter 2
genre: bondage
Natasha awoke, slowly and confused, in a room that she didn't know. It was a damp, dark room ; she felt the stench first, then tried to move, but she couldn't. She was lying on a bed, and when she tried to sit up and stand, she found herself immobilized. His wrists had been taped together and tied high to the bedpost, and each of her feet had...
wrote on 2015-06-12 | by Djian
Forced into a ghetto whore - Chapter 1
genre: bondage
Natasha walked out of the studio at 5 in the afternoon. It was a drizzly afternoon, but she was happy; hell, she'd done it! She had been accepted! Next Tuesday, she'd be in that studio again, for a couple of contracts and, then, the shooting would begin. She was to be the next Playman's Playgirl! It was all too good to be true. Sure, she knew...
wrote on 2015-06-11 | by Djian
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